01 Feb

California School Employees Association Endorses Xavier Becerra for Attorney General 2018

We’re excited to share the news: The California School Employees Association (CSEA) — one of our state’s largest unions, with 245,000 members — has endorsed Xavier Becerra’s candidacy to continue as state Attorney General.

CSEA members are our transportation, food service, maintenance and operation workers, and also our clerical workers — like Xavier’s mom, Maria, whom he credits with teaching him the value of hard work.

Xavier firmly believes that everyone who works hard earns a chance to get ahead.

He often asks, who would have thought that his mom and dad, both immigrants from Mexico, could raise their four children in a 680-square foot home, and then send their children to college and retire with dignity?

Through his work today as Attorney General, Xavier is fighting to ensure the same sort of opportunity remains in reach for every hardworking Californian — many of whom are CSEA members.

He has a long history of standing up for unions. He grew up in a union home and has used every legal tool possible to defend workers’ rights as California Attorney General. This month, for example, he filed an amicus brief in the Supreme Court’s Janus case, arguing for the preservation of union representation (read more about it here).

That’s why CSEA joins a growing list of labor endorsements for Xavier, including: AFSCME, The California Teachers Association; California Professional Firefighters; California State Building and Construction Trades Council; California State Pipe Trades Council; SEIU California; Laborers International Union of North America; and the California Statewide Law Enforcement Association, among others.

We invite you to read more about Xavier’s commitment to defend hardworking Californians here.

Thank You,

Team Becerra

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01 Feb

“They threw rocks at our windows.” – John Chiang

We just released a new video about John that tells the story of why he’s always fought for California’s underdogs and why he’s the leader we need today.

Help us spread the word. Watch the video and let your friends know why you’re supporting John.

John’s family was the first Asian-American family in their neighborhood, and while they aspired to achieve the American Dream, life wasn’t always easy. They came home to broken windows and graffiti on their garage, but John and his family endured, and it inspired John to become the leader he is today — the leader who always fights for the underdog.

Every Californian, whether they’re a single mom, a dad working a double shift, or a student who dreams of a brighter future, deserves a leader who will fight for them — a governor with a proven track record to get the job done.

As our state treasurer and state controller, John’s made it his mission to fight for all Californians. He held Wells Fargo and Wall Street banks accountable, made sure thousands of affordable housing units got the financing they need, and protected the pay of hardworking Californians.

Now he’s ready to continue that fight as governor — but he needs your help to reach Californians all across the state.

Watch John’s new video now, and share it with a friend.

Thanks for watching,

Team Chiang

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