10 May

Listen to me Live on Airtalk with Larry Mantle

*** No candidate for Attorney General has been endorsed by the CDP ***


As we approach the primary elections in June, it is important for Californians to be informed on the issues and the candidates that can make a difference in their lives. That’s why I will be live on AirTalk with Larry Mantle, 5/10, at 11am.

On this show, I will discuss my vision for the Attorney General’s office, the work I’ve done in protecting consumers as Insurance Commissioner, and how I will take my experiences to protect California’s values as the next Attorney General.

You can tune in via Southern California Public Radio – KPCC 89.3. If you are unable to tune in or are out of range of the broadcast, please check out the AirTalk website, where the interview will be posted afterwards.


Dave Jones

California Insurance Commissioner and Candidate for Attorney General


Dave Jones for Attorney General

“A Fighter, Not a Follower.”

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10 May

Please join me in the fight for Medicare for All

*** No candidate for U.S. Senate has been endorsed by the CDP ***

Every year, 45,000 Americans die from a lack of access to healthcare. Health insurance provides access to crucial services, but it comes at a cost. Those who can’t afford it are more likely to receive substandard care or suffer from undiagnosed conditions.

Even though California is the 5th largest economy in the world, it leaves far too many Californians behind, forcing them to make an impossible choice: paying for basic necessities or for healthcare.

I support single-payer healthcare because I believe that every family — regardless of who you are or where you come from — deserves to have quality healthcare. It’s a universal right, not the exclusive privilege of the elite and wealthy.

If you agree, please watch this video and join me in the fight for Medicare for All:

In 2015, California’s Medicaid expansion cut the number of uninsured Californians almost in half. Now, proposed federal budget cuts threaten to undo that incredible progress.

It’s time for D.C. Democrats to stop playing defense on healthcare and go on the offense for working families who can’t currently afford it. Cost should never be a barrier to quality care.

Everyone, regardless of economic background deserves access to quality healthcare. Now is the time for change. Join me in the fight for Medicare for All.




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09 May

CDP Congressional Candidates Need Our Support


This is urgent: Our CDP-endorsed candidates for Congress are just weeks away from the June primary, and they’re counting on our support today to ensure they finish strong on Ju‌ne 5.

From Jessica Morse in CA-04 to Ammar Campa-Najjar in CA-50, our eight endorsed candidates are up against some of the most corrupt, backwards thinking Republicans in Congress. And each one of their races is crucial to turning Congress blue this fall.

Republicans and their far-right super PACs will spend millions to protect their congressional clones here in California. Our party can fight back and win — but only if grassroots supporters like you step up tod‌ay.

Will you chip in $20.18 or more so we can make sure our CDP-endorsed candidates finish strong in June and take back Congress for Democrats this fall?

$10 »
$20.18 »


$50 »
$100 »


$250 »


We’ve already hired more than 20 organizers to make crucial voter contact in these battleground districts — and we’re supporting our field team with an extensive social media program.

But with the first vote-by-mail ballots already sent out and the GOP’s dark money pouring into these districts, we need to double down on our support in this final stretch.

There will only be a blue wave here in California if we, the people, power it.

Chip in $20.18 or more right now, and we’ll put it to work supporting our CDP-endorsed candidates who will take back Congress this fall.

Democratically Yours,

Eric C. Bauman, Chair
California Democratic Party


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09 May

REPORT: Valadao faces “re-election headwind”

*** TJ Cox has been endorsed for CD-21 by the CDP ***

TJ Cox for Congress

Did you catch this article?

The International Business Times just dropped a truth bomb about David Valadao’s re-election chances.

The article confirms what folks in the Central Valley have been feeling for the last two years: Valadao’s cozy relationship with Trump and his votes to repeal health care are landing him in hot water in 2018.

Community development leader TJ Cox is the lone Democrat running against Valadao. He needs your support to hold Valadao accountable and flip this seat. Can you rush a donation to his campaign today?

Take a look at this excerpt:

“Valadao…voted for Trumpcare. Though…the highly unpopular GOP bill failed in the Senate, a significant number of residents in counties that make up CA-21 would have suffered with the passage of the [Trumpcare], which would have severely cut funding for Medicaid…

55 percent of the population of Tulare County was eligible for Medi-Cal, the state version of Medicare. Nearly 50 percent of Fresno County, 46 percent of Kern County, and 38 percent of Kings County were eligible for Medi-Cal.”

In sum, despite its DEVASTATING impact on his own constituents in California, David Valadao rubber stamped Trump’s bill. Now Valadao and his super PAC allies are spending millions to misinform voters, distract from the issues, and skate through another re-elect. We must hold him accountable.

Can you join our grassroots movement to unseat David Valadao in the Central Valley? With Valadao’s super PAC and special interest support, defeating him will DEPEND on your small-dollar support!

Thanks for your support,

TJ Cox for Congress


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09 May

Ballots have dropped and so has my third campaign ad!

*** Tony Thurmond has been endorsed for State Superintendent of Public Instruction by the CDP ***

Dear Friend,

It’s voting time!  Mail ballots have arrived in voters’ mailboxes across California, and I need your help to get out the vote.

