12 Jul

Tom Steyer

The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


The Democratic primary got a little more crowded this week when Tom Steyer entered the race.

He’s already pledged to spend at least $100 million of his personal fortune on his bid for president. That puts campaigns like ours at a big disadvantage. 

Look, a large, diverse field of candidates is good for our party. It’s so important that this race gets decided by who has the best ideas to lead our party and move our country forward, not by who can spend the most out of their own pocket.

I’ve refused to take money from corporate PACs, oil and pharma executives, and federal lobbyists. I don’t want them thinking they own any piece of this. No, this effort is 100% people-powered.

I made the decision to build this campaign the right way — one donation at a time. So I have to ask: Can you chip in right now to help us take on the billionaires and special interest money?


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