25 Oct

Ramping up 📈

The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


Our campaign is ramping up with new supporters every day, and we invite you to check out the latest endorsements and updates we’ve made at

You can use our website stay up to date with what’s happening in Dr. Ed’s campaign to be the next Lieutenant Governor of California, find out about our latest endorsements, view our videos, and see what we’re up to on social media. We made some recent changes to make the site even more user-friendly and accessible, so we hope you’ll take a look!

And if you like the new site, we hope you’ll take a moment to make a donation to fuel our campaign while you’re there.

Thanks for your support,
Team Dr. Ed

Dr. Ed is running to be the next Lt. Governor of California to build on the progress he’s made in the California Assembly and Senate, bring people together, and get things done. California has a real opportunity to send Washington a message: we’re going to put in the work to remain a beacon of hope and progress, with fairness, equality, and economic justice.



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25 Oct

Obamacare isn’t about Barack at all

Join us.

Republicans are doing everything they can to sabotage Obamacare.

When I think about Obamacare, I think about my wife, Ann Marie, and our three kids. I think about the children all across this country and the parents caring for them. I think about the brave men and women who’ve shared their personal stories of how access to affordable care has changed their lives. I think about you.

But when our current president thinks about “Obamacare,” he only sees another opportunity to undo President Obama’s legacy.

He doesn’t consider for a second the millions of families who count on the ACA for quality, affordable care. He doesn’t care about women who, before the ACA, faced higher premiums simply because of their gender. He doesn’t think about children who are born with a life-threatening illness and, without protections for pre-existing conditions, could be forced to pay astronomical rates for the rest of their lives.

But Democrats in Congress and all over the country are doing everything we can to save and protect Obamacare — we’re doing it for the millions of Americans who are counting on it.

Thank you,


Tom Perez
Democratic National Committee

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