21 Mar

To the highest court in the land

*** No candidate for Attorney General has been endorsed by the CDP ***

Today, I was in D.C. as the US Supreme Court heard oral arguments in National Institute of Family and Life Advocates vs. Becerra. This case is about the FACT Act, a California law that requires facilities to provide factual, neutral information about their health care services and medical providers, so all women have access to the full range of health care options available to them.

Under the FACT Act, certain health facilities must disclose to patients if there is no licensed medical professional providing information or care, and others must provide a simple notice about access to comprehensive, free or reduced-price reproductive care.

The FACT Act was passed by the Legislature to reflect California’s values. That’s why I’m fighting to defend it in the highest court in the land.

You can see some of the coverage surrounding the hearing today herehere and here.

I will continue to fight for access to reproductive health care for all California women, regardless of their income. I hope you’ll join me!

Standing with you,


Xavier Becerra -- California Attorney General

Becerra for Attorney General
777 S. Figueroa Street, Suite 4050
Los Angeles, CA 90017

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21 Mar


*** No candidate for Governor has been endorsed by the CDP ***

All around the country, women are marching and standing up for their rights. We’re at a unique moment in our history. It’s time for California to lead the nation on this issue.

I wanted to make sure you had the chance to see our video celebrating the work of these women. If we’re going to change the culture of our politics, it starts by making sure all voices are heard and by holding our elected officials accountable. I’m proud to be running a campaign that is focused on putting people first and lifting up others’ voices.

To support our movement, click here to contribute today — every amount helps!

Best wishes,


Renteria for Governor

Renteria for Governor, FPPC #1402592
PO Box 2361
Menlo Park CA 94206 United States

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21 Mar


*** Andrew Janz has been endorsed for CD-22 by the CDP ***

I’ve made a new friend recently – another resistance leader fighting to return sanity to Washington. His name is Randy Bryce; some of you may know him as Ironstache. He’s the union ironworker taking on Paul Ryan in Wisconsin and if – no, WHEN he wins, we will have flipped another deeply red district blue!

Trump performed considerably better in PA-18 than he did in Randy’s district or my district in California. The GOP threw millions of dollars behind their candidate and Conor Lamb still won because people are tired of the Republican party’s failure to deliver.

NOW is the time for Democrats to put our words into action and transform our frustrations with government dysfunction into power at the polls. Can you pitch in right now to ensure strong Democrats have what they need to take back the House in November?

The only way to get this country back on track is to take back the House in November and replace every single GOP member who has put party over people with principled Democratic leadership. Randy and I are in this race because we know how critical it is that the resistance show up this year. Will you pitch in $3 right now to help Democrats like Randy and I take on these GOP goliaths?

We need to flip 24 seats from red to blue – starting right here with Nunes’s seat in CA-22 and Ryan’s seat in WA-1.

Thanks for all you do –


Paid for by Andrew Janz for Congress


Paid for by Andrew Janz for Congress
2037 W. Bullard Ave.
Suite 334
Fresno CA 93711 United States

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21 Mar

Check out our new video

*** No candidate for Governor has been endorsed by the CDP ***

Delaine Eastin for Governor 2018

One of the reasons I was so excited to work for Delaine is because I trusted her. I understood that everything Delaine does is first and foremost centered around doing for the next generation what was so generously done for her. I think it is important that more people get to know Delaine the way we know her. This is why today we are launching our new video that tells the story of how Delaine came to have 6.1 million children.

We are exactly eleven weeks, or 77 days, away from the June 5 election.Now is the time that voters are beginning to pay attention. For every $100 we raise today, 7,500 people will get the chance to view the video and to learn more about Delaine. That puts us one step closer to electing Delaine, a Governor who will truly put our children first again. Donate today to help us expand our reach!

Thank you all for being part of this campaign. I truly believe that together we can make California work for everyone again.

If you are connected on ActBlue click below for an instant contribution:

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20 Mar

Survey: your campaign, your priorities

TJ Cox for Congress

We’re hitting the ground running.

Over the last two weeks, I’ve met with dozens of activists, business owners, farmers, and hardworking families from across California’s 21st district.

In the Central Valley, issues such as access to health care, protecting Medicaid and Medicare, expanding job opportunities, immigration, and access to clean water are at the front of everyone’s minds, and it’s clear that we have a lot of work to do. I want to hear from you.

Can you take my quick survey to let me know what issues matter most to you and your family?

Take the survey

Thanks for your input,

TJ Cox

P.S. It’s important to me that everyone has a say, and your responses will help guide the direction of this campaign. Please take the survey — I read these personally >>


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