02 Jul

Fresno County Democrats – Supreme Court Attempts to Handicap American Labor

For Immediate Release

July 2, 2018

Supreme Court Attempts to Handicap American Labor


U.S. labor unions were hit hard by the Supreme Court last week in its Janus v. American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) ruling. By law, Americans cannot be forced to join or pay full dues to labor unions, even in firms that are union shops and covered by collective bargaining agreements hammered out between employers and unions. (more…)

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02 Jul

I am proud to share this incredible news

Join us.

Today I am proud to say that the DNC crushed June’s online fundraising goal — in fact, June was our best online fundraising month in nearly four years! Thanks to support from hundreds of thousands of Democrats this year, our party has raised more from grassroots donors through the first half of 2018 than we have in the first half of any year since 2014 — including last year, when Trump was inaugurated.

You may remember early 2017 as a time when millions of people around the country were taking action for the first time to resist the newly formed Trump administration. Pundits and skeptics had a lot of questions about whether grassroots Democrats would be able to keep up that level of enthusiasm — whether we’d become numb to the horrors of the Trump presidency, get discouraged, and stop fighting back. Well, this year’s grassroots fundraising numbers show that Democrats are not only matching that level of enthusiasm — we are exceeding it. (more…)

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02 Jul

An important reminder from 2009

*** No candidate for U.S. Senate has been endorsed by the CDP ***

This week the Supreme Court sided with corporate billionaires to threaten hardworking families in California; an outright attack on unions that reminds me of a story from 2009, when Democrats controlled the government.

At the time, our objective was to move transformative legislation before Midterm elections threatened our majority.

We made an enormous push to make life better for every working family in America. That meant making it easier to form unions with the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), to provide economic justice and equality for workers.

It was co-sponsored by a wide range of Democrats in both chambers.

But after supporting it on the campaign trail, when it came time to pass legislation, Senator Dianne Feinstein said it was suddenly “too divisive.”

Senator Feinstein led the fight to scuttle EFCA, proposing a “compromise” that kept the scales balanced toward bosses and employers.

Imagine 9 years of organizing under fair rules in the private sector. It would have made the Janus hit a lot easier to absorb. Instead, private sector unionization rates have continued to slide southward, taking political and economic power for workers with it.

I know things look bleak right now. But future opportunities to protect workers will exist.

I promise you this: I won’t scuttle laws to strengthen unions. I’ll champion them each day I’m in office.

That’s the kind of State Senator I’ve been, and it’s the kind of US Senator I pledge to be. It’s the very least that Californians deserve.


If you agree, please chip in whatever you can afford to my campaign before our critical June 30th end of quarter deadline:






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02 Jul

Your CDP Weekly Update

Weekly Update – 6.29.18

It’s been another productive week for Your CDP Team. See below for a recap of this week’s activities. 

AD 76 Candidates Show Democrats Growing More United

Earlier today, CDP Chair Eric C. Bauman announced an agreement between the Democrats in AD 76 to not seek the CDP Endorsement.

The Assembly race in this coastal North County district in San Diego was one of the biggest surprises from the Primary – for all the fretting about Democrats getting locked out in the Congressional districts, we ended up being the winners of a Republican shut-out in the seat being vacated by Rocky Chavez, and adding California to the already swelling list of legislative districts that Democrats have captured over the past 18 months.

Kudos to both candidates for putting the unity of the Party and their voters first! Read our full statement here.

Thank the Good Lord for Ruth Bader Ginsburg

This week at the Supreme Court sucked. Have a nice glass of wine (Opus is a favorite of The Notorious R.B.G.) and read up on Jackie Rosen and Krysten Sinema, our candidates for US Senate in Nevada and Arizona. The long, hard, painful road of retaking the Court begins with winning these two crucial seats in November.

CDP is Hiring!

As we gear up for the General Election, one of Chair Bauman’s top priorities is community engagement. We’re launching an unprecedented investment in community engagement and outreach – as part of that effort, CDP is seeking talented organizers who can work to activate, motivate, and mobilize voters to make the Big Blue Wave a reality this November.

