13 Jun

Volunteers needed to walk, phone for Leticia Perez

LPLOGOWith the run-off election for SD 16 scheduled July 23, we need volunteers to phonebank and walk precincts for Democratic candidate Leticia Perez. Volunteers shifts are available at the following times:

Precinct walkers:

  • 4:30-7:30 p.m. Mondays through Fridays
  • 9:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturdays
  • 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Sundays.

Phone bankers:

  • 5-8 p.m. Mondays through Fridays

To volunteer, sign up via e-mail to or call (559) 513-0554.

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10 Jun

We Get Press: Bee says Measure G outcome could shift Fresno power

An interesting assessment, published in the Fresno Bee on June 8:

Fresno’s Measure G election is far from over, but within the twists and turns of unresolved ballot counting is this possibility: The political humiliation of Ashley Swearengin could be just around the corner.

The effect would be to shift power at City Hall to a City Council bloc with Democratic Party roots, a demonstrated fondness for labor and an oft-stated desire to raise taxes. That would be a huge turnaround in a city where the strong-mayor system gives most of City Hall’s power to Swearengin.

Read the full article on the Bee‘s website, at

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06 Jun

Possible Bylaws Change re changing Treasurer to Controller – For consideration at July 3 meeting

Announced and read at the FCDCC’s General Meeting June 5, the following change to the FCDCC Bylaws will be brought to vote at the next FCDCC Meeting July 3.


A. Subject to approval by the Executive Board may retain a professional accountant /treasurer who is a nonmember of This Committee. The accountant /treasurer is to prepare and file financial reports required by law. This position is responsible to ensure all financial reports required by the law be filed on time and those procedures fully compliant with Federal Election Commission (FEC). The California fair Political Practices Commission FPPC and any other relevant regulations.

B. The Controller shall be responsible to see that everything in A is followed.

C. The Controller shall receive and deposit all monies in the appropriate accounts and expend monies as stipulated by the authority of This Committee. (No Change)

D. The Controller shall allow any member to inspect the books with written request of one week’s notice.

E. The Controller shall present written Financial Summaries to This Committee on a quarterly basis and the executive Board at each of its regular meetings.

F. The Controller shall chair the Budget and Finance committee responsible for preparing a budget as set forth in ART. VII A. herein.

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06 Jun

Possible Bylaws Change re Club Chartering – For consideration at July 3 meeting

Announced and read at the FCDCC’s General Meeting June 5, the following change to the FCDCC Bylaws will be brought to vote at the next FCDCC Meeting July 3. The exact text of the possible change appears below in red.



1. All organizations that fall under Article X, Section A.1. and desire to be chartered by This Committee shall make application for such charter in writing. The application shall contain

a. The name of the organization;

b. A copy of the by-laws of the organization and, if applicable, its Articles of Incorporation, all of which must contain such provisions as This Committee may require;

c. The names, addresses and phone numbers of the organization’s officers,
which shall include as a minimum a chair and a treasurer;

d. The names, addresses and phone numbers of at least 20 of its members who are registered Democrats in Fresno County; and

e. Certification that each of its voting members is a registered Democrat or is a person devoted to the principles of the Democratic Party and ineligible to register as a voter because of inability to meet registration requirements. This paragraph Article XI.D.1.e. does not apply to college or high school Democratic clubs.

f. A chartering fee in the amount of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) per year for a club.

2. Annual renewal for chartering shall occur prior to March 31, or as otherwise stipulated.


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29 May

FCDCC adopts resolution in support of AB 880

At its June 5 General Meeting, the Fresno County Democratic Central Committee approved the following resolution in support of AB 880.

Resolution in support of AB 880

Whereas existing law establishes the Medi-Cal program which is in part governed by Medicaid regulations and the Federal Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act requires applicable large employers as defined to offer full-time employees and their dependents to enroll in minimum essential insurance coverage to have been enrolled in a qualified program to pay a fee to the Employment Development Department for those employees who are enrolled in Medi-Cal based on the fee that would have been paid for basic essential insurance; and

Whereas it is good public policy to insure that large employers take responsibility for the health and welfare of their employees by providing such benefits as health insurance not at the public expense;

Be it resolved that the Fresno County Democratic Central Committee support proposed legislation AB 880 and communicate support to the bill’s offer and all local area legislators who will be voting on this bill as required.



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