12 Jun

Sign the Petition: Condemn the Trump Administration’s Attack on Pre-existing Condition Protections

“Got a preexisting condition? The Trump administration wants insurers to deny you coverage.” — Los Angeles Times

Add your name to Kamala’s petition condemning the Trump Administration for trying to rip away protections for millions of those with a pre-existing condition. Take action before it’s too late.

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Here’s the deal: the Affordable Care Act ensures millions of Americans with a pre-existing condition can gain access to affordable health care.

It’s one of the most critical parts of Obamacare.

But the Trump Administration and Republicans in Congress are desperate to undo these protections and allow insurance companies to deny coverage for the roughly 130 million who have some form of a pre-existing condition.

They even argued in court last week AGAINST the ban on insurance companies discriminating against people based on pre-existing conditions. If they succeed, up to 130 million could be denied care.

That would be catastrophic for our country — add your name if you agree:

Sign our petition telling the Trump Administration to stop trying to take health care away from tens of millions of Americans suffering from pre-existing conditions.

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As Kamala has said, we must create a system where all people have access to affordable health care. It should not matter where you live, how much money you make, or whether you have a pre-existing condition.

Health care is a right — and all people deserve quality care.

Thanks for adding your voice to this fight.

—Team Kamala

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12 Jun

ALERT: Mike Pence goes ALL IN for Valadao

*** TJ Cox has been endorsed for CD-21 by the CDP ***

TJ Cox for Congress

We need to make sure you saw this:

That’s right: Valadao’s Washington allies aren’t wasting any time gearing up for the General Election in California’s 21st District.

Mike Pence is PERSONALLY headlining a fundraising dinner to benefit the campaigns of vulnerable Republicans — including David Valadao.

At $30,000 per plate, it’s anyone’s guess how massive Valadao’s haul will be. But we do know that we need a SURGE of grassroots support to counter this — otherwise, our chances of flipping this seat could disappear overnight. Can you chip in $10 or more to help us overcome Valadao’s special-interest cash grab?

$10 >> $35 >> $50 >>
$100 >> $250 >> other >>

TJ Cox is running a grassroots-funded campaign. He’s not taking a dollar from corporate PACs and we don’t have mega-donors we can call on like Valadao and Pence.

But if enough Democrats come together and chip in $5, $10, or even $25 at a time — we can stay in this fight. It all depends on your support!

Help us raise $30,000 to push back against Pence’s big money. Chip in $10 today >>

Thanks for your support,

Team TJ



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11 Jun

We need to protect our health care in the Central Valley

*** TJ Cox has been endorsed for CD-21 by the CDP ***

TJ Cox for Congress


VOTE ALERT: David Valadao has officially voted to cut $800 million from Medicare. Sign on to condemn Valadao’s vote and demand Congress protect our health care >>

Protect Medicare >>

This is going to come off blunt:

As our Congressman, David Valadao has only proven one thing time and again: His loyalty is to party leaders in Washington, Big Pharma, and Wall Street.

Last week, we once again watched David Valadao vote the party line and against vulnerable Central Valley families by supporting the GOP’s “rescission” package which cut $800 million from Medicare and $7 billion from the Children’s Health Insurance Program.

This vote came just months after Valadao supported a massive handout to Wall Street and Big Pharma by supporting the GOP tax scam at the expense of California families. We’re seeing a pattern emerge, and we need to step up if we’re going to stop it.

We need new, independent leadership that’s going to protect and strengthen health care access in the Central Valley — not bow to corporate or party leaders in Washington. I need to know you’re with me in this fight.

1,000 SIGNATURES NEEDED: Sign on to our petition today to condemn David Valadao for this latest attacks on our health care ⇒

In Solidarity,

TJ Cox



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11 Jun

Mr. Nunes, show some spine on trade. Valley nut growers depend on you.

Mr. Nunes, show some spine on trade. Valley nut growers depend on you.

By William Daniel Garst


Devin Nunes puts protecting President Trump above all else, including safeguarding the economic interests of his constituents. Central Valley tree nut growers will be among the big losers in the trade war Trump is intent of waging against China and the European Union. Yet Nunes has been AWOL on this issue, refusing to criticize Trump for misguided trade policies that will harm the local economy.

In the most recent shipping season, China and Hong Kong accounted for 55 percent of U.S. pistachio exports, whose farm gate value amounted to $339 million. Fresno County is the second-biggest producer of pistachio nuts in California. Higher Chinese duties on American pistachios would be boon to Iran, the world’s other major pistachio grower, enabling it to grab much of the rising Chinese demand for these nuts. In 2016, China took 12 percent of California’s almonds, which remain the top grossing crop for Fresno County. The total value of almonds and pistachios sent to China that year each amounted to over $500 million. According to the USDA Global Agricultural Information Network, the EU is the other big export market for California tree nuts, taking in $2.95 billion worth of U.S. exports of this largely California-grown commodity. That total included $1.6 billion worth of almonds, $420 million worth of walnuts and $380 million worth of pistachios.

China has already announced significant tariff increases on U.S. tree nuts in response to Trump’s steel and aluminum tariffs. Unlike Kentucky bourbon and Harley-Davidson motorcycles, tree nuts have yet to be included in EU retaliatory tariffs. But that will change if the U.S.-EU trade dispute escalates, as it appears to be doing, and more tit-for-tat behavior occurs. Given the scale and value of California tree nut exports to Europe and China, reducing access to these markets will reduce the incomes of the state’s tree nut growers. Ancillary industries, like packing and shipping, will also suffer.