We’re hiring several key positions,  including an organizer for Rural California. Click here to view our current job openings. Please feel free to forward and circulate to your contacts!

Executive Board Preview

The CDP Executive Board will be meeting in Oakland the weekend of July 13-15 at the Oakland Marriott.

Due to strong demand for tickets, we’ve added space to the Luncheon. Were very pleased with the response to our keynote speaker, Stephen Philips, author of Brown is the New White. This is going to be an exciting, informative and lively discussion about the changing face of America – tickets will be sold on-site at the Executive Board.

Executive Board Members will be considering endorsements for the statewide ballot propositions on the November ballot and in the contest for United States Senate.

(As a reminder, Chair Bauman had worked with both Democratic Lt. Governor candidates advancing to the General Election and they agreed not to seek the CDP endorsement).

Click here for more information about the Executive Board Meeting.

A few more thoughts on the Supreme Court

We wanted to make sure you saw Chair Bauman’s statement on Tuesdays horrific set of rulings:

“…California Democrats will continue to resist at every level. Our local and state officials have worked to shield Californians from every Trumpist assault on progress. Our grassroots activists have put the majority of House Republican seats in play. And we will look to ways to support Democrats in Nevada and Arizona as they capture the crucial US Senate seats that will take away Mitch McConnell’s ability to control the Supreme Court appointment process.”

We also wanted to highlight the message Chair Bauman and CDP Labor Caucus Chair Tim Paulson sent out in reaction to the long-awaited Janus decision:

“The American Labor Movement has seen tough days before. 150 years ago, powerful robber barons routinely called out the Pinkertons – the Blackwater of the 19th Century – and had Union organizers beaten, bombed and shot like dogs in the street.

Nevertheless the Unions persisted because the ideas of collective bargaining, of fair pay for fair work, of solidarity and support between workers speaks so powerfully to our intrinsic belief in justice, fairness and equality. 

Those ideas are more resonant today than they have been in our lifetimes. And for those who believe that Unions won’t come back from this defeat, let’s remember the teachers who stared down right-wing knuckledragging Republicans in Arizona, Oklahoma and Kentucky just a few months ago.” 

Read the full statement from Chair Bauman and Chair Paulson here.

Happy 4th of July!

We wish you all a safe and happy 4th of July. This is Your CDP Team’s favorite holiday. And yeah, we sure do enjoy the barbeques and the fireworks – but mostly, we enjoy the spirit of unity and celebration we see everywhere we look. It’s one of the few days of the year where all the arguments and division washes away. And we’re all just one big, happy, American family celebrating the day we proclaimed some self-evident truths to the world.

Your CDP Team is damn proud to be living in this country, and fighting every single day to make it the country we all know it can and should and must and will be. We’re proud of all of you for the exact same reason. There is no higher form of patriotism than insisting that Americans live up to the values that make us American. And there is no higher form of patriotism than Resisting when our government refuses to live up to those values.

So for all our Democratic Patriots out there, we’ll sign-off this week with the greatest rendition of the Star Spangled Banner ever captured on film, courtesy of the divine Whitney Houston:


–CDP Update

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02 Jul

I promise you (please read)

Yesterday afternoon, President Trump announced he would be selecting his Supreme Court nominee in early July — and he’s promised to appoint a judge who will overturn Roe v. Wade.

Now there are so many important issues facing our country at this moment in time — but none are more important than this one. Many fundamental rights hang in the balance with this Supreme Court pick, from marriage equality and voting rights to women’s health and the Affordable Care Act.

I promise you I am going to do everything in my power to stop Trump from appointing a right-wing ideologue to the Supreme Court. And I need your help to stay focused on this fight:

That means I need your help to ensure my re-election campaign is well-funded as we head into the midterms. At midnight tonight, we are facing our FEC fundraising deadline — and since I have had little time to fundraise this month, we are behind on our goals. So I am asking:

Can you make a donation of $10 or more to our campaign today? Every dollar you contribute in moments like this one helps me stay focused on doing the job you elected me to do. With a Supreme Court vacancy on the line, I hope you agree that this job has never been more important:

If you’ve saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation to Senator Kamala Harris will go through immediately:

express donate: $10

express donate: $25

express donate: $50

express donate: $100

express donate: $250

Or, donate another amount

The fight over this Supreme Court seat is going to require each of us talking with our friends, families, and neighbors about the importance of the Court and the lasting impact it can have on our fundamental rights.

