26 Aug

We’re taking the fight to Valadao. (new ad)

While I worked to help build health clinics across the Centr

TJ Cox for Congress

There’s a pretty clear contrast between my opponent and I that voters in our district need to hear about.

While I worked to help build health clinics across the Central Valley, David Valadao voted with Donald Trump 99% of the time — including a vote he took to strip away health care insurance from thousands of hard-working families in this district.

We’re staying on offense — so we’re up with a new TV ad in the Central Valley to make sure voters know that a vote for Valadao is a vote for Washington’s failed agenda on health care. Can you watch our new ad, then chip in a donation to help us keep this on the air so we can send TJ Cox to Congress?


Watch the ad

Thanks for keeping us in this fight,

TJ Cox




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26 Aug

Women’s Equality



Today is Women’s Equality Day, and 2018 is shaping up to be the most consequential year ever. Hundreds of glass ceiling-breaking women across the country are running for office – and I’m proud to be among them! 

But as we are poised to make progress towards reaching gender parity in the November election, we cannot lose sight of the challenges facing us TODAY. 

The nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court presents a chilling possibility that Roe v. Wade will be overturned, and women will lose the right to control our reproductive and health choices. We must act now.

Today I joined NARAL Pro-Choice California, California National Organization for Women (NOW), the Courage Campaign, and thousands of others to rally against the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. 

Together, women – and the allies who fight with us – are a powerful, unstoppable, positive force for change. On Election Day, let’s elect committed female leaders with political courage to be our advocates in California, Washington D.C., and across the country. 

If elected the first female Lt. Governor in California history, I will work hard to advance the status of women and girls across the state.

But first, I need to get to Sacramento, and I need your help. 

Please make a donation of $50, $100, $250, or $500 today to help us win this in November and break the glass ceiling.

Thank you!








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Eleni for California
916 Kearny Street
Suite 605
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Contributions or gifts to Eleni Kounalakis for Lieutenant Governor 2018 are not tax deductible. Proudly paid for by Eleni Kounalakis for Lieutenant Governor 2018. FPPC ID #1395990.

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26 Aug

Fundraiser to Elect Nasreen Johnson for FUSD Trustee Area 7



Fundraiser to Elect Nasreen Johnson for FUSD Trustee Area 7

Join Paul and Gail McLain-Lugowski to support Nasreen Johnson in her campaign for FUSD Trustee Area 7 (Bullard area). Enjoy appetizers and wine with Nasreen and her supporters.



Supporter $50/person


Bronze Sponsor $500


Silver Sponsor $1000



Wednesday, September 19 at 5:30 PM


2091 Boccioni Ln, Clovis, CA 93611-6179, United States


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26 Aug

Joint Candidate Forum

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25 Aug

NEWS: Updates to the presidential nominating process

These reforms will grow our party, increase participation in our democracy, work to earn trust, and put our next nominee for president in the strongest position possible to win.

Democrats/Join us.

Today, the DNC held its quarterly meeting in Chicago, where we reaffirmed one of our core beliefs as Democrats: That our democracy works best when every person’s voice is heard.

We passed the strongest reforms to our party in decades, and I wanted to share some of the highlights with you:

  • Our North Star from the beginning of this process has been to grow our party, unite our party, and earn the trust of committed Democrats like you. That’s why we’ve taken the historic step of dramatically reducing the influence that superdelegates have over our presidential nominating process. Now superdelegates will refrain from voting on the first presidential nominating ballot, unless a candidate has already passed the threshold to secure the nomination. This change empowers the grassroots and respects the will of voters.


  • To make the presidential nominating process more inclusive, transparent, and accessible to participants of all backgrounds, the DNC voted to expand the use of primaries so that more people could participate in the process. Primaries are more accessible for many voters, including seniors, shift-workers, students, members of the military, parents of young children, and people with disabilities. And we know our democracy works best when more people can participate, not fewer.


