05 Sep

FCDCC Chair Alford addresses healthcare reform, President’s school speech in Fresno media

Gary Alford, Chairman of the Fresno County Democratic Central Committee (FCDCC), found himself in demand this week as he addressed healthcare reform and President Obama’s speech to schoolchildren this week, in two separate media appearances in Fresno.

First, Gary was a guest Aug. 31 on KYNO-AM’s ‘Bill McEwen Radio Show,’ where the day’s topic was healthcare reform. On the show, Gary defended the need for meaningful healthcare reform while debating Michael Der Manouel, Republican Party activist and President of the Der Manouel Insurance Group in Fresno.

To hear Gary’s debate from Monday’s Bill McEwen Show, visit the following links. The episode is available in MP3 format, and is split into four segments:

Next, ABC-30 TV in Fresno asked Gary to share his thoughts about right wingers objecting to President Obama’s speech to schoolchildren, scheduled this week. ABC-30 ran the report as part of its newscast Friday, Sept. 4.

Read the report or watch the video, courtesy of the ABC-30 TV website. (Be advised: ABC-30 attaches a commercial to the beginning of the video.)

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04 Sep

Join us Sept. 12 at a BBQ fundraiser for the West Fresno Democratic Club

The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee invites you to support the West Fresno Democratic Club at its Barbecue Fundraiser, scheduled 10 a.m.-8 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 12, at 1267 N. Fresno St., near the corner of Fresno and Olive Streets just north of downtown.

The menu features combination plates of delicious chicken, pork spare ribs, hot links, potato salad and green beans, available for $12 each. Sodas will also be available for $1 each; preorders and prepayment are encouraged.

To preorder, call (559) 453-0935 or (559) 260-1937. When preordering, please provide your name, telephone number, and the number of dinners you would like. We hope to see you there!

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02 Sep

More than 200 participate in energetic rally Sept. 1 supporting meaningful healthcare reform

Several members of the Fresno County Democratic Central Committee expressed their support for meaningful healthcare reform at a rally held Sept. 1 in downtown Fresno. Here’s a rally recap from our friends at Volunteers For Change-Fresno:

Nearly 200 energetic and vocal supporters of meaningful healthcare reform rejected the politics of fear and made their voices heard at a very successful ‘Congressional Send-Off Rally for Healthcare Reform,’ held Sept. 1 at the Amtrak Station in downtown Fresno.

In the midst of the healthcare-reform battle, Volunteers For Change-Fresno banded together with Organizing For America, and a number of other groups, with the purpose of giving our Congressional representatives — especially Rep. Jim Costa and Sen. Diane Feinstein — a powerful reminder that we support meaningful healthcare reform with a strong public option.

Participants also filled two suitcases with stories about how the healthcare crisis has hurt them or their families, suitcases to be delivered to the offices of Rep. Costa and Sen. Feinstein.

As expected, a small crowd of approximately 15 Tea Partiers also showed up, conducting a small and mostly quiet counter-rally near ours. But despite a number of rude interruptions by the Tea Partiers — those interruptions coming primarily from a solitary TPer employing a megaphone specifically to disrupt the pro-reform rally — their voices and taunts were no match for the resolve of the participating supporters of meaningful reform.

If the viewscreen above is not visible, V4CF’s rally recap video is also available on YouTube at

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31 Aug

Congressional Send-Off demonstration happening tomorrow, Sept. 1, at downtown Fresno Amtrak station

To ensure our Congressional representatives don’t forget about their constituents’ support for meaningful healthcare reform, a number of other organizations will be hosting a Congressional Send-Off demonstration, scheduled 4:30-6 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 1, at the Amtrak station in downtown Fresno.

While there is no indication any of our Representatives or Senators have placed the event on their calendars, the intent is to hold a live, positive demonstration reminding our representatives that we support meaningful healthcare reform with a strong public option. As such, participants are invited to bring signs, chants and energy to devote to this effort.

If you attend:

  • Avoid parking in Amtrak lots, because two trains are scheduled to arrive while the rally is under way and we don’t want to negatively impact Amtrak passengers. Street parking is available nearby; consider bringing change for meters.
  • We’ll be packing Rep. Costa’s suitcase with information about the benefits his CD-20 constituents will receive when they pass healthcare reform with a strong public option. We’ll also be reminding him of the components we’re seeking in healthcare reform. Similar information will be shared with Sen. Feinstein.
  • Please also bring personal stories and photographs that we can pack in a suitcase of memories to help our representatives remember why their constituents need them to fight for health reform. V4CF volunteers wearing red baseball caps will be moving through the crowd, collecting personal healthcare stories that will be “packed” for Rep. Costa and Sen. Feinstein at the end of the rally.
  • Participants will be encouraged to show their support for healthcare reform and the public option and they will also be encouraged to support Sen. Feinstein and Rep. Costa when they cast votes for these options.
  • The tone of this event is to be supportive and positive about healthcare reform, not to be negative about the evolving positions of any of our representatives. So please, leave the Lipton, the ‘Blue Dog bones’ and any other such negative reinforcement at home.

Want to attend? RSVP on Organizing For America’s sign-up page. We hope to see you there!

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31 Aug

Gary Alford to be a guest on the Bill McEwen radio show today, Aug. 31

FCDCC Chair Gary AlfordThis just in: FCDCC Chair Gary Alford is scheduled to be a guest on the Bill McEwen Radio Show, scheduled noon-1 p.m. today, Aug. 31, on KYNO-AM, 1300 on the AM dial. The day’s topic will be healthcare reform, and joining Gary as a guest will be Michael Der Manouel, President of the Der Manouel Insurance Group here in Fresno.

Tune in and call in! The phone number for listeners to call in is (559) 499-1300.

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30 Aug

Why we need healthcare reform. Simplified.

From the wires at YouTube: A very simple explanation of why we need meaningful healthcare reform now.

Scroll down to view, and enjoy. But more important, call your Representatives and Senators today to tell them you support a strong public option as part of healthcare reform. They are:


George Radanovich – District 19
Local: (559) 449-2490
Washington, D.C.: (202) 225-4540

Jim Costa – District 20
Local: (559) 495-1620
Washington, D.C.: (202) 225-3341

Devin Nunes – District 21
Local: (559) 323-5235
Washington D.C.: (202) 225-2523


Diane Feinstein
Local: (559) 485-7430
Washington, D.C.: (202) 224-3841

Barbara Boxer
Local: (559) 497-5109
Washington, D.C.: (202) 224-3553

If the viewscreen below is not visible, this simple explanation can be viewed directly on YouTube at

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30 Aug

How healthcare reform would help those in our four local Congressional districts

Need specifics on how healthcare reform would help those in your Congressional district? The U.S. House of Representatives has made available a series of one-sheet recaps, detailing how the healthcare reform proposals under consideration would affect those in your district.

Want the specifics? Click on your U.S. Representative’s name below to download the one-sheet for your district. (You’ll need Adobe Reader to view the files.)

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