30 Apr

People vs money

*** No candidate for Governor has been endorsed by the CDP ***

I knew when we started this campaign that we would be doing things differently. As I’ve been on the road, I keep hearing over and over again the same thing: people are tired of the same old politics. And that means running a different kind of campaign.

I’m running on a platform of inspiring and bringing in a new generation of voices, young and old, from all parts of our state. We’re running a people-powered campaign instead of taking PAC money or money from the big corporations. I’m spending my time meeting with activists, talking with students, and spending time in places that have traditionally been left behind.

But, we still need your grassroots support to get the word out. Can you pitch in today to help out? Any amount helps, no matter how small.

Thank you for your continued support — it means the world to me.

Best wishes,

Amanda Renteria is running for Governor in California — because its time for new voices who can change the culture of politics. Amanda recently stepped down as Chief of Operations for California’s Department of Justice. She is the daughter of former farmworkers in the Central Valley who went on to attend Stanford and Harvard. Since beginning her career in public service nearing two decades ago, she has served as a High School teacher, a budget analyst in one of California’s largest cities, and became the first Latina Chief of Staff in history of the United States Senate. It’s time to inspire a new generation of leaders and build a California ready for the future. Click here to donate if you agree.

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30 Apr

Burned By Fire and Insurers

*** No candidate for Attorney General has been endorsed by the CDP ***


Imagine everything you own is destroyed by fire – your home, your pets, your car, and every piece of furniture, clothes, jewelry, and keepsake you have. Your entire life’s possessions have gone up in flames.

And then imagine that you have to fight with the same insurance company you have faithfully paid year after year, to get them to make good on the promises they made to pay for the rebuilding of your home and the replacement of your belongings.

If you are one of the 6,500 Californians who lost everything in the 2017 fires, you don’t have to imagine this. This is what you are experiencing right now. The rest of us are just one fire or other disaster away from having the same thing happen to us -losing everything and then having to fight the insurance company.

Californians survived the fires only to face more emotional trauma, as they were required by the insurance companies to create detailed inventories before the insurers will pay for the contents of their homes or they discovered they were underinsured and do not have enough to rebuild their homes.

This week I stood with fire survivors in the State Capitol to ask the Senate to adopt legislation I am sponsoring that will reduce the burdens imposed on fire survivors. And make it easier to get the funds they need to recover.

Image may contain: 6 people, people standing and suit

Sadly but not surprisingly, the insurance companies and their high paid lobbyists are working to defeat or eviscerate our bills to help last year’s fire victims to get on with their lives. Simply put, this is not right.

The specific bills that insurers are attacking include Senator Mike McGuire’s Senate Bill 897 and Senator Bill Dodd’s Senate Bill 894, both of which offer insurance help for those who lost everything due to the fires.

We were successful in beating back the insurer’s influence. Both these bills and others I am supporting passed the Senate Insurance Committee on Wednesday.

But the fight is not over. The insurance companies are still trying to stop these bills. We need your help. Sign our petition to support the bills.

Forward this email to your friends. Urge them to join us in supporting these bills by signing our petition. Copy and post this email on your social media.

As Insurance Commissioner, time and time again I have stood up to powerful special interests on behalf of consumers. As Attorney General, I will continue to fight to protect Californians. Thanks for all you are doing to make California a better place.


Dave Jones

California Insurance Commissioner and Candidate for Attorney General


Dave Jones for Attorney General

“A Fighter, Not a Follower.”

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30 Apr

Valadao freaked out when he saw this:

*** TJ Cox has been endorsed for CD-21 by the CDP ***

TJ Cox for Congress

This is AMAZING:

The experts at the Cook Political Report just put out an analysis listing 7 “risk factors” indicating how vulnerable each Republican incumbent is in 2018. David Valadao has 5 of 7 risk factors!

   In a district that Hillary Clinton won in 2016
   Voted to REPEAL the Affordable Care Act
   Voted FOR the “Trump Tax Scam”
   In a district with a 5-point Democratic advantage
   Has a Democratic opponent with at least $200,000   ← that’s us!

David Valadao is in an all-out panic but we have to build on this momentum if we’re going to keep him on the ropes! Can you pitch in to help us FLIP this seat and send TJ Cox to Congress?

End of month target: $15,000
Suggested Contribution: $12.33 or more

This community knows that TJ Cox will be a fighter for the Central Valley.

He stands against Trump’s efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act and supports tax relief for California’s working families — not for the corporations and the wealthy elites like Valadao has.

That’s why right-wing super PACs, Trump, and even Mike Pence are pulling out all the stops to halt our momentum.

