17 Aug

Add your name: support our citizenship lawsuit against the Trump administration

In the next two years, the Trump administration needs to carry out a crucial constitutional responsibility: the 2020 Census.


Since 1790, the Census has counted every single person in the United States, citizen and non-citizen. That count determines everything from representation in Congress to how we allocate resources for things like disaster relief, education, infrastructure, public health and police and fire protection.


But now, the Trump administration wants to include a question on the 2020 Census asking about citizenship status. Adding this question is a certain way to suppress an accurate counting and representation for California’s diverse communities. 



Given the way this administration has attacked immigrants, you can understand why immigrant families would be afraid to fill out a Census questionnaire that asked about citizenship.


Discouraging immigrant families from responding to the Census means that several million people might not be represented. Our state has more immigrant families who contribute significantly to our communities than any other state and I’m going to fight my hardest to make sure every one of them is counted. 



Thank you,





Xavier Becerra -- California Attorney General

Becerra for Attorney General 2018
777 South Figueroa Street
Suite 4050 Los Angeles, CA 90017-5864

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17 Aug

Event: Constitution Day Lecture

Constitution Day Lecture: “Why Shouldn’t the President be a Dictator?–How to destroy the Constitution, subvert the rule of law, and end our freedom in one easy lesson.”

Join San Joaquin College of Law Professor Jeffrey G. Purvis at the Law School (901 5th Street, Clovis) on Thursday, September 20th at 5:30 p.m. as he marks another Constitution Day.

In the past, his topics have included titles such as “Death Panels Are Trying to Kill My Grandma,” “Virtual Mayhem: Why Does the US Supreme Court Want Our Children to Become Violent Killers?” “Having Destroyed Marriage, What Are The Gays Up To Now?” and “Is It Constitutional for Me to Scream at Town Hall Meetings so that No One Else Can Be Heard?”


For more information, call (559) 323-2100


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17 Aug

Andrew Janz Hosts Public Meet and Greet in Visalia, Nunes Still Hiding

Andrew Janz Hosts Public Meet and Greet in Visalia, Nunes Still Hiding

Visalia, CA (Aug. 16, 2018) Andrew Janz for Congress hosted a meet and greet at the Planing Mill in Visalia on Thursday. The pizzeria was packed with over 50 enlightened voters ready to canvass and phonebank for the campaign.

Andrew talked about his experience being a child of immigrants. See video here.

Andrew also discussed water, jobs and the economy, health care, how the Central Valley has long been forgotten about.

Andrew Janz talks about the campaign trail with his soccer coach from Visalia.

Visalia voter expresses how excited he is for Andrew to be his new congressman.

Andrew Janz talks to over 50 voters at the Planing Mill in Visalia.


Andrew Janz was born and raised in Visalia and is running for Congress against Devin Nunes in California’s 22nd Congressional District. Andrew’s campaigning on water for the valley, more jobs, social security and Medicaid, and fighting corruption in Washington. Andrew Janz is 34 years old and resides in Fresno with his wife Heather and their two dogs.

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16 Aug

REPORT: The impact of Trump’s environmental policy exposed.

POLITICO REPORT: The EPA just admitted that Trump’s plan to reverse Obama’s Clean Power Plan will “increase carbon emissions and pollutants such as soot and smog.”

TJ Cox for Congress


POLITICO REPORT: The EPA just admitted that Trump’s plan to reverse Obama’s Clean Power Plan will “increase carbon emissions and pollutants such as soot and smog.”

Sign on: Stop Trump and his EPA’s attacks on the environment >>

Add your name



Here’s a fact that should have all Californians concerned:

According to the American Lung Association, four out of the ten most polluted cities in the ENTIRE COUNTRY are right here in California’s Central Valley.

That’s why Trump and the EPA’s constant attacks on our environmental progress would be an absolute disaster for communities like ours, and they know it. That’s why we’re fighting back.

Will you add your name to call on the administration to stop their reckless rollbacks of Obama’s Clean Power Plan?

If the EPA’s admission of failure isn’t bad enough, our opponent David Valadao has been totally silent on these environmental attacks. But he has still managed to take $205,000 from the oil and gas industry while doing nothing to hold Trump accountable — it’s totally unacceptable.

