03 May

Asian Immigration Hall

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03 May

Education Leaders for Bauman Update

The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

Delegates —

With Trump in the White House and Betsy DeVos running the Education Department, our schools are under attack and California must lead the way.

For years I have stood with the education community to protect our kids from school vouchers, unregulated charter schools and other schemes to privatize our schools and deny our students the public education they deserve.

I am proud to have stood with the education community to pass Propositions 30 and 55 to keep our schools funded, and with the California Faculty Association for their fight for 5 — ensuring our instructors get fair compensation.

And now the education community is standing with me in my race for Chair of the California Democratic Party.

You have a big decision to make in less than three weeks.

If public education is important to you, please join the following education leaders, along with teachers, paraprofessionals, school board members, parent activists and students across the state as part of #TeamBauman:

  • Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson*
  • The California Faculty Association
  • Josh Pechthalt, President of California Federation of Teachers*
  • Alex Caputo Pearl, President of United Teachers Los Angeles*
  • Hon. Paul Fong, President of San Jose/Evergreen Federation of Teachers*
  • California College Democrats
  • The three past presidents of the California Teachers Association*
    • Dean Vogel
    • David Sanchez
    • Barbara Kerr
  • And many more


Will you join them?


Democratically Yours,


Eric C. Bauman

Vice Chair, California Democratic Party

Chair, Los Angeles County Democratic Party


“CFA is very proud to endorse Eric Bauman for Democratic Party Chair. He is a steadfast ally of the faculty union, someone who values one of California’s greatest assets, our universities! Democrats have a great leader in Eric. The 27,000 faculty, coaches, librarians and counselors of the CSU stand in strong support of Eric Bauman.” — Jennifer Eagan, President, California Faculty Association
“Eric Bauman’s vigorous dedication to improving local neighborhood schools and protecting students and classroom teachers is unrivaled in this race. No other candidate matches his experience, skill-sets, and deep commitment to the cause of the labor movement, standing up for working families, but most importantly, ensuring that all students of all backgrounds in our state receive the best education possible. I’ve just described a few of the many reasons why I’m proud to back Eric C. Bauman for Chair of the California Democratic Party.” — Josh Pechthalt, President, California Federation of Teachers*“I’m proud to endorse Eric Bauman for Chair of the California Democratic Party. Eric has been an effective leader for Democrats across the Golden State, from working to advance progressive policies that improve our education system to being a champion for working people and much more. I know Eric will make an excellent Chair of the state Democratic Party.” — Tom Torlakson, California Superintendent of Public Instruction*

“I’m pleased to join the broad coalition of grassroots activists, labor leaders, elected officials and organizations backing Eric Bauman for Chair of the California Democratic Party. Eric has been a force, and a bold leader for grassroots Democrats across the state. He’s also been a champion for classroom teachers, students and good schools. We have worked closely with Eric to ensure the LA Unified School Board maintains a pro-teacher, pro-student majority and to defeat ‘so-called’ reforms that would undermine California’s commitment that every student is entitled to a free, high quality public education. I know he’ll make us proud as the California Democratic Party’s next Chair.” — Alex Caputo-Pearl, President, United Teachers Los Angeles*

*Titles included for those marked with an asterisk are for identification purposes only. All other organizations included have endorsed.






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03 May

Ms. Landucci….

The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.



Everyone has at least one name come to mind when asked, “Who was your favorite teacher?”
The reason: teachers play a vital role in our personal development and profoundly shape the trajectory of our lives.

Today is National Teacher Day. If we’re truly going to honor our teachers, we must have their backs when they need us. We must end the privatization and corporatization of public education because profit motives have no place in our classroom.

As we redefine what it means to be a Democrat, we cannot simply be the Party of education – we must be the Party of good, free, public education for all children, which includes collective bargaining and teacher tenure.

The California Teacher’s Association, California Federation of Teachers and many educationally-minded delegates are promoting Kids Not Profit, a resolution rejecting the subsidizing of for-profit charter school companies and reaffirming our Party’s commitment to strengthening local neighborhood public schools for all Californians.

On this National Teacher Day, I hope you’ll consider supporting this very worthy resolution.

Finally, a moment of personal privilege… I’d like to thank Mrs. Johnson, Mr. Murphy, Mr. Weidlein, and
Mr & Mrs. Perez – my favorite teachers. Like most of us, I have more than one. As this campaign comes to a close, I can say with absolute certainty, I would not be here today if not for my former teachers. I’m eternally grateful.

Democratically yours,


Please stay connected with our campaign online at


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03 May

I have your back

The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


Wells Fargo and Wall Street shouldn’t be able to defraud customers, and if they do, they certainly should NOT be allowed to force arbitration to secretly settle the legal disputes.  That’s why today I announced Senate Bill 33, legislation that would allow victims to sue in California state courts by allowing judges to deny petitions for binding arbitration in cases involving fraud.

As you know, Wells Fargo acknowledged that it opened more than two million checking, credit card and other illegal accounts without customer approval. This widespread misconduct dates back to at least 2002 and drained unearned fees from the accounts of clients –many of them low income, elderly or immigrants. It has also negatively affected these victims; credit scores, making borrowing more difficult and expensive.

But putting SB 33 on the law books is only part of my plan to curtail unfair business practices at many of our country’s largest banks and hold Wall Street accountable. I’ve put together a Banking Reform Task Force that includes academics, financial regulators, and consumer advocates who are charged with protecting your rights and making recommendations to policymakers around banking reform.

At a time when the White House is rolling back consumer and investor protections, California must lead in the fight against deceptive marketing, discriminatory lending, unnecessary fees, illegal kickbacks, and other abusive banking practices.  

That’s why I have your back and always will.


In solidarity,

John               John Chiang for Governor 2018



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03 May

100 Days of Resistance #KDL100Days


Donald Trump has just marked over 100 days in office. It feels like 500, or maybe 1,000 days because of the dizzying speed at which manic pronouncements, flip-flopping and flat out lies are attempting to distract us from the chaos and ethics investigations surrounding the presidency.

One thing is certain: The presidency, with all its gravity and responsibility, has not changed Donald Trump one bit. He promised to “Make America Great Again” but instead he has divided our nation at a rate unlike we’ve seen.

Here in California, our model policies have developed into something else – we’ve emerged as the heart of the Resistance. We have become America’s beacon of hope.

To commemorate the failed first 100 days of the Trump Administration, we thought it would be better to document the first 100 days of the California Resistance with #KDL100Days.

When Trump was elected, I had never felt prouder to be Californian. The day after the November 8th election, here is what we had to say about it:

Joint Statement from California Legislative Leaders on Result of Presidential Election

If this era marks anything, history will show it as the birth of the Resistance. In light of this milestone, we’ve documented the first 100 days as we’ve experienced it in California.

California will continue to be the Golden exception and we will never stand down. I am committed to fighting for our values working as hard as I have for anything in my lifetime, but I can’t move forward alone. I’m counting on you to stand right there with me so together, we can take our country back.

Can you help our efforts and be a part of the California Resistance?

Thank you so much,

– Kevin

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