27 Sep

WFDC Candidates Forum: 10/06/18-Your Message to the Grassroots

Hello, Candidates:

 In this busy midterm election season it is difficult to carve out time for one more event. However, the West Fresno

Democratic Club hopes that you will do just that.


WFDC’s forum is to be a bit different than most. Our moderator, Rev Dr Floyd Harris, will keep things moving and

invite the public to ask important questions about: police brutality, environmental racism, sub-par schools, the school

to prison pipeline, crushing poverty, homelessness, and office holder accountability.


The forum will be held at New Light for New Life Church, 1106 West Woodward, from 10 am to 1 pm. Refreshments

will be provided.


These issues are important to Southwest Fresno and the greater Fresno area. We sincerely hope you can attend.



Thanking You In Advance,


Aline Reed

President, West Fresno Democratic Club

(559) 470-517

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27 Sep

Stand Together

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Shortly, Dr. Blasey Ford will begin her testimony.  For me, and perhaps for you, the past few weeks listening to this administration and this Congress have painfully reinforced the ways they seek to discredit and demean women. 

I know that as many of you have shared your stories of assault, and as you have supported your friends and family members who have come forward, you have experienced doubt and disdain. Thank you for speaking out and for supporting others.

We know that women’s claims of assault are too often dismissed, yet we also see men thanked for coming forward when speaking of their abuse by priests (for example). We need to thank the courageous women — and men — all over our country who are coming forth now and sharing their histories of abuse, and we need to commit to doing whatever we can to stop this violence.

We also see the ‘leaders’ on the Judiciary Committee delegating what can only be called an interrogation of Dr. Blasey Ford to, as Mitch McConnell says, ‘a female assistant’. Are they protecting her, sensitive to her trauma and that experienced in the past by Anita Hill? No, they are protecting their seats, because they don’t want to look like they are attacking the victim. Despicable.

This is not acceptable. Nor is Brett Kavenaugh acceptable as a Supreme Court Justice. He is not fit to serve on any bench, in my opinion. And yes, we are all innocent until proven guilty, but this is also about the character of someone who will serve on the Supreme Court for a lifetime.

The claims — from the initial and brave disclosure by Dr. Blasey Ford, to the statement by his freshman college roommate about his excessive drinking— to the new revelations coming out with more frequency as women weigh the importance of sharing their stories with the pain of exposing themselves and their families to the aggressive attacks that Dr. Ford is experiencing — are alarming.

My heart goes out to all of you who are suffering as a result of abuse you or your loved ones experienced. May this be a new era of accountability for those who abuse and assault women and children — and anyone. The statistics are alarming, and the impact is lifelong for the victims.

Keep fighting. I’m right there with you. 

In solidarity,

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Delaine Eastin

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27 Sep

FW: Gandhi Birthday 2018-1.pdf


Three Main Events

First two events held on Wednesday, October 3, 2018

1. At Table Mountain Rancheria Reading Room, 3rd Floor, Henry Madden Library

6:00 pm Registration and Refreshments
6:30 pm Forum for Inclusion, Respect and Equity Community Keynote Presentation by:

Sally Kohn, Author of “The Opposite of Hate”
(In collaboration with President’s Commission on Human Relations and Equity)

2. Peace Garden at Fresno State

7:30 pm Community celebration includes: -Invocation

-Proclamation by Dr. Joseph I. Castro, President, Fresno State -Garlanding ceremony. Joined by Sally Kohn and other dignitaries – Raging Grannies
-Pledge against Hate and Violence
-Candlelight vigil for World Peace
-Remarks by students of Pax 110 class
-Acknowledgements and adjournment

3. Photo Exhibition on Life of Gandhi 1st floor of the Henry Madden Library starting October 1 through October 7, 2018

For more information contact: Dr. Kapoor at 559.435.2212,
Cross Cultural and Gender Center at Fresno State 559.278.4435, Trabajadores de la Raza, at Fresno State 559.278.6851, Peace and Conflict Studies Program, Fresno State 559.278.2621, Indian Students Club 559.862.9663 or 319.331.3040

Supported by: President’s Commission on Human Relations and Equity, ASI, Gandhi MemorialEducation Fund, United Hindu Coalition of Central California, USU Productions

Persons with disabilities needing special accommodations please contact Dr. Kapoor (info noted above) Fresno State is a 100 percent smoke –free vapor-free campus
Parking code: 629930

Please join us on Oct.3 at Fresno State and confirm your attendance. We look forward to your attendance.Thanks for your support. PEACE.


