11 Mar

It’s official

John just made it official — today he filed paperwork to put his name on the ballot for the June primary as a candidate for governor.

While we’ve known for a long time this day was coming, the press is paying attention to what we do next and how much we raise in the next 24 hours.

Will you help us raise $10,000 by tomorrow night and help John hit the ground running?

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Each month, we’ve been growing stronger — but we’re not the only ones.

We need to prove that we’re still the campaign with passion and momentum on our side, and hitting another goal just one day after John filed his paperwork is a great opportunity to make it happen.

So, please, help us celebrate and hit our goal by chipping in now.

Thanks for your support,

Preston Elliott
Campaign Manager
John Chiang for Governor

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11 Mar

Jeff Sessions

Kamala Harris

Last night we learned Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions are filing a lawsuit against my home state of California for refusing to comply with their anti-immigrant agenda.

This is a shameful stunt designed to intimidate California officials and endanger our public safety. It won’t work. We will always fight to uphold the core values of our nation. That means standing up for the idea that America is a nation of immigrants and our diversity makes us a stronger country.

No state in the union has more immigrants — documented and undocumented — than California, and they’re counting on us to fight for them.

That’s why I’m asking:

Can you sign my petition denouncing Trump and Sessions’ repeated attacks on California and our immigrant communities? Together, whether you live in California or not, we can send an unmistakable message that we won’t be intimidated.

Today, Sessions is in California to formally announce the lawsuit — and I believe it is crucial we respond with a powerful show of grassroots solidarity.

This is a moment where we must measure up to the ideals of our nation and fight for what we believe in, even if it means supposed leaders like Trump and Sessions come after us.

Thanks for all you do,

Kamala Harris
U.S. Senator, California

sign the petition »

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11 Mar

Tell Congressman Costa YOUR Priorities

Dear Friend,

As your representative in Congress, one of my most important responsibilities is listening to you. I take this responsibility very seriously, and I want to hear from you. 

Please take this quick survey below, letting me know what you think Congress should act on in the coming months.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me regarding any federal issues of your concern. To stay up-to-date on the work I am doing in Congress, please visit my website at and sign up for my e-newsletter here. You can also follow my work and events in our Valley on my Facebook page and twitter account.


Jim Costa
Member of Congress

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11 Mar

Sessions’ political stunts aren’t welcome here

As Governor Brown said earlier, it’s rare for a US Attorney General “to come out here and engage in a political stunt, make wild accusations.” 

No matter what happens in Washington, California will stay the course and enforce all our laws and protect all our people. That’s how we keep our communities safe.

Our state laws work in concert with federal laws and our local law enforcement is in the business of public safety, not deportation. We want to protect our families, not tear them apart.

This afternoon I was on NPR’s All Things Considered to make it clear — the Trump Administration’s claims about our state laws are simply false — and I’m ready to defend them in court.

I will continue to stand up for our police and sheriffs whose funding has been threatened by the Trump Administration, and for the policies that they have enacted to increase trust with our communities were sworn to protect.

Can I count on you to stand with me in our fight for our values?

The rule of law has prevailed in 12 of our challenges against Trump so far and I’m hopeful the rule of law will prevail again.

Thank You,


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11 Mar

Sign the petition: Join the fight against Jeff Sessions

I just finished a day of protests, press conferences and phone calls standing up to Attorney General Sessions and his lawsuit against California.

I was joined by activists, immigrants, my colleagues in the Senate and Assembly, and Attorney General Eric Holder.

Kevin Protesting Jeff Sessions

We have one unified message for Jeff Sessions:

Our laws are legal, they are right, and we will see you in court.

Can I count on you to help us in this fight?

Add your name to beat back these racist attacks and tell Jeff Sessions, President Trump, and the White House that California will continue leading the resistance against them.



PS: The more voices we have in this fight, the stronger we will be. Please forward this email or share it on social media to your friends and family and ask them to sign our petition as well.


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11 Mar

Democrats Stand Up for Rural Communities

For Immediate Release

March 6, 2018

Democrats Stand Up for Rural Communities

At the California Democratic Party (CDP) convention last month, the CDP adopted its first-ever Rural Plank (attached) as part of the party platform, demonstrating the state party’s commitment to addressing the distinct challenges facing rural communities in California.

The Rural Plank starts with this overarching policy pronouncement: “In recognition of the special challenges in developing policies and programs that work in rural communities, California Democrats will encourage elected officials to consider the effect of any new policies or programs on rural California, by asking, ‘Is it fair and will it work in rural California communities?’”

“Our rural areas are often the lost stepchild in California politics,” says Michael D. Evans, chair of the Fresno County Democratic Party. “The CDP’s Rural Plank draws attention to the critical issues of our rural communities so that we can begin to effectively address those concerns.”

Every two years, the CDP reviews and revises the party platform, which is a statement of the policies and principles of the party. To take advantage of this opportunity, the Del Norte County Democratic Party held a series of local workshops to review individual planks of the platform. Each “plank” focuses on a specific category of issues. On a parallel track, other rural counties reviewed the platform through the Democratic Rural Caucus Platform Committee.

Following these local and regional workshops, recommended amendments were submitted on planks related to Energy and the Environment, Sustainable Communities, Business and the Economy, Communications and the Internet, Disabilities, Health Care and Veterans. Many of these recommended changes were accepted into the platform.

These recommendations were shepherded through the process by former Del Norte County Supervisor Martha McClure, who was appointed to the Platform Committee to help represent a rural perspective in the Platform revisions. Responding to advocacy for rural communities, the Platform Committee agreed to consider a stand-alone rural plank and McClure was appointed to chair the Rural Plank Committee.

“In addition to ensuring that the Platform represents our progressive values, we especially wanted to provide suggestions for policies that will better reflect the needs of rural California,” explains McClure. “We expect to see improvements in the way that the California Democratic Party and our elected officials represent our interests. This is our chance to stand up for rural communities.”

“For years, we have been working to raise awareness and better inform urban legislators about the special considerations needed for developing policies for rural communities,” said Del Norte County Democratic Party Chair Kevin Hendrick, “This is a very tangible result of this ongoing advocacy.”

For more information, contact Kevin Hendrick at 707-951-1734 or

Michael D. Evans

FCDP Chair

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11 Mar

Stopping AG Sessions

While our current Attorney General was scheduled to speak at the law enforcement gathering where Attorney General Sessions announced his law suit against California,  I was proud to be the only statewide law enforcement leader outside on the street with hundreds protesting AG Sessions.

We sent a clear message to Attorney General Sessions and President Trump.

California will not be bullied.  We will defend our laws and our law abiding immigrant communities.  We wont cooperate in the deportation of our neighbors, our co-workers, our classmates, or the parents of our childrens’ friends or their children.

As Insurance Commissioner, I lead a law enforcement agency.  I have directed my law enforcement officers that we will not cooperate with ICE, consistent with the sanctuary state law SB 54.   We wont be stopped by Attorney General Sessions lawsuit.

I was proud to stand with defenders of immigrants rights to support SB 54. As California’s next Attorney General, I will do everything in my power and in the law to defend California from the Trump Administration.

If you have not already done so, I hope you will join our campaign to elect a fighter, not a follower, to the office of Attorney General.


Dave Jones

California Insurance Commissioner and Candidate for Attorney General

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