26 Oct

Your Lieutenant Governor

The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


I’m running for Lieutenant Governor because I’m dedicated to maintaining California as a beacon of hope and progress during a time when the Trump administration seems dead-set on turning back the clock on Americans.

Can you pitch in today to help us win this campaign? Make a contribution now.

Now, you might be wondering: what can a Lieutenant Governor do to stand up to Trump and protect our progress? Well, here are just a few examples:

Our Lieutenant Governor plays a key role in:

  • Fighting back against Trump when he attacks our California values and our local communities
  • Championing job creation efforts to expand our middle class economy, while standing in solidarity with working people
  • Protecting our state’s environment and natural resources
  • Ensuring affordable and accessible higher education for everyone
  • Serving as a bold, forceful voice for healthcare for all

If we’ve learned anything from Washington this year, it’s that you want the right person breaking the tie on important votes.

That’s why California families need to know their next Lieutenant Governor will be someone who’s always in their corner — and I will be that person.

Will you help me get there by making a contribution of $5, $10, $25, or more today?


Together, we’re going to make sure California keeps setting the standard for equality and progress in this country.

Thanks for everything you do,

Dr. Ed

Dr. Ed is running to be the next Lt. Governor of California to build on the progress he’s made in the California Assembly and Senate, bring people together, and get things done. California has a real opportunity to send Washington a message: we’re going to put in the work to remain a beacon of hope and progress, with fairness, equality, and economic justice.


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26 Oct

Completely vaporized…

The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


I had the opportunity to tour parts of the devastation caused by the Northern California wildfires, and I want to thank Sonoma Supervisor James Gore for bringing me to see the stunning aftermath firsthand.

It was shocking to see entire neighborhoods – like Coffey Park – almost completely vaporized. 8,400 homes and buildings have been destroyed. Hundreds of families lost everything, yet the community has banded together to help those most in need. It was also very inspiring to hear about the response of local, state and federal government officials, all of whom are cooperating in the aftermath of this disaster, and are there to help start the process of cleaning up and rebuilding.


Watch a video on my visit to Sonoma County here.

As someone who spent 18 years in the housing industry – building communities and delivering affordable homes – I know areas affected by the fires can rebuild.

But we must also prepare for future disasters by ensuring that emergency plans include ways to safely evacuate seniors, low-income families, people with disabilities, and others who are the most vulnerable.

As Lt. Governor, disaster preparedness and strengthening our emergency response systems will be a top priority. There is nothing more important than protecting the public safety of all Californians.

Our hearts are with all of those affected. Learn more on how you can help victims of the Northern California fires at:




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