12 Aug

Rudy Salas for Assembly Kick-Off!

It is time to take back what was the 30th Assembly District (now the 32nd) and Democrat Rudy Salas, a Bakersfield City Councilman is just the candidate to do it!

Hanford is a short drive from Fresno or Tulare counties when you consider how important it is to take back this seat which is now open with David Valadao running for Congress.

Mark your calendars for this Tuesday evening, carpools from Fresno are available.

Where: Irwin Street Inn, 522 N. Irwin, Downtown Hanford
When: Tuesday, August 16, 5:30pm

Contact Matt Rogers:

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04 Aug

Decline to Sign Campaign Hiring in Fresno

Scouters and Educators

Terra Strategies seeks individuals for entry-level positions as
educators and scouts.
The campaign seeks to build a grassroots communication structure to
protect California’s workers.

• Help develop and oversee implementation of pre-coordinated field
• Scout signature collection locations for signature collectors
• Report any activity in your region
• Educate Californians about what they are signing
•Will be working long days and weekends

• Aggressive, detail oriented, and adaptive personality
• Ability to work under tight deadlines
• Strong time management skills
• Ability to work independently for long hours while maintaining good
• Must be comfortable with engaging supporters through street
• Must be willing to relocate to California
• Must have a reliable car, as the position requires travel

All employees will be salaried employees. Background checks will be
required before hiring

Start Date: ASAP

Salary: $75 per day + Gas

To apply, please Call 314.422.2151


–Prohibits Political Contributions by Payroll Deduction. Prohibitions
on Contributions to Candidates. Initiative Statute.
Summary Date: 05/25/11 | Circulation Deadline: 10/24/11 | Signatures
Required: 504,760
Proponent: Ashlee N. Titus (916) 442-7757

Restricts union political fundraising by prohibiting use of
payroll-deducted funds for political purposes. Same use restriction
would apply to payroll deductions, if any, by corporations or
government contractors. Permits voluntary employee contributions to
employer or union committees if authorized yearly, in writing.
Prohibits unions and corporations from contributing directly or
indirectly to candidates and candidate-controlled committees. Other
political expenditures remain unrestricted, including corporate
expenditures from available resources not limited by payroll deduction
prohibition. Limits government contractor contributions to elected
officers or officer-controlled committees. Summary of estimate by
Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state
and local government: Increased state implementation and enforcement
costs of up to hundreds of thousands of dollars annually, potentially
offset in part by revenues from fines. (11-0010.)–

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03 Aug

Happy Birthday President Obama

The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee would like to wish President Obama a very happy 50th birthday! Check out this statement from the LA County Democratic Party:

The Los Angeles County Democratic Party wishes President Barack Obama a very happy 50th birthday. Today we celebrate the accomplishments of the Obama administration by proudly reaffirming our support for the President and his hard work on behalf of the American people.

The President has made great strides moving America forward, despite conservative Republicans obstructing progress at every turn.  From day one, the Tea Party declared that their top priority would be making Barack Obama fail.  They are determined to unseat him – a goal they prize more than economic recovery, job creation, protecting Social Security and Medicare, and preparing our students to compete in the 21st century economy.

Even with Republicans consistently refusing to fulfill their basic duties to our country, President Obama has achieved many victories, including:

  • Pulling our economy back from the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression with slow but continuous growth in jobs and investments
  • Passing national healthcare reform (Affordable Care Act)
  • Repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (DADT)
  • Signing Dodd-Frank and creating the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
  • Protecting Social Security and Medicare from privatization and massive cuts

Los Angeles County Democratic Party Chair and California Democratic Party Vice-Chair Eric C. Bauman said:

“The obstacles Republicans have put in front of President Obama since the day he was sworn into office cannot be forgotten or understated. Obama has navigated these treacherous waters, not without setbacks, but always guiding our country towards real progress.  Time and again he has tried to reach across the aisle, only to have his hand slapped away.”

LACDP Regional Vice-Chair and CDP African American Caucus Chair Darren Parker echoed the sentiment stating:

“As we celebrate his birthday, we stand proudly with President Obama.  He has continued to fight for hope, change and strong Democratic principles, and we will continue to fight for him.”

Democratic National Committee rules forbid state and local Democratic Parties to endorse in presidential contests.”

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01 Aug

Former State Senator Florez Expresses Interest in Congressional Run

Former State Senator Florez expresses interest in congressional run News Blog:

The road from the state Legislature to Congress is well-worn for Valley politicians. It’s been taken by Democrats such as Jim Costa, Dennis Cardoza and Richard Lehman and Republicans Jeff Denham and Kevin McCarthy.

How about Dean Florez?

It might happen.

Florez served 12 years in the state Legislature — four in the Assembly and eight in the Senate — before being termed out last year.

Now, the California Citizens Redistricting Commission has proposed a congressional district on the Valley’s west side that would include Florez’s hometown of Shafter.
And Florez himself is expressing interest.

“Watching our current Congress take us to the brink of financial crisis at this late hour, I think any taxpayer who cares about our country should consider running in this newly created district,” he said Monday.

The seat looks an awful lot like the current one held by Costa, but all of urban Fresno has been removed from the district. That is the heart of Costa’s Democratic power base — as well as the location of his condo.

Now, Costa’s condo and Fresno’s southern half are in a proposed district that runs north through Madera County and takes in all of Merced County. Though Cardoza holds that seat, Costa is looking hard at it.

That move would leave Costa’s “old” district — now District 21, instead of 20 — open. Enter Florez.

It would be a challenge. The old district favored Democrats by 20 percentage points, and the new district would only favor them by 10 percentage points.

Republicans like those odds and already Hanford Assembly Member David Valadao has said he’s in.

But Florez said “I’ve never lost an election in the toughest of seats and beat an incumbent Republican assemblyman in a much major tougher seat in 1998. This seat is winnable for those experienced in representing swing districts.”

Earlier, Bakersfield Democrat Michael Rubio expressed interest in running for Congress, but didn’t come out and say he would seek the seat.

Florez now says issues such as accessible health care, clean air reauthorization and patent reform “will cause me to look very hard at this seat.”


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26 Jul

Enroll now in the CDC’s Leadership Training, scheduled Aug. 20 in Fresno

From the California Democratic Council comes this: A flyer inviting all interested Democrats to participate in their upcoming Democratic Leadership Training, scheduled 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 20, at the office of SEIU Local 521, 5228 E. Pine Ave., in Fresno.

For more information or to enroll, download the flyer at the following link:

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