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26 Sep

Eleanor Roosevelt’s Birthday Luncheon

Fresno County Democratic Women’s Club

Invites You to
Our Annual Celebration of

Eleanor Roosevelt ‘s Birthday“A Real Deal – a Legacy”

October 27, 2018 – Saturday 11:30 am- 2:00 pm

Santa Fe Basque Restaurant and Bar, 3110 N Maroa Ave. Fresno 93704 (Corner of Shields and Maroa)

Cost: $50.00 per person
Family Style Lunch, Fun and silent and live Auction await you

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25 Sep

Standing in solidarity with survivors

Fellow Democrats, 


Today, people across the country wore black in solidarity with the survivors of sexual assault, most notably Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, and walked out of their jobs in protest of the shameful way our society treats sexual assault survivors. 


Dr. Blasey Ford’s accusations against Brett Kavanaugh have thrown his nomination to the Supreme Court in jeopardy – to say nothing of implicating him as a perjurer. But today’s demonstration wasn’t about the Supreme Court or Brett Kavanaugh.


Today’s demonstration was about Dr. Blasey Ford, and the tens of millions of women and men like her who survive sexual assault, only to be met with skepticism and outright attacks when they come forward to tell their stories and seek justice.


Let’s be absolutely clear: there is never a time when sexual assault is okay.


There is never a time when “boys will be boys” is an acceptable excuse for sexual assault, and there’s never been a locker room where talking about sexual assault is acceptable.


Most importantly, there has never been a more critical moment for Democrats to speak out for, and proudly stand with, survivors of sexual assault. 





With the way shameful way Republican elected officials have treated Dr. Blasey Ford, and responded to the #MeToo movement in general, it’s absolutely clear that Democrats must retake Congress to ensure that survivors of sexual assault receive the support and justice they deserve. 


Thank you to everyone who took part in today’s demonstration – and to the Democratic candidates and elected officials who are fighting hard to create a society where sexual assault is never tolerated, and where survivors are given the support and respect they deserve. 


Democratically Yours, 



Eric C. Bauman, RN, Chair
California Democratic Party

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25 Sep

New Devin Nunes ad

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Dear Fresno,

With 6 weeks to go until Election Day, we have launched a new round of ads holding Devin Nunes accountable for living the high life on his donors’ dime — spending $40,000 on lavish five-star trips to Vegas and $15,000 for Boston Celtics tickets!

Please donate today so we can keep these ads running for the next six weeks. We’ve never been closer to unseating Devin Nunes than we are today but we can’t make it happen without your support.


While voters in CA-22 were begging the congressman to come back to Fresno to hold a town hall meeting, Nunes was off blowing special interest cash on fancy trips and limousine rides. Farmers are getting burned by a trade war with China, but Devin Nunes is spending his time everywhere but in the district.


When we launched Fight Back CA back in June 2017, we promised to hold House Republicans accountable for not representing the values and needs of their constituents. That’s what we’ve been doing for the past 126 days in Devin Nunes’ district, so we can flip CA-22 from red to blue and take back the House on November 6.


As Election Day approaches, we hope you will continue to support our fight to save our democracy, get rid of Trump’s primary enabler, and win back a Democratic majority in Congress.


With only six weeks to go, please contribute what you can today. We are in the final stretch and need you on our side.


Thank you for your support and keep fighting!

Hon. Ellen Tauscher
Fight Back CA

Paid for by Fight Back California,, and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

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25 Sep

Online Donations for Sun-Maid Workers!


Fresno, Madera, Tulare & Kings AFL-CIO

Thursday, September 24, 2018



Donate to Sun-Maid Workers Today!



Union and Community Members,

An online account has been developed to keep our sisters and brothers at Sun-Maid Raisins strong in their fight for affordable healthcare!




More than 500 workers were forced off the job during peak raisin season at one of the Valley’s largest multi-billion dollar companies. The new CEO at Sun-Maid Raisins is defining the value of his employees by the cost of their healthcare, not their production and years of service. He is determined to break the workers spirits by refusing to give them affordable healthcare heading into the holiday season. Now he is sending propaganda to the workers suggesting that they decertify the Teamsters union from representing them. 



– Teamsters 431

Bring food, water and supplies to help feed the workers holding the line @ 13525 S Bethel Ave, Kingsburg, CA 93631



Fresno, Madera, Tulare & Kings AFL-CIO
(559) 275-1151
3485 W Shaw Ave # 101 Fresno, CA 93711

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