Can you make sure TJ can stay in this fight by chipping in a donation before our end-of-month deadline?

Thank you,

TJ Cox for Congress



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30 Apr

A Big Endorsement!

*** Betty Yee has been endorsed for State Controller by the CDP ***

Betty Yee for State Controller

I am excited to announce that Governor Jerry Brown has endorsed my re-election for State Controller.

“Betty Yee has been a careful steward of our state’s finances and is tackling the big issues that affect our economy like climate change,” Governor Brown states.  “I enthusiastically endorse her for re-election.”

This endorsement is especially meaningful coming from a global climate champion and a leader who time after time demonstrates that California is about possibilities dreamed and realized.

I look forward to continuing my work on climate issues and hope you will stand with me as we work to save our planet for our children and generations to come.

Thank you.




Betty T. Yee

Contribute now

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30 Apr

BREAKING: The Modesto Bee Endorses Dave Jones for AG!

*** No candidate for Attorney General has been endorsed by the CDP ***

Image result for the modesto bee

Modesto Bee endorses Dave Jones for California’s Attorney General

For Immediate Release

Contact: Parke Skelton



The Modesto Bee Thursday endorsed Dave Jones for attorney general in California, while also lending its support for Xavier Becerra.

The Bee’s editorial board pointed out that California’s attorney general is now a critical position due to the consistent onslaught of President Donald Trump against the state. The state must fight back, and its charge will be led by the attorney general.

The endorsement makes strong mention of Jones’ “distinguished record,” as well as his commitment to “defending the state against federal overreach.”

The Modesto Bee also lauded Jones for his efforts as insurance commissioner, which have greatly centered around protecting policyholders affected by natural disasters, such as last year’s California wildfires.

Said the Bee of the Republican candidates for attorney general – retired El Dorado County Judge Steven Bailey and Los Angeles attorney Eric Early – “We can’t recommend either.”

Thursday’s endorsement of Jones comes less than a week after the Sacramento Bee threw its support behind Jones and Becerra as well. Said the Sacramento Bee of Jones, “He also has experience running a state agency, a side of the job arguably new to Becerra.”

To find out more about Dave’s campaign for Attorney General, please visit

Dave Jones for Attorney General

“A Fighter, Not a Follower.”

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30 Apr

Another one…

*** No candidate for Attorney General has been endorsed by the CDP ***

We’ve had a very busy couple of weeks, so I wanted to take a moment to catch you up on all the great things happening with our campaign.

Last weekend, I earned the endorsement of the nation’s largest Spanish-language newspaper, La Opinión. And earlier this week, I was also endorsed by the Sacramento Bee. In their editorial, they said:

“Since January…Becerra has relentlessly defended the state against Trump, filing lawsuit after lawsuit and taking the lead in multi-state efforts. He has also taken some strong state and local stands on other issues, suing Sutter Health for allegedly driving up health care prices and overseeing the local district attorney’s investigation of the Stephon Clark police shooting in Sacramento.”

It’s this type of “relentless” effort to defend our California values that has led to several other endorsements recently, including:

Labor Groups

  • International Longshore and Warehouse Union, Local 13
  • International Longshore and Warehouse Union, Local 63
  • International Longshore and Warehouse Union, Local 94
  • International Longshore and Warehouse Union, Southern California District Council
  • California Correctional Peace Officers Association

LGBTQ Rights Organizations


Democratic Party Organizations

  • Los Angeles County Young Democrats
  • Sacramento County Latino Democratic Club
  • Silicon Valley Asian Pacific American Democratic Club
  • Southwest Carpenters Regional Council

I am proud of the diversity of organizations that have my back as we fight for the things we can all agree on: that Californians deserve an Attorney General who has their backs as they pursue fairness and opportunity. I hope you’ll support my efforts to do just that and remain your Attorney General.

Thank you,


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27 Apr

Please join me in Fresno Saturday night

*** No candidate for Governor has been endorsed by the CDP ***

Delaine Eastin for Governor 2018

What a wonderful week — I will be in Fresno tomorrow for the 6pm Valley PBS Gubernatorial Debate (which is expected to be livestreamed on KBAK Bakersfield, and airing on Fox26 and KMJ Radio, in addition to Valley PBS and Univision of Fresno broadcasts). I hope you will tune in!

I also hope you will join me for a fun fundraiser with friends Saturday night in Fresno on the patio at Toledo’s Restaurant. Tickets may be purchased here

Please tune in tomorrow, and come by on Saturday.

With appreciation,




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