10 Aug

Volunteers bring nearly 200 ‘slammed’ voters back to the Democratic Party

This weekend the FCDCC Campaign Services Committee coordinated a huge effort to contact Fresno-area Democrats who had their party affiliation changed without their approval just prior to last year’s Presidential Election.

FCDCC members, along with volunteers from Santa Cruz, San Francisco, and all over Fresno County, fanned out across targeted precincts to bring affected individuals back to their party of choice. Affected individuals had their party choice changed on voter registration forms without their knowledge, by a group paid to gather signatures on petitions for a variety of wedge issues. Called ‘slamming,’ this practice is indeed illegal.

One ‘slamming’ victim told FCDCC Chair Gary Alford that she remembered being approached about an abortion issue but was not told that her party affiliation would be changed.

The volunteers accomplished more than 190 changes in registration over the weekend. All of the people contacted expressed their surprise at being advised of their ‘new’ party affiliation and were pleased that this was brought to their attention.

This correction of party affiliation took 2.7 percent of the difference in registrations away from the Republicans and put those people back into the party they originally chose.

“It was a good weekend,” said FCDCC Campaign Services Committee Chair James Williams. “We’ll keep reaching out to these people and bring Fresno County back to the Democratic Party as is should be.”

Williams is already planning weekend pushes for November and for after the December holidays. Watch the FCDCC site for more information.

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08 Aug

President Obama’s weekly address: Necessary reform vs. absurd attacks

From our friends at

In his weekly address, President Obama calls health insurance reform critical to our nation’s long-term economic strength, and dispels the outlandish rumors being promoted by those who are defending the status quo.

If the viewscreen below is not visible, President Obama’s weekly address is available on YouTube at

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06 Aug

From the DNC: ‘Enough of the Mobs’

It’s not often that the Democratic Party recommends that we call the GOP. But this may be an appropriate time. Watch this video, produced by the DNC, about current Republican ‘mob tactics’ against healthcare reform.

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29 Jul

Gavin Newsom looks to the future in keynote address at Jefferson-Jackson Dinner July 29

Gavin Newsome, Gary Alford and Brenda Emerson at Jefferson-Jackson Dinner July 29Fresno County Democrats and aspiring candidates gathered July 29 for the annual Jefferson-Jackson Dinner, sponsored by the Fresno County Democratic Women’s Club. Gubernatorial Candidate San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom was the keynote speaker, and an array of candidates for local and regional and statewide offices addressed the crowd of nearly 200 attendees.

Newsom encouraged those in attendance to keep striving to improve California. “Our best days are not behind, but ahead of us,” he said. “Those who would say otherwise have forgotten the ideals that we Democrats hold as our core values and beliefs.”

During his address, Newsom spoke about a range of programs instituted during his tenure as Mayor of San Francisco, including:

  • Universal pre-school for all children in San Francisco;
  • Health care coverage for all citizens living in San Francisco; and
  • Raising the bar on cleaning up the environment, by setting standards which will represent a 20 percent rollback from the levels acceptable in 1990.

“Already, in the first year of the program we are at 6 percent below the 1990 levels,” he said. “This has been done without the anticipated loss of jobs by many of our opponents. In fact there has been an increase in ‘Green Collar’ jobs, which has meant increased revenues for the city and county.

“We have to set our priorities and go with what we, as Democrats, know are the right things to do, not settle for the easy things to accomplish,” he added.

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29 Jul

Healthcare horror story: A third-world scene, with an American setting

From FCDCC Chairman Gary Alford:

Here is a story about health care — or the lack of it — from one of the websites I follow. The piece is interesting and depressing at the same time, and calls attention to the need for meaningful health care reform right now. From

It was a Third World scene with an American setting. Hundreds of tired and desperate people crowded around an aid worker with a bullhorn, straining to hear the instructions and worried they might be left out.

Some had arrived at the Wise County Fairgrounds in Wise, Virginia, two days before. They slept in cars, tents and the beds of pickup trucks, hoping to be among the first in line when the gate opened Friday before dawn. They drove in from 16 states, anxious to relieve pain, diagnose aches and see and hear better.

“I came here because of health care – being able to get things that we can’t afford to have ordinarily,” explained 52-year-old Otis Reece of Gate City, Va., as he waited in a wheelchair beside his red F-150 pickup. “Being on a fixed income, this is a fantastic situation to have things done we ordinarily would put off.”

To read the full story, visit the website.

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