Here are a few ways you can support my campaign right now:

>>> Donate to help get our message out to millions of CA voters

>>> Send this letter to your friends and family

>>> Share my new campaign ad on social media to support me

This new ad tells part of my story as a public school student. Like many of California’s students, I grew up in a low-income household and college often seemed out of reach.  But passionate public school teachers encouraged me to go to college, where I became student body president.

Happy National Teacher Appreciation Day to all of the teachers who changed my life, and to all of the teachers working tirelessly to educate California’s students.  Teachers are superheroes. I’m so grateful for the teachers I know, and I am honored to be endorsed by teachers in my campaign for Superintendent of Public Instruction.


Thank you for your support,

Tony Thurmond

P.S. We have some campaign events coming up in the Bay Area and Southern California (more details to come!), including a special grassroots event in Berkeley this Saturday, 4-6 pm. Click here to RSVP to our Berkeley event.

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09 May

Promises Kept

*** Alex Padilla has been endorsed for Secretary of State by the CDP ***

Alex Padilla

The June 5th primary election is just four weeks away and vote by mail ballots begin to go out this week. As you make your final decisions on how to vote in so many important contests, I hope I’ve earned your support for my reelection.

When I first ran for Secretary of State in 2014, I ran on a platform of ideas to strengthen our democracy by making it easier for eligible Californians to register to vote and to make it more convenient for registered voters to cast their ballot (scroll down to see my original email pledge below). I believe I’ve lived up to these commitments.

I never expected, however, that the work we started back then would be so important in our fight to defend our democracy against attacks by the Trump Administration.

When I ran, I said I would:

Add 1 million more Californians to the polls

Since taking office, we’ve added 2 million voters to the rolls. I also sponsored legislation to adopt Automatic Voter Registration in California, which will begin this year!

Fight any and all efforts to restrict the right to vote  

I stood up to Trump and his sham voter fraud commission and won. And we protected the personal information of all California voters in the process. I continue to fight Republican efforts to restrict the vote across the country and, in California, we are expanding voting rights through online pre-registration, California Motor Voter and the Voter’s Choice Act.

Use technology to improve access to election information

We launched VoteCal, California’s statewide centralized voter registration database which is the backbone of many of our reforms. We also launched PowerSearch, a state of the art campaign finance search engine to allow everyone to better track money in state politics while we’re working to replace the aging campaign finance website CAL-ACCESS.

Sponsor Legislation to increase civic education in schools

I have personally visited more than fifty high schools across California and spoken with thousands of high school students about the importance of registering to vote and voting in every election. And no longer are we just registering students as they turn 18. As Secretary, we launched online pre-registraton for 16- and 17-year olds, and more than 100,000 young future voters have done just that. 

Expand early voting hours and opportunities across the state

In 2016, I sponsored the Voters’ Choice Act, which will provide voters with more options of when, where, and how to vote. This year, five counties are implementing these reforms which include every voter receiving their ballot in the mail automatically, 10 days of in-person early voting, the flexibility of voting at any vote center in your county (not just the polling place closest to your home) and Same Day Registration at vote centers. Many more counties will make the transition in 2020.

I have always worked hard to keep my word and fulfill my promises to Californians. We have accomplished a lot in the last four years, but there is more work to do to further protect and expand the right to vote, and I will need your support to make it happen.

Please help me continue this important work by making a donation to my campaign.  



Alex Padilla

California Secretary of State




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09 May

Team Miller Update

*** No candidate for FCC District 3 has been endorsed by the FCDCC ***

Team Miller just had a great week of events and festivities.  Here’s a brief summary:

  • Monday, 4/30–  Supporters gathered at the Fulton 55 for great food and a energetic evening. Supporters from the campaign and community share why, “It’s Time for Miller in District 3”.
  • Thursday, 5/3– More supporters gathered at the Sisavangthana Center in Chinatown. Supporters from the Hmong community and others shared why they are supporting Miller for District 3.
  • Saturday, 5/5– More supporters, family and friends gathered in the backyard of Charles and Wilma Francis. The crowd was entertained by Keysha Burns-Isler and the Impromptu Band.
    • All food and refreshments for each event was provided by Catering by Shawn Brooks
    • All event announcements by Richard Ortiz of the “Fighter’s Voice”
    • All music coordination by DJ G-Man Miller

There are less than 30 days before Election Day on June 5th.  So much to do and we can use your assistance in the following ways:

  1. Make a financial contribution online at

or by mail to:

    • Committee to Elect Daren Miller
    • PO Box 4662
    • Fresno, CA 93744
  1. Volunteer at an upcoming event:
    • Sat. 5/12, 9 am– Community Canvass (meet at 853 N Arthur, 93728)
    • Sat. 5/19, 8 am– Coffee Talk- The Revue (Tower District)
    • Sat. 5/19 or 5/26– Community Celebration (TBA)
    • Sat. 6/2, 8 am– Coffee Talk (Rocio’s Mexican Food Restaurant)
    • Sat. 6/2, 10 am– Fresno Pride Booth and Parade
    • Tues., 6/5–        ELECTION DAY

We are doing well, however many hands make light work.  Team Miller needs your hands between now and June 5th to make like work of this election cycle.


There are numerous photos on all social media outlets from each event.  Thank you all for what you have done and will do for Team Miller.


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