  • For states with caucuses, our reforms recommend that those states take steps to make their caucuses as accessible as possible, including offering absentee voting for voters who can’t make the caucus in person and implementing better processes for tracking ballots in case a recount is needed.


  • Democrats are doing all we can to make sure that every eligible voter can exercise their constitutional right at the ballot box. That’s why we’re encouraging all states to offer same-day voter registration and the ability to register as a Democrat to vote in Democratic primaries.

I say this a lot, but I’ll say it again because it’s true: The new DNC is doing things differently.

These changes are all about the future. They’re about growing our party, increasing participation in our democracy, and putting Democrats in the best possible position to win in November and beyond. I’m proud of the steps we’ve taken this year to rebuild our infrastructure from the ground up. We’ve made unprecedented investments in technology, state parties, grassroots organizers, and voter protection efforts. We’re building the infrastructure Democrats will need to succeed in 2018, take back our democracy from Donald Trump in 2020, and win elections up and down the ballot for years to come. You should be proud too, Michael. Because we’re building this party together.

Thanks for standing with Democrats,


Tom Perez
Democratic National Committee



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25 Aug

A victory for our most vulnerable immigrant children


The Trump administration is doing everything in its power to make it harder for immigrants to stay in the United States — but last week, we helped secure an important victory that will make it easier for the most vulnerable immigrant children to obtain permanent residency.


We participated in a lawsuit to defend immigrant children who have been abandoned, abused or neglected by a parent. And now, a federal court has ruled in our favor, declaring that these children should be able to apply for visas without the participation of their absent parent.



As the son of immigrants who grew up hearing about my father being turned away from restaurants because of signs that read, “No dogs or Mexicans allowed,” I will never stop fighting for our immigrant communities in every way I can.


That means demanding that the federal government reunite families separated at the border and put an end to its cruel zero tolerance policy.


It means securing the first-in-the-nation court order requiring the Trump administration to keep processing DACA renewals and allow Dreamers to remain in this country while they continue pursuing their education and careers.


And it means standing up for these most vulnerable immigrant children too.



Thank you,



Xavier Becerra -- California Attorney General

Becerra for Attorney General 2018
777 South Figueroa Street
Suite 4050 Los Angeles, CA 90017-5864


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25 Aug

CDP Weekly Update

August 24, 2018

It’s been another productive week for Your CDP Team. See below for a recap of this week’s activities. 

Welcome Aboard!

Yesterday, CDP Chair Eric C. Bauman announced our leadership team for the Fall campaign. Arianna Jimenez, formerly of SEIU-UHW and a 20 year veteran of the Labor Movement, is serving as Coordinated Campaign Director with responsibilities for overseeing CDP state and field operations. Robert Dempsey, formerly of the Bernie Sanders Campaign and Executive Director for three state Democratic Parties, is serving as Congressional Campaign Director, overseeing our efforts to run the tables against Republican House members. 


We’re tremendously excited to welcome our new team members, and we are so grateful to have folks with their savvy and experience leading our efforts on the ground! 


A Little Treat for Your Commute – Check Out Our New Podcast!

If you’re like us, you spend a lot of time in the car. Not just your regular Californian commute, but also going from district to district, even county to county, working to create the Blue Wave we all want to see in November.

Since we can’t text anymore, we fill this time by listening to podcasts. And now the CDP has made a new one for you to listen to!

Check out episode one of the CDP’s new podcast featuring Katie Hill and Christy Smith.

In this new show, we are bringing you stories from every corner of our state to highlight the incredible candidates and unstoppable activists who make our party great.

Don’t miss future episodes and catch up with the first one by subscribing now. We’ll also be posting these to our website

The next episode is coming soon, so head over to iTunes, or wherever you listen to podcasts, and subscribe. We would hate for you to miss it, and hope you enjoy the ride.



CDP is Hiring

Chair Bauman and Your CDP Team have put the finishing touches on our campaign plan for the fall, and it’s time to put that plan into action! We’re hiring several positions across the state for the November 2018 General Election – Please check out our Employment Opportunities page and forward to any interested contacts.