I am ready to fight — are you?

Thanks for all you do.

Kamala Harris
U.S. Senator, California

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02 Jul

Follow the Money

*** TJ Cox has been endorsed for CD-21 by the CDP ***

TJ Cox for Congress

If you’re ever curious where David Valadao’s allegiances lie — just look to who’s bankrolling his campaign. So far, he’s been the beneficiary of:

A massive, $30,000 per plate fundraiser spearheaded by V.P. Mike Pence
A ritzy fundraiser held right here in Fresno, CA headlined by none other than Ivanka Trump
Over $200,000 from the oil and gas industry throughout his tenure in Congress

In contrast, TJ Cox’s is supported by grassroots activists across the country because TJ won’t sacrifice his principles of Medicare for All, a clean DREAM Act, or real legislative progress to protect the Central Valley’s environment.

Can you help us raise $45,000 before Saturday’s end-of-quarter deadline to PROVE that we don’t need special interest money to win in CA-21?

End-of-quarter goal: $45,000
Raised so far:
Suggested donation:
$15 or more >>

If you’ve saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately:

Donate $10 Now

Donate $25 Now

Donate $50 Now

Donate $100 Now

Or, donate another amount

Thanks for helping us run a campaign we can be proud of.

Team TJ


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02 Jul

Getting together with Fresno Leaders

*** Jessica Morse has been endorsed for CD-4 by the CDP ***

Campaign Overview:

Jessica Morse recently won her primary in Californa’s 4th Congressional district which includes Yosemite, Lake Tahoe and California’s Gold Country.

The current representative of CA-04, Tom McClintock, is a tea-party conservative and climate change denier whose proposals include commercializing Yosemite and clear-cutting Tahoe. McClintock doesn’t even live in the district.

A 5th-generation Northern Californian and a devoted public servant, Jessica spent a decade serving her country around the world as a national security strategist, working for the Defense Department, State Department, and USAID, including a year and a half in Baghdad at the height of the war. Having worked on the federal budget and with Congress, Jessica has a proven record of getting things done in Washington. She understands the needs of her community and our country. From a large Republican family in the district, Jessica has spent her life messaging effectively across the aisle. She is building a coalition of community leaders across the political spectrum who are eager for a representative in Congress who will champion solutions to community problems.

Our hard work, early organizing, and competitive fundraising are paying off. Jessica has raised over $1 million — out-raising the incumbent and making national headlines. Our race has been added to the DCCC’s target list, is one of OFA’s target districts, increased in Cook Report rating, is listed as one of LATimes’ top 10 flippable CA races. Jessica has secured the endorsement from the California Democratic Party and leaders like Reps. Brownley, DeSaulnier, Lofgren, Huffman, Khanna, and Swalwell and is one of the Arena candidates. Jessica mobilized volunteers to reach out to voters across all ten counties including a crew of students who knocked on doors and contacted voters throughout the district. Our volunteers have reached out to over 65,000 voters in the last two months. Jessica herself knocked on over 1,000 doors — she even ran into a bear while canvassing!

In the recent primary, McClintock’s vulnerability is apparent.  With over 200,000 ballots cast, the district had a higher voter turnout than in previous mid-terms and one of the highest voter turnouts in the state.  For the primary, Jessica’s campaign targeted Democrats who vote in primaries (not independents or republicans) and still, McClintock dropped from 63% to 51.8% of primary voters. Jessica beat McClintock outright in two of the ten counties. Jessica’s strong showing among the 5 challengers is due to her strength as a candidate, her strong campaign operations and her appeal across voters in the District.

Learn more about Jessica’s campaign here. Jessica is one of the ten Arena candidates — listen to her podcast interview here. See what the press is saying about her here.

You can also take a look at Jessica’s first commercial here:


Support our campaign efforts here.

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