Sign our urgent petition calling on Trump and the EPA to stop their cruel attacks on the environmental protections >>

Thanks for adding your voice,

TJ Cox for Congress



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16 Aug

A Birthday Invitation

Join Trustee Nelson Esparza for a Birthday Reception in support of his campaign for Fresno City Council! 
The endeavor to Build Fresno’s Future is a community effort supported by folks just like you. A big Thank You to those who have helped us get to this point. Let’s keep the momentum going!
Please make checks payable to: Esparza for Fresno City Council 2018
Esparza for Fresno City Council 2018
P.O. Box 17114 
Fresno, CA 93744

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15 Aug

Here’s who we’re nominating






Yesterday, voters in Connecticut, Minnesota, Vermont, and Wisconsin cast their ballots in their states’ primary elections, nominating some incredible women candidates. Here are some of the key takeaways:

  • In Vermont, Christine Hallquist made history by being the first openly transgender woman to claim victory as a major party’s gubernatorial candidate.
  • First-time candidate Jahana Hayes, who was the 2016 National Teacher of the Year, won her primary in Connecticut’s 5th District and is poised to become the first black woman to represent Connecticut in Congress.
  • Ilhan Omar was nominated in Minnesota’s 5th District and could become the first Somali-American elected to Congress.
  • Senators Amy Klobuchar (MN) and Tammy Baldwin (WI) were nominated for re-election.
  • Senator Tina Smith, the former lieutenant governor of Minnesota, secured the Democratic nomination ahead of a special election in November to serve the remainder of her term.
  • Democratic voter turnout outpaced that of Republicans in all four states’ gubernatorial races, including historic turnout in Minnesota and Wisconsin — two key states where we’ll need to compete in November.

After last night’s results, women make up about half of the Democratic nominees for Senate, House, and governor in races without a Democratic incumbent — a historically high number that could lead to historic levels of women serving in Congress next year. Our party is also nominating a historic number of candidates of color and LGBTQ candidates this year, many of whom are running for office for the first time.

We have the energy and excitement on our side — in Democratic House primaries this year so far, voter turnout is more than 80 percent higher than the 2014 midterm elections, meaning Democrats are fired up and ready to win in 2018.

Together we are proving that we have a diverse coalition, we have the candidates, we have the voters, and we have the momentum. But we can’t let up now — not even for a second. So I need to ask:

Winning elections across the country isn’t going to happen unless we make it happen — and it isn’t going to be easy. Republicans are determined to hold onto their majorities and continue taking our country backwards. That’s why it’s so critical that we elect Democrats at all levels of government to help restore integrity and sanity back to our nation’s politics.

You don’t need me to tell you how high the stakes are this November. Currently, there are more than 100 GOP-held districts that are more competitive than PA-18 — where we flipped our first House seat of this election cycle. Democrats need to win at least 23 of those districts in order to take back the House.

There are also 36 states that will choose governors this year, including 26 that are under Republican control. Democrats have a real shot at taking back governors’ mansions in states that haven’t been considered competitive in years.

Women, people of color, LGBTQ, and first-time candidates are running for office like never before this year — many of them are motivated to run because of the horrendous agenda coming from the Trump administration.

Our candidates are ready to provide a check on this president and the congressional Republicans who enable him. But the only way they’ll get the chance to do that is if we all step up to support them right now.

Thanks for your support,
Tom Perez Chair Democratic National Committee

P.S. Where our party stands after last night puts us in a great position ahead of the midterm elections. We have an incredibly diverse slate of candidates ready to win in November, but first they are going to need your help.

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15 Aug

Prosecutor Andrew Janz Launches “For All” Campaign in his bid to Unseat Devin Nunes in CA-22

Prosecutor Andrew Janz Launches “For All” Campaign in his bid to Unseat Devin Nunes in CA-22

Fresno, CA (Aug 15th, 2018) – In his fight to represent California’s 22nd Congressional district, Prosecutor Andrew Janz released his “For All” ad campaign with both a 30-second and 60-second version. “For All” highlights Andrew’s upbringing in Visalia, the importance of being raised by immigrant parents, and how a Washington run by people like Devin Nunes has forgotten about the issues critical to the Central Valley: securing water for our farmers, protecting Medicare and social security, and refusing corporate PAC money in order to represent real working families. 

The 60-second video can be viewed here: 

The 30-second video can be viewed here:

Andrew Janz releases, “For All”, on the heels of a recent public poll showing Andrew Janz and Devin Nunes locked in a dead heat. The poll conducted by Tulchin Research is available here. As well as raising over 1.1 million dollars in the month of July alone, Andrew Janz has defied the odds and assembled the strongest challenge that Devin Nunes has faced in nearly two decades.


Andrew’s strong message of justice, ethics, and accountability is a refreshing change to the scandal-ridden incumbent, Devin Nunes, who hasn’t held a town hall since 2010 and hasn’t hosted a public event since Andrew jumped in the race in April of 2017. For more information on Andrew, please visit




Andrew Janz currently serves as a Violent Crimes Prosecutor for Fresno County. Raised by hard-working immigrant parents, Andrew grew up in Visalia and is a proud graduate of Redwood High. Andrew returned home to the Central Valley after law school to pursue justice and fight for his community as a Deputy District Attorney in Fresno County. Andrew and his wife Heather live in North Fresno with their two dogs Rachel and Robin.

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