05 Sep

Stronger Together This Labor Day


Today is the day we set aside to honor the struggles and achievements of working men and women and the labor movement. For this one day, we make workers the focus of our attention – not the business owners, the products or the profits. We simply say thank you to those who do what needs to be done to make our nation work.

Today is also the time honored marker beginning the home stretch for the election season, when voters start to tune in and focus. And this year we have more exciting possibilities and serious risks than at almost any time in modern California history.

With an unhinged, xenophobic, misogynistic, narcissistic, demagogue at the top of the Republican ticket, and with his crony candidates running for office at every level of government, Democrats must take this election with extreme seriousness. Defeat would be no laughing matter!

Trump and those who support his agenda are a frightening spectacle of selfishness, greed, hate and untethered anger, lashing out in all directions and praying for a return to the so-called “good old days.” But we know those days were good only for a thin slice of America, and that’s why Democrats must stand united in the battles ahead. We must go all out in the fight to regain the two-thirds super-majority in the Legislature, grow the size of our Congressional delegation, and elect strong Democrats to local office all the way down the ballot.

As I have for many years, I’ve been traveling up and down our great Golden State, meeting with candidates and working with County Parties and local activists.  I’ve witnessed firsthand the energy, enthusiasm and commitment we need to win big, and I know we can do this.

As the clock ticks ever-faster towards Election Day, it’s critical that we turn up the heat on Donald Trump and his Republican Party and reject their narrow, selfish, hate-filled, anti-worker agenda. As an important call to action, I ask everyone to use the hashtag #CADemocratsTogether when you tweet or post about the election, so we can share our ideas and collaborate more effectively across our state.

Remember, an injury to one is an injury to all. Let’s have a victory for all.


Eric C. Bauman

Vice-Chair, California Democratic Party

Chair, Los Angeles County Democratic Party

P.S. As Vice Chair of the California Democratic Party, I always make myself available to speak at local Party and campaign events across the state, and to help with problem resolution and campaign planning. If you have an upcoming event, feel free to email me at

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04 Sep

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Epi-pen – The real cost of a life saving device?

Dear Supporter,

Unless treated immediately, a simple bee sting, or an unintended peanut, can result in death in certain allergic individuals. Treatment must begin before transport to the Emergency Room.

In this life-threatening situation, an immediate injection of epinephrine (adrenalin) can literally save a life. The Epi-Pen, or similar device, allows at risk individuals to save their own lives, or that of a loved one, before traveling to an ER for further stabilization.

Americans are now shocked to see that the sticker price of the Epi-Pen 2-pak has just skyrocketed to $600. This is outrageous.  A vial, with the same amount of epinephrine, can be purchased by medical professionals in a clinical setting for less than $4.

The  “Epi-kit,” I carry in my travel first aid kit costs me less than $5 – the Epi vial $4, and less than a dollar for a needle and syringe.

This price gouging by big Pharma must stop. Lives are being put at risk for pure profit.  As a doctor, I have spent my life administering these critical medicines and I understand the methods that drug companies are using to try to fool the American people.

We are smarter than that!   This election could not be more important to the health and well being of us all.  The spike in the cost of the Epi-pen, as well as other medications, is a good example of how critical it is for Congress to focus on the needs of the people now!

Help elect me to Congress and I will fight to bring drug costs back to earth.



Campaign Schedule

 We are starting a Ten To Win Tour.  Beginning in Alpine County on September 7 and ending on September 20 in Fresno County, I will be visiting communities in all 10 counties in District 4.  Go to our website and Face Book to see a detailed itinerary.  Join us in your community for a meet and greet and tell me about your concerns.

Check our schedule and join our Campaign at:

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I will be speaking in Rocklin at the CARA Candidate forum on September 14. Details on this Website

Join Our Campaign

Your financial help is truly appreciated.

You are the engine of our grassroots campaign.

Can you donate $5, $10 or more today?


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04 Sep

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September 4, 2016

New Leadership in Place for Local Democrats

FRESNO—At the August meeting of the Fresno County Democratic Central Committee (FCDCC), Michael D. Evans was reelected chair of the local Democratic Party for a fourth term. Evans also chairs the California Democratic Party’s Federation of Democratic Central Committee Members and serves on the Executive Board of the Democratic State Central Committee.

“Our immediate focus is on electing Democrats in November,” says Evans. “With an infusion of new members and the renewed enthusiasm of our returning members, we are poised for an aggressive get-out-the-vote effort.”

Other officers elected were Bob Jones of Sanger as first vice chair, Magdalena Gomez of Parlier as second vice chair, Jeni Kren of Clovis as secretary and Estella Kessler of Selma as controller.

“We have a competent, creative and committed leadership team,” said Evans. “And the representation of multiple cities throughout the county on our team is the best it has ever been.”

The FCDCC officers are elected following the central committee election, which takes place in presidential election years for a four-year term. An FCDCC district mirrors a Board of Supervisors district, and three of the five districts had contested races on this year’s June ballot, including a record 12 candidates for six seats in District 2.

The Fresno County Democratic Party has its headquarters at 1035 U Street in downtown Fresno and is hosting the official Coordinated Campaign for Fresno County Democrats in this election cycle. To learn more about Fresno County Democrats, contact 559-495-0606 or or visit or

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03 Sep

Fresno Mayoral Candidate Forum


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03 Sep

You are invited!


As you all know there is a VERY important race before us here in the City of Fresno. For the first time since 1986, we have the opportunity to have a Democrat mayor and someone that has a track record fighting for working families. Let’s make history this November and help us elect Supervisor Perea as the next Fresno Mayor.

Also, lets remember he is the ONLY candidate that has been a champion for neighborhoods south of Fresno, the most vulnerable, and has been a lead on the High Speed Rail project in our city.  He is the ONLY one that has a vision to help build a state of the art HSR Station in Downtown, which will bring additional good paying jobs and help revitalize the area. Working together we will continue to build a better future in Fresno for ALL families!!

Community Fundraiser to Support Supervisor Perea for Fresno Mayor

Gazebo Gardens (Fresno High Area)

3204 N Van Ness Blvd, Fresno, CA 93704

Tuesday, September 13th

5:30PM – 7:30PM



Make checks payable to:

Perea 4 Mayor 2016, FPPC#1383345

P.O. Box 4529

Fresno, CA 93744


If you are unable to attend, you can mail a check or donate online at:

These contributions are SO important because it will help #TeamPerea continue their grassroots campaign and ensure a win in November!

We can do this together as a community! Let’s make history!

P.S. He would be the first Latino to be Mayor in the history of our city.

Your Friend,


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