23 Mar

Read my plan to make California schools #1 in the nation

*** Tony Thurmond has been endorsed for State Superintendent of Public Instruction by the CDP ***

I am excited to share my plan to make California’s public schools the best in the nation.

The ideas laid out in my plan aim to:

  • Keep our students safe
  • Create a 21st Century curriculum
  • Close the achievement gap
  • Prioritize funding and ensure accountability
  • And much more

My plan is ambitious – but as the 6th largest economy in the world and the capital of innovation, California can afford to be ambitious. And yet, our state ranks 46th in per pupil spending. If we want the next generation of Californians to be prepared for the future, we  have no other option than to be ambitious for our kids. I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and work with a coalition of educators, policymakers, students, and families who are interested in accomplishments, not conflict.

My plan is comprehensive – from early childhood education to higher education, the free lunch program to computer science, my plan covers a wide range of policy areas, each reflective of my experiences working in education.  As a social worker, I have a visceral understanding of the challenges that exist outside the classroom and impact students’ ability to learn. As a state legislator and chair of the Assembly Select Committee on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Education, my priority is to prepare our students for the jobs of the 21st century global economy.  With 12 years of experience working directly in education, including teaching civics classes and running afterschool programs, I believe that when our schools are safe, community-oriented, and well-resourced, all students can succeed.

Finally, my plan is already underway – many of the policy ideas laid out are inspired by my current and past legislation, including increased investment in career technical education (CTE) and STEM, my private prison tax to fund early education, support for bilingual education and special education, school-based health services, and restorative justice programs.  I’m not going to keep California’s students waiting for the support that they need right now. At the end of the plan, you will find an index of my top education bills.

Let me know what you think of the plan.  Share it with your colleagues and communities. Together, I have no doubt that we really can make California’s public schools number one in the nation.

Thank you,

Tony Thurmond

Paid for by Tony Thurmond for Superintendent of Public Instruction 2018

Tony Thurmond for Superintendent of Public Instruction 2018
PO Box 2145
Richmond CA 94802 United States

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23 Mar

Delaine’s major new endorsement

*** No candidate for Governor has been endorsed by the CDP ***

Delaine Eastin for Governor 2018

We are so thrilled to announce Delaine’s latest endorsement from the heart and soul of Newsom territory: one of San Francisco’s largest Democratic clubs, The Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club of San Francisco.

I first heard of Delaine Eastin after the 2016 election. It was a difficult time for many of us. I heard her share that she had been watching from the sidelines, and she knew how hard it would be to step back onto the political stage, but I could tell that she was doing it for people like me. The more I read, the more I sensed the reason she was entering the race was out of a sense of civic duty, not for political gain.

Which is why I think it is so fitting that one of the largest LGBT clubs in California has endorsed her. Personally, because of her work creating the first anti-bullying LGBT Task Force, me and people like me were not statistics. Her foresight and passion and energy and courage allowed an entire generation of LGBT students to feel safer in school. That’s why I feel so fortunate to be a part of her team.

As Superintendent of Public Instruction, Delaine convened the Department of Education’s first LGBT Task Force. They published a radically progressive report that was slammed by conservatives. (Delaine herself received death threats.) Among the recommendations: a revision of the California State Board of Education’s Hate Motivated Violence Policy to include gender and sexual identity based violence, a new focus on anti-bullying initiatives for LGBT Students in K-12; integrated curricula teaching LGBT Historical Figures and Events with expanded LGBT resources in libraries; and a modification of existing data gathering methods in order to provide information on the prevalence of threats, harassment, or violence against students based on gender or sexual identity. Furthermore, it called on California public schools to develop resources for and protect the rights of transgender students.

Delaine was also the first Superintendent of Public Instruction to march in the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade (along with her high school drama teacher and nephew) and, as a University of California Regent, she was one of the deciding votes against Pete Wilson’s attempt to take away domestic partnership rights from LGBT employees.

I am so honored to be part of Delaine’s campaign team and to see her hard work rewarded with this amazing endorsement from San Francisco’s Harvey Milk LGBT Club.

I see her momentum building and growing everyday and I am convinced that we can win this election.

Let’s do this!


Victor Garcia
Southern California Outreach Coordinator

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23 Mar

Fresno Announcement Jim Costa Campaign Kickoff

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23 Mar

Leave Those Kids Alone

This Saturday, thousands of courageous students will take to the streets in cities and communities across America in the March for Our Lives. Here in the Central Valley, we have two marches happening – one in Fresno and another in Visalia.

We were honored to be able to host local students for a sign-making party in our campaign office earlier this week. These brave young people are standing up and demanding one thing: the common sense gun reforms our families deserve.

They’re fighting for the right to go to school, or church, or a concert, or a movie theater without fearing for their lives. We, the adults, owe them that – and so much more.

That’s why I’m asking you to add your name in support of these brave young people as they March for their Lives this weekend and fight for overdue action on gun violence. Add your name »

These students are shining a light on the GOP’s inaction on gun reform by exposing the fact that dark money donors like the NRA have bought years of silence from Republicans with millions of dollars in campaign contributions. The GOP has turned a blind eye to gun violence, even as our children are massacred in their schools.

The gun lobby and its cronies are already attacking the Parkland students who started this revolution for their activism. They’re frantically trying to stop them because they know that this time – things are different.

