01 Sep

Register Today for TCC and YOU #2: Planning your Proposal


paving new pathways to prosperity

The Fresno Transformative Climate Communities Collaborative is a participatory process to identify a series of projects to invest in that will result in significant environmental and economic benefits for people who live or work in downtown, Chinatown, and southwest Fresno.

You can and should be involved in the monumental investment into our community. Register to attend the workshop Friday September 1, 2017 at 9:30 am to get help planning your proposal and learn how you and your business can be a part of this monumental process and investment in our city.
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September 2017
Downtown Business Hub
(Downstairs Conference Center)
1444 Fulton Street
Fresno, CA 937219:30AM – 11:00AM


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01 Sep

Urgent: Support Hurricane Harvey relief fund


Help Houston, Texas rebuild after the devastation from Hurricane Harvey.


Donate now

The destruction wrought by Hurricane Harvey is devastating.

Among the countless communities impacted by Hurricane Harvey, Houston, America’s fourth largest city, has seen some of the worst conditions. The lives and homes destroyed in this historic storm’s path are another sobering reminder of climate change’s catastrophic consequences.

Losing your loved ones or your home is an unimaginable tragedy, but this is reality for many Texans affected by Harvey. We must step in and do what we can.

Please make a contribution to the Hurricane Harvey Community Relief Fund. We will match your donations to help Houston families rebuild.
Send a message to the EPA: Protect the health of our children from harmful methane pollution.

Send a message to the EPA: Protect the health of our children from harmful methane pollution.

The Hurricane Harvey Community Relief Fund will aid the most vulnerable communities impacted in Houston as they rebuild from the hurricane. Through the fund, health care, housing, and immigration services will be provided to Houstonians in need.

Natural disasters hit the most marginalized communities the hardest, and it often takes those communities the longest to get back on their feet. In Houston alone, a quarter of all residents live in poverty and an estimated 575,000 people are undocumented immigrants.

For these communities, the ability to evacuate during disasters or buy flood insurance is a privilege that many are unable to afford. The relief fund aims to address these inequities as Houston’s vulnerable communities begin to rebuild.

Act now: Pitch in and make a donation to the Hurricane Harvey Community Relief Fund. We will match your donations.

Together, we can show our support for the people of Houston.

Thank you,

Tom Steyer
NextGen America


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01 Sep

Stop Big Pharma

The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


The average American now pays more than $1,112 annually on prescription drugs, and the country as a whole spends $400 billion on prescription drugs every year.

That’s outrageous. Will you sign on and demand that our leaders support the right of all Americans to have affordable medication?

The bill I’m working on — SB 17 — ensures more transparency and accountability from drug companies, requiring them to give notice before raising prices. The bill passed the State Senate and is waiting on a final vote in the Assembly!

This comes at a time when pharmaceutical companies jack up the prices on lifesaving medications without justifying the increases or giving advance warning to consumers.

Working families shouldn’t have to choose between paying their rent or buying their medications. We can’t afford to keep putting profits before people.

More than ever, we need to be clear with leaders in Washington and California: protect the right to affordable and accessible medication! Sign on now!

Keep fighting,
Dr. Ed




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30 Aug

Ro Khanna joined our team

The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

Jeff Bleich for Lieutenant Governor 2018 FPPC # 1396288

I wanted share with you my latest endorsement from Congressman Ro Khanna. Ro knows first-hand how important tech innovation and jobs are to the California economy. I’m excited to have him on our team and advising me on how we can prepare Californians to learn the skills they need to succeed in today’s quickly changing job market.

Last week supporters like you took the simple step of sharing the video of Congressmember Adam Schiff’s endorsement. The results were incredibly encouraging. People in your social networks shared it and thousands of more people viewed it and joined our campaign.

The more people learn about our campaign and why leaders like Ro and Adam are supporting me, the faster and larger our team will grow. And it’s because of you spreading the word.

Can you take a moment right now and do it again. Share Ro’s video with your friends, family, and coworkers and help build our support today.


Video links for you to share:


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30 Aug

Dolores’ Movie Release- Fundraiser Reception Invitation

Dolores Huerta is among the most important, yet least known, activists in American history. An equal partner in co-founding the first farm workers unions with Cesar Chavez, her enormous contributions have gone largely unrecognized. Dolores tirelessly led the fight for racial and labor justice alongside Chavez, becoming one of the most defiant feminists of the twentieth century—at 87,and she continues the fight to this day with her work at the Dolores Huerta Foundations, a non-profit organization.


With intimate and unprecedented access to this intensely private mother to eleven, the film reveals the raw, personal stakes involved in committing one’s life to social change. Directed by Peter Bratt. The movie will be released in Fresno from September 22nd to the 28th at the Maya Cinema

Please join Dolores Huerta for music appetizers and soft drinks to celebrate her Movie Release, her life and immense contribution to social justice. 

Donors and Supporter like you make possible for the work on Dolores Huerta Foundation to continue impacting the Central Valley in areas like LGBTQ Rights, Civic Engagement, Insfrastructure development, Education.

Please purchase your donation tickert at

Students $10.-
Adults $25
Activist Sponsorship $100
Rebel Sponsorship $200




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