AB 84 Update


The Legislature has wrapped up it’s penultimate week of session without taking up AB 84. Earlier this week, Your CDP Team went to the Capitol to lobby members of the Senate to vote no.


One thing was absolutely clear from our conversations with Members and staff: our phone calls are having an affect. More than one office mentioned receiving phone calls urging a no vote, and one staff person said point blank “we’ve gotten several thousands calls about this.”


In the mean time, support for the No on 84 Coalition is growing. The Orange County Register editorial page urged a no vote by the Legislature, joining the Los Angeles Times and the Sacramento Bee


And just this morning, Senate Republicans formally announced their opposition, putting us very close to ensuring enough NO votes to stop AB 84.  


There are five days left in the Legislative Session. Members have until Midnight on Friday to send bills to the Governor’s desk. That means we need to keep reaching out to our Senators and respectfully urging them to vote no on AB 84.


If you haven’t had a chance to call your Senator, please do so this weekend – leave a voicemail with your full name and zip code, and your call will get logged in as opposition. (Some of Your CDP Team have had the unique pleasure of answering the phone in Legislative offices, and we can assure you that constituent calls get logged). 



Text ‘AB 84’ to 97779 to be connected with your Senator

Thurmond Tucks Marshall In at PPIC Forum

The Public Policy Institute of California held a forum in Sacramento today for the Superintendent of Public Instruction race. And it was very apparent that Marshall Tuck didn’t get his nap this morning. 


He was pressed on claims that, as the San Diego Free Press put it, “Tuck himself was persona non-grata when it came time to advocate for the crucial funding that Proposition 30 brought to California schools, and he was also missing in action when it was time to extend that funding with Proposition 55.”


Tuck’s response was to have a Rudy Giuliani-style meltdown, complete with invoking Donald Trump’s go-to “Fake News.”


Tony Thurmond, by contrast, showed the crowd why we are such enthusiastic supporters of his campaign. His answers were consistently thoughtful, compassionate and visionary. In fact, the moderator had to repeatedly admonish the audience not to applaud Assemblymember Thurmond’s answers.


We’re so grateful and honored to have such a proud and spirited champion for kids like Tony Thurmond running as the CDP-endorsed candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction. 


Paul Jennings

Exactly 204 years ago today, British troops captured Washington D.C. and burned the Capitol building and the White House (but not before they enjoyed a fine meal prepared for President Madison). Most of us learned about the broad strokes of the War of 1812 in school, including the now-legendary story of Dolly Madison rushing from the White House with the Gilbert Stuart portrait of George Washington that still hangs in the White House East Room today. 


But in reality, Dolly Madison didn’t physically grab the portrait herself. It was actually secured by a White House gardener and doorman working together to carefully cut the portrait from the frame. 


We know these details thanks to Paul Jennings, who at 15 years old, was President James Madison’s personal slave, and who helped Dolly Madison flee ahead of the advancing British troops. Years later, after purchasing his freedom from Daniel Webster, Paul Jennings published the very first account of life in the White House, when he wrote A Colored Man’s Reminiscences of James MadisonHis story gives us a priceless window into life in the early American republic – slavery and all. 


We need to be honest about our history. Slavery is our original sin, and we are still grappling with the legacy of 300 years of captivity, and two hundred years of oppression inflicted on African Americans. Paul Jennings was witness to one of the most important moments in American history, and he would see others. When the war to end slavery began, his sons escaped bondage in the South, made their way North, and volunteered to fight for the Union. 


His story is a reminder that one of the most simple but important ways we can come to terms with the brutal legacy of slavery is by making a conscious effort to recognize and celebrate the heroes from our history like Paul Jennings, whose sacrifices built our Country, but who never made it into the history books because of the color of their skin. 


73 Days Until the Election!



–CDP Weekly Update

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