Please, add your name here to let students everywhere know we’re standing with them. They need our support now more than ever. Add your name here »

Thanks for stepping up.


Paid for by Andrew Janz for Congress


Paid for by Andrew Janz for Congress
2037 W. Bullard Ave.
Suite 334
Fresno CA 93711 United States

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23 Mar

Madame President Pro Tem

Honorable Toni Atkins Takes Leadership of CA Senate

Close the gap CA sends hearty Congratulations to Senator Toni Atkins (San Diego), who this week assumes the key leadership role of California Senate President Pro Tempore. 
As the highest-ranking member of the CA Senate, Atkins will chair the powerful Senate Rules Committee, lead the Senate Democratic Caucus, and represent the Caucus in budget negotiations with the Governor, as part of the “Big Five.” The CA Senate elects a new “Pro Tem” every two years—Atkins was sworn in yesterday.
We know we’re in good hands.
Atkins is not only the first woman and first openly LGBTQ Senate President Pro Tem in California history.

  • Atkins is also only the third person in history to lead both the CA Assembly as Speaker, and the CA Senate as Pro Tem.
  • Atkins has served (briefly!) as both Acting Mayor of San Diego, and Acting Governor of California.
  • As Pro Tem, Atkins will prioritize addressing instances of sexual harassment at the Capitol.
  • Highlight: in 2013, Atkins authored historic AB 154 (Early Access to Abortion). Based on a 5-year pilot project with UCSF, Kaiser Permanente and Planned Parenthood that demonstrated resoundingly positive outcomes, AB 154 allowed advanced practice clinicians (more commonly women than physicians) to offer early abortion services, within the scope of their licenses.
  • This landmark bill contributed to California’s status as the gold standard for reproductive health care, and was the only expansion of reproductive health care access in a year when other states passed a wave of restrictions.

Literature, Leadership and Lunch celebrating women writers, leaders and thinkers.
Friday, March 23, 2018
Silicon Valley

close the gap CA is a statewide campaign to find talented, progressive women to run for open seats in the California legislature in 2018 and 2020. With focus and a targeted strategy, we can ‘close the gap’ and not just the gender gap. When we elect progressive women, we take steps to close the school funding gap, the access gap to affordable health and reproductive care, and the growing gap between the wealthy and those in poverty.



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23 Mar

Fighting for safe, clean and healthy communities

*** No candidate for Attorney General has been endorsed by the CDP ***

Many communities in California, especially communities of color, continue to carry more than their share of the burden of pollution and environmental contamination. We have a moral obligation to focus our efforts on fighting for safe, clean and healthy communities for all Californians.

That’s why I’m proud to have earned the endorsement of the California Environmental Justice Alliance Action. CEJA Action builds the political power of communities of color to advance environmentally and socially just policies in California.

CEJA Action joins other environmental justice advocates in supporting my campaign, including:

  • Orson Aguilar, President, Greenlining Institute*
  • Caroline Farrell, Executive Director, The Center on Race, Poverty and the Environment*
  • Laurel Firestone, Co-Executive Director, Community Water Center*
  • Veronica Garribay, Co-Director, Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability*
  • Luis Olmedo, Executive Director, Imperial Valley Comite Civico del Valle (CCV)*
  • Vien Truong, CEO, Dream Corps and Director of Green for All*
  • Penny Newman, Founder, Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice (CCAEJ)*

Since taking office, I’ve filed more than a dozen lawsuits aimed at ensuring communities have clear air and clean water and have helped local governments in their fights for environmental justice. Last month, we established a Bureau of Environmental Justice within the environment section of the California Department of Justice. So long as I am Attorney General, we’ll continue to fight for environmental justice.

Thank you for standing with me,


*Titles for identification purposes only

Becerra for Attorney General
777 S. Figueroa Street, Suite 4050
Los Angeles, CA 90017


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23 Mar

California’s Environmental Justice Needs Dave Jones as AG

*** No candidate for Attorney General has been endorsed by the CDP ***

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, closeup
I am writing to you because we need a strong environmental ally in the California Attorney General’s office who can help us better combat Trump’s regressive policies. Dave Jones is that ally. He has been a champion in fighting for environmental issues including authoring important legislation and programs that have protected our environment.

We need a candidate with a strong environmental track record who will stand up against Trump without delays. That’s why i’m strongly supporting Dave Jones for Attorney General.

And unlike his opponent who’s taken over $20,000 in oil money, Dave Jones is not taking one cent from oil companies.

Dave has pledged to join the investigation of Exxon Mobile for lying about climate change. His opponent, despite environmentalists calls that he do so, refuses to join the New York and Massachusetts Attorneys General investigation of Exxon Mobile.

As Insurance Commissioner, Dave Jones has been a warrior in the fight against climate change. He called on the insurance industry to divest its billions from coal and is leading an international coalition of national insurance regulators that are tackling climate change.

I trust Jones to head up the legal strategy to keep California in the forefront of the fight against climate change. I urge the environmental community and all Californians to join me in supporting Dave Jones for Attorney General.

Dave Jones is a fighter, not a follower. That’s why the overwhelming majority of the Democratic Party voted for Jones at the Convention in San Diego last month.

He has earned our support.



Senator Fran Pavley

Dave Jones for Attorney General

“A Fighter, Not a Follower.”

Paid for by Dave Jones for Attorney General 2018, FPPC # 1380405, 915 L Street, C-124, Sacramento, CA 95814

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