09 Apr

Trump is the Fraud

*** Alex Padilla has been endorsed for Secretary of State by the CDP ***Alex Padilla

During an event in Virginia yesterday, Trump said,

“In many places, like California, the same person votes many times. You probably heard about that. They always like to say ‘oh that’s a conspiracy theory.’ Not a conspiracy theory, folks. Millions and millions of people.”

Not true.

The real fraud is the occupant of the Oval Office.

Trump continues to spew his same old lies about “millions of illegal voters” in California.

Trump’s dishonesty and baseless rants about “widespread” voter fraud dishonor local elections officials and the thousands of volunteers who work hard and give of their time to administer our elections with integrity.

I spoke with CBS LA to counter Trump’s allegations of widespread voter fraud and point out how they undermine confidence in our elections. Watch the segment here.

We can not and will not let Trump’s lies go unanswered. And we will not let Trump’s attacks slow down our mission to secure our elections and defend our democracy.

Please support my ongoing efforts to resist Trump’s attacks and improve elections in California by making a $20 contribution today.  Together we can protect California from Trump’s efforts to erode our democracy. 

Thank you,

Alex Padilla

California Secretary of State

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09 Apr

UPDATE: Big endorsement!

*** TJ Cox has been endorsed for CD-21 by the CDP ***

TJ Cox for Congress

Big news.

I am so happy to announce that we’ve received the endorsement of End Citizens United — the national grassroots organization working to reform our broken campaign finance system.

Just like you, I’m frustrated and disgusted by the big money interests that have taken over our political system. These interests spent a billion dollars electing Donald Trump. What did they get in return? A trillion-and-a-half-dollar tax cut. That’s a 150,000 percent return on their money! It’s outrageous. Now the GOP wants to “pay” for their tax cuts by slashing Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and all of our social safety nets.

It’s not enough to commit to reforming the system — we must lead by example right now. That’s why I’ve pledged to reject all corporate PAC money to this campaign.

Can you chip in a donation to help me prove that our grassroots network has what it takes to take on the special interests in Washington?

Endorsed by ECU!

I’m running to be your voice in Washington so we can fight for the things we care about and need — from affordable health care access to improving the education system and bringing good paying jobs to our local economy. 

I’m depending on small-dollar, grassroots donations to get there. Please help me run a strong, local campaign that’s fueled by the grassroots, Michael.

Chip in a donation to help us build on this endorsement by donating $10, $20, or $50 today >>

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Or, donate another amount

Thanks for your support,

TJ Cox


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