22 Dec

Alex Padilla – Hope: From My Family To Yours



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22 Dec

Kamala Harris – My committee assignments


Before the polls closed on Election Day, I wrote to you and said, “We are at a pivotal moment in our history, and we must all look in the mirror with furrowed brow to ask that question — who are we?”

Despite the results of the presidential election, I still believe that answer is a good one.

While the fight for justice and equality has become more urgent, this is still a nation founded on the ideas of liberty and equality for all — and we will not give in at a time when so many Californians and Americans are uncertain about the future of our country. I will unrelentingly fight for our families and our values, and I know you will too, Fresno Dem club.

With that in mind, I want to share an update with you that will shape our work in the coming years.

This week, we learned that I will serve on four committees in the Senate — Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, Select Committee On Intelligence, Environment and Public Works Committee, and the Committee On Budget.

I’m proud to have had a long career as a prosecutor protecting public safety and defending immigrants and refugees. On the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, I will be on the frontline of immigration enforcement action in the Congress. Here in California, I fought to pass laws that protect immigrant victims of crime and illegal retaliation for undocumented immigrants who report crimes. And during our campaign, I was a leading voice for increasing — not stopping — the number of asylum seekers our country accepts from Syria and other war-torn countries.

On the Select Committee On Intelligence, I will be able to put my experience as a prosecutor to work fighting for smarter approaches to intelligence and law enforcement strategies. Much of my work as Attorney General focused on fighting cybercrime, and in fact, my office created the largest e-crime unit in the nation, including a privacy enforcement and protection unit within the California Attorney General’s office.

Throughout my career, I’ve defended California’s landmark climate change protections while prosecuting Big Oil companies and corporate polluters. On the Environment and Public Works Committee, I will be able to continue this work while fighting for $59 billion in unmet transportation needs we have in California, which will fuel long-term economic growth through infrastructure investments.

Fighting to protect programs such as Obamacare and Medicare will be one of my top priorities in the U.S. Senate, and as a member of the Committee On Budget, I will be fighting for the funding these programs require to operate. As Attorney General, I’ve defended the Affordable Care Act from legal challenges and expanded health care access for Californians. I will keep prioritizing access to comprehensive, affordable health care and lead the resistance against any short-sighted legislation intended to gut our social contract for future generations.

And of course, I will continue to do my job as your Attorney General until I take the oath of office and we will work hard to ensure a smooth transition for the people of California with my successor.

No state in the Union can have a larger impact on the direction of our country’s future than California, and I am honored to serve as your representative in Washington on these committees, fighting for the issues that matter most to us as Californians and Americans.

This is a moment that we must use to rededicate ourselves to the cause of justice, equality, and tolerance while building a coalition for progress. I hope you’ll stay involved as we move forward and continue to be a part of shaping our nation’s future.

Thanks again for everything you do.

Fight on,


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21 Dec

Happy Holidays from Esmeralda Soria


Dear Friend,

There is so much to be thankful for this holiday season. I am blessed to have family and friends that support the work we do everyday to improve the lives of people living in our community. Thank you for helping us make 2016 a success.

Wishing you happiness, health and joy this holiday season and a happy new year.



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20 Dec

Court Upholds Commissioner Jones Order Reducing State Farm Rates

This week we won another major battle for consumers.

Earlier this year, after considering the evidence and actuarial analysis submitted at a public hearing, I ordered State Farm to reduce its excessive residential insurance rates by an average of 7%, saving consumers $84 Million annually.

I also ordered State Farm to rebate $110 Million in excessive rates they had collected. State Farm sued me to challenge both orders and to undermine Proposition 103’s consumer protections from excessive insurance rates.

The superior court rejected State Farm’s request for a stay of my order reducing excessive rates State Farm imposed on consumers. This means my order remains in effect saving consumers $84 Million annually. The court stayed my rebate order pending trial, but told State Farm to keep track of consumers eligible for the rebates. I am confident we will ultimately prevail at trial because the law and the facts are on our side.

Regardless of the number of lawsuits insurers file, I will continue to defend consumers’ rights to be free from excessive insurance rates. And consumers’ rights to a rebate of excessive rates.

Thank you for the privilege of serving as Insurance Commissioner.


Insurance Commissioner

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19 Dec

Investigate the Election


The Electoral College met to‌day in Sacramento to deliver California’s 55 electoral votes to Hillary Clinton, who won the popular vote here by 30 points — the largest margin of victory since 1936.

While fulfilling their constitutional duty, electors took a stand to support a bipartisan congressional investigation of Russian interference in the election. The evidence of a state-sponsored cyber-attack on the Democratic Party and members of Congress is chilling.

Send a message to members of Congress to urge them to convene an independent, bipartisan commission to investigate Russian interference in our presidential election.

Any attack on our country demands a unified response. Since the national intelligence report concluding that Russia was behind the hacking, only a few Republicans in the House and Senate have joined Democrats’ calls for a complete investigation.

The integrity of our elections and the security of our nation are at stake. Republican refusal to break from Donald Trump on this issue is unacceptable and cowardly — we need to stand together as Americans.

Will you send a message to members of Congress asking them to convene an independent, bipartisan commission to investigate foreign interference in our presidential election?

Thank you for making your voice heard.

The CADEM Team


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