25 Oct

Obamacare isn’t about Barack at all

Join us.

Republicans are doing everything they can to sabotage Obamacare.

When I think about Obamacare, I think about my wife, Ann Marie, and our three kids. I think about the children all across this country and the parents caring for them. I think about the brave men and women who’ve shared their personal stories of how access to affordable care has changed their lives. I think about you.

But when our current president thinks about “Obamacare,” he only sees another opportunity to undo President Obama’s legacy.

He doesn’t consider for a second the millions of families who count on the ACA for quality, affordable care. He doesn’t care about women who, before the ACA, faced higher premiums simply because of their gender. He doesn’t think about children who are born with a life-threatening illness and, without protections for pre-existing conditions, could be forced to pay astronomical rates for the rest of their lives.

But Democrats in Congress and all over the country are doing everything we can to save and protect Obamacare — we’re doing it for the millions of Americans who are counting on it.

Thank you,


Tom Perez
Democratic National Committee

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25 Oct

what we know about Andrew

The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


Andrew Janz is running for Congress in California’s 22nd Congressional district against Trump’s lackey in Congress – Rep. Devin Nunes. Click here to contribute.

Thanks for your support of our campaign.

Contributions or gifts to Andrew Janz are not tax deductible.

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25 Oct

[Video] My Story is California’s Story

The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

Every Californian has a story worth hearing. This is mine and I want to share it with you.

Life StoriesMy story is about growing up in a home of domestic violence. It’s about how Catholic school gave me a foundation, but public school gave me a second shot. My story is about the two men in my life who had a positive influence on me – my Grandpa Pete and a teacher, Herman Katz. My story is about who I am today and why I feel so compelled to stand up and speak out.

It’s a story about how I got the help I needed to graduate high school and go to college.­ It’s a story about how I grew determined to give back to the state that gave me so much – as a union organizer, the head of my local ACLU chapter, Speaker of our State Assembly and Mayor of our state’s largest city.

Please take a few minutes to hear my story.

And if you believe we need to keep lifting people up in every part of California – like I was lifted up – please consider contributing to our campaign for economic opportunity and equality.

I’m running for governor because I know that in order to thrive as a state, we must grow together.

I’ve seen people really down on their luck, in really hard places, but we can’t give up on them. This is California. We look out for everyone. We don’t give up on people no matter who they are or where they come from.

Every Californian deserves dignity, every Californian deserves respect and every Californian has a story worth hearing.



P.S. After you watch the video, I hope you will consider contributing to the campaign so we can make sure all Californians are able to share their stories.


Please add to your address book or safe senders list to make sure you always receive our emails.


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25 Oct

What are they really up to?

The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

Alex Padilla

Have you ever heard the saying, “hope for the best, but prepare for the worst?”

When it comes to Trump’s so-called Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, the best thing that could happen is that it would disband and end its imminent threat to our voting rights. That’s what I hope for.

Unfortunately, what seems to be happening is far worse.

The Commission is operating in secret. Two of the Commission members are even complaining about the commission’s lack of transparency.

In addition, multiple U. S. Senators are calling for an investigation as to why the commission continuously ignores requests for information made by Members of Congress.

Trump has spewed lies about massive voter fraud since even before last year’s election. And commission co-chair Kris Kobach himself has a long and well-documented history of voter suppression. Given their clear and dangerous agenda, we need to hold them accountable. If Trump won’t disband this effort, we must compel them to operate in a transparent and fair manner.

Sign here to demand Trump and his sham voter commission be more transparent with its own members, with Congress, and with the American people who deserve to know how it plans to affect our right to vote.

Last week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions himself admitted that the Department of Justice is assisting the commission. In the same hearing, he also admitted that we’re not doing enough to prevent Russia from interfering in future elections.

Even Sessions can’t cover it up. We’re not doing enough to defend our democracy from foreign interference. But Trump would rather spew lies about voter fraud to advance his voter suppression agenda. Trump and Kobach are committed to making it harder for Americans to register and vote.

We can not sit by as Trump, Sessions, and Kobach conspire to suppress the right to vote.

Michael, we’ve called on Trump to disband the commission. But if he refuses, let’s demand that the commission operate in a way that’s is transparent and accountable to the American people. The better we can monitor their activity, the better we can resist their inevitable attacks on our right to vote.

Add your name to my petition now to demand the commission be more transparent. Send a message to Trump and his commission that we will resist all forms of voter suppression. We will defend our democracy from Trump.

Thank you,

Alex Padilla
California Secretary of State





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24 Oct

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