Nunes’s silence on this looming threat to the livelihoods of many of his constituents has been deafening. In late March, when Trump announced the steel and aluminum tariffs, Nunes spoke on Fox Business Network, praising Trump for not just talking “tough” on trade but acting “tough” as well. He airily declared that the U.S. could open up other markets, such as Japan and Vietnam, for U.S. farm exporters, ignoring how Trump has made doing that much more difficult with his pullout from the TPP trade deal.

Nunes spent much of the interview talking about China as a national security threat and stressing the Chinese technology theft. The issue certainly matters, and China has not been a good global trade citizen. However, Trump is mistakenly addressing this problem through tariffs and trying to reduce China’s trade surplus with the U.S. — the latter is driven by the low American savings rate, not “bad” trade deals. The president should instead be forging alliances with U.S. allies in Asia and Europe to exert pressure against China to mend its bad ways. Unfortunately, he has made this difficult by withdrawing from the TPP shortly after becoming president and is now picking trade fights with Europe, Canada, and Mexico, all longstanding American allies.

President Trump is famous for demanding complete loyalty from those around him, while giving little back of it back himself. On an issue that is of vital importance to the economic well-being of the 22nd District, Nunes has gotten little payback from his effort to be a Trump über loyalist. The voters here deserve better and need a representative who will fight for them against Trump’s bad trade policies.


William Daniel Garst lives in Fresno and is a full-time lecturer in the political science department at California State University, Fresno. He focuses on international relations, especially trade.

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11 Jun

CDP Weekly Update

Weekly Update – 6.10.18

It’s been another productive week for Your CDP Team. See below for a recap of this week’s activities. 

We Got Out The Vote. Now It’s On To November!

Your CDP Team is proud to extend our congratulations to Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom on winning his landslide first-place victory on Tuesday. He has been a trailblazer and an icon of progress and inclusion, and will no doubt lead our statewide ticket to another clean sweep in November. And for all the talk… and talk… and talk… of a Top 2 disaster for California Democrats, we have strong challengers in every battleground district!

(Here’s a Fun Fact from Tuesday: it was actually the Republicans who ended up getting shut out in AD 76, where two Democrats will advance to November in an Assembly seat being vacated by Republican Rocky Chavez).

Thank you to everyone who helped propel the overwhelming majority of our CDP-endorsed candidates to victory on Tuesday. Thanks to your efforts, our statewide candidates for partisan office – Alex Padilla, Betty Yee, Fiona Ma & Ricardo Lara – all won handily, and Tony Thurmond will advance to November in the non-partisan Superintendent of Public Instruction contest.

CDP Battlegrounds Tour

In the days leading up to the Primary, CDP Chair Eric C. Bauman rallied the troops at battleground headquarters across the state. At every stop – from Jessica Morse HQ in Roseville, to the hundreds of volunteers at No On Recall HQ in Fullerton, to a rally with the Pod Save America crew at a beautiful park in CD 48, the CDP team was proud to spend some time with the candidates and grassroots activists who are powering the Big Blue Wave.

They Stole it Fair & Square

Tuesday was generally a good night for us, with one exception: the recall of Josh Newman. Democrats from across the state, not just in Orange County and Los Angeles, worked their hearts out for Josh Newman. The No On the Recall team ran an intensive and creative program to reach out to voters, and the grassroots response was extraordinary: easily over 1,000 people from across the state turned out to Get Out The Vote last weekend, including CDP Political Director Clark Lee and Communications Director John Vigna.

But as many of our Red County Democrats know, it’s possible for us to do everything right and still come up short. Josh Newman got a raw deal. He cast a principled vote to fix an urgent and critical problem, and the Republicans lied and cheated for over a year. The Recall of Josh Newman has made clear the Republican Party is rotten to its core. And the only thing Republicans proved is that winning requires them to lie, cheat and steal every step of the way.

Josh is a class act, and a true public servant. We sure as hell hope he comes back to retake this seat in 2020.

Summer Executive Board Meeting

The CDP Summer Executive Board meeting will be held the weekend of July 13-15 at the Oakland Marriott. The CDP room block is selling out quickly – complete your hotel reservations here.

To complete your registration for the Executive Board, or to purchase tickets for the Luncheon please click here. Our luncheon keynote speaker is Steve Phillips, author of Brown is the New White – don’t miss his exciting and informative presentation.   

For more information, please visit the CDP’s Executive Board page.

A brief word on scheduling… Our Executive Board meeting unfortunately coincides with San Diego Pride weekend. Your CDP team makes every effort to ensure that our Party meetings don’t conflict with major events important to communities within our Party. But occasionally, we do find ourselves without any wiggle room on the weekends available to us, and that’s why our meeting conflicts with SD Pride this year. We truly appreciate the commitment and dedication of our grassroots activists, and we certainly appreciate everyone’s understanding when these kinds of conflicts become unavoidable.

We Have No Reservations About It… Tony Bourdain Will Be Missed

Your CDP Team was a big fan of Anthony Bourdain, and we were truly saddened to learn of his suicide yesterday. In these last months of his life, Anthony Bourdain became an outspoken and unflinching voice in support of the women leading the #MeToo movement. His fearless reflection on his own toxic masculinity, and his vocal support for justice for the victims of predators like Harvey Weinstein made him the all-too-rare example of a man willing to call out other men for their unacceptable behavior.

We will likely never know what it was that brought him to the point of taking his own life. His suicide is a haunting reminder that we simply don’t provide enough support to those struggling with mental illness, depression or post-traumatic stress. We need to dramatically expand access to counseling, therapy and mental health services in this country. And we need to challenge a culture that stigmatizes those who seek help for their mental health.

We’ll sign-off this week with our favorite clip of his show on CNN, where he shared a meal with President Obama in Hanoi. RIP Anthony Bourdain.

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