31 Jan

IMPORTANT DEADLINE: I need your help!

Alex Padilla

Can you believe the June primary is only 18 weeks away?

The campaign has ramped up quickly and I’ve been traveling the state talking to voters and earning coveted endorsements from great leaders and organizations. And I am especially grateful for your support.

But we have a lot more work to do. 

Tomorrow is an important fundraising milestone and I am $1,822 of our $20,000 goal for the month of January. 

I’m asking for your help. Can you pitch in $10 to help me reach our goal?

With your support, I’ll continue to fight for our voting rights and for our values.

Thank you in advance for helping me reach this important goal.

With appreciation,

Alex Padilla

California Secretary of State


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31 Jan

Witness the Whiplash

The night of November 8th, 2016 was a wake-up call for millions of Americans, Regina included. The level of political engagement we’ve seen has exploded across the board since that tough November night.

It’s been just over a year of incredible challenges, and we’ve met them head-on with courage and conviction. I know that when we put our determination and dollars behind our beliefs, we can move mountains >>

If you’ve ever needed evidence that Washington desperately needs change, witness the whiplash gearing up to Trump’s first State of the Union Address:

  • It’s been just over a week since Leader McConnell and Speaker Ryan led our government to another embarrassing and costly shutdown.
  • President Trump will deliver his State of the Union address in the face of record-breaking disapproval ratings.
  • Trump doesn’t have a robust legislative agenda to lean on during his address. Thanks to McClintock flipping his vote, Trump has passed exactly one piece of significant (and historically unpopular) legislation that strictly benefits his wealthy, dark-money donors and one-percenter friends.

Nevertheless, Trump is likely to distort, deceive, and mislead Americans about the state of the economy, infrastructure, and immigration during his address to Congress. While McClintock buddies up to Trump, McConnell and Ryan at the Capitol, Team Bateson is getting to work.

Now’s the time to join us. Your contribution will go straight towards pushing back against the Trump/McClintock agenda for CA-04. If we organize smarter and work harder, we can bring Regina’s fresh voice and ethical leadership to Congress >>


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30 Jan


Tonight, President Trump will walk the hallowed halls of the Capitol on his way to address Congress at the State of the Union.

This speech will act as a major benchmark for the Trump legacy and signal to the Republican leadership what his administration’s priorities are — something that Leader McConnell and Speaker Ryan confess to never having a strong grasp on. And Rep. McClintock will be right there alongside them, putting party over the vision and values of his district, once again.

While Rep. McClintock applauds Trump’s so-called “accomplishments”, can you rush a donation to my campaign? >>

California’s 4th District deserves better than what Tom McClintock has to offer. Instead of having another lackey in Congress blindly following an extremist agenda focused on special interests, I believe that Californians should demand transparency, accountability, and good governance out of their leaders.

We deserve strong, transparent, clear leadership in Congress, Michael. Can you rush a donation to my campaign before Trump’s State of the Union ends?

It’s time to stand up and fight for our shared values. We need fresh, courageous leadership in Congress that fights for us, not for DC special interests.

If you’ve saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately:

Rush: $10

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Rush: $125

Or, rush another amount

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30 Jan

Trump’s Sabotage

Alex Padilla

As a lot of Americans are debating the state of our union today, I’m also thinking ahead and fighting to strengthen the state of our union in the years to come.

I’ve written the Op-Ed below to call attention to Trump’s latest attack on our democracy, this time through his effort to undermine the 2020 Census.

And the stakes are high for California. Trump’s efforts to sabotage the census could threaten billions in funding for education, health care, transportation, and more. And California could lose representation in Congress.

That’s why I ask that you please read and share this Op-Ed.  It is another battle I will engage in as I fight to protect our democracy from this administration’s attacks.

Thank you,

Alex Padilla

California Secretary of State

Opinion: California must stop Trump from sabotaging the census


PUBLISHED: January 30, 2018

Mercury News

Since the very first census in 1790, the constitutionally required population count has attempted to survey everyone from every corner of the country to determine equitable distribution of federal funding as well as congressional representation.

This includes historically hard-to-count communities, like the many living in California. We’re talking about the poor, the elderly, students and people of color.

Now the Trump administration is working deliberately to undermine the accuracy of the count. California can’t afford to sit idly by while this administration sabotages the census.

California Secretary of State Alex Padilla speaks during a news conference at the Rene C. Davidson Courthouse in Oakland, Calif., on Tuesday, Aug. 4, 2015. Padilla announced on Tuesday that he's dropping the appeal of Scott v. Bowen, clearing the way for 45,000 Californians who have been convicted of low-level felonies to get the right to vote. (Anda Chu/Bay Area News Group)

And we won’t.

By now, the U.S. Census Bureau should be much further along in its planning and preparation for the 2020 census. Intentional underfunding by Congress has caused the cancellation of two out of three field tests and raises concerns about the move to online surveying. We must ensure that a digital census is properly tested and accounts for the digital divide in America.

Notably, U.S. Census Director John H. Thompson resigned last May amid fears of underfunding. Almost a year later, the president has yet to appoint a permanent replacement.

More ominously, the Department of Justice recently requested the addition of a citizenship question on the census to purportedly enforce the anti-discrimination section of the Voting Rights Act.

This is the same DOJ, led by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, that has starkly reversed course on several voting rights and has advocated positions that would make it harder for eligible citizens from the same hard-to-count communities to register and vote in elections.

A census undercount would be a blow to California’s economy. We stand to lose billions of dollars in funding for critical services such as health care, education and transportation. In 2017 alone, for example, California received $3.8 billion in federal highway funding and, in 2016, we received $2.4 billion for our Children’s Health Insurance Program.

Manipulative census questions that discourage many Californians from participating would also jeopardize our congressional representation. California might lose a seat in the House of Representatives, literally diminishing our voice in Congress.

I can only conclude that this administration’s objective is to discourage large segments of our diverse population from participating in the census. How else can we explain the deliberate underfunding, understaffing and under-testing of the census?

Too much is at stake for Californians to sit on the sidelines. Here’s how we fight to ensure an accurate count:

  • We call on our congressional delegation, beginning with Republican Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, to fully fund the census. Every day that goes by without adequate funding is one less day we have to prepare.
  • We demand that the president appoint a credible census director with a trusted record of inclusivity and results. That director must accept public input and assure the country that the new online surveys have been properly tested — and that they work.
  • We oppose the Department of Justice’s request to add a citizenship question, as it would only serve to intimidate our non-citizen population.
  • We support Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposed $40.3 million in state funding for census outreach planning. This would allow us to lay the foundation for augmented outreach to the hard-to-count communities in our state.
  • And we begin to educate and engage the public. In collaboration with local governments, foundations, business leaders, labor unions, nonprofit organizations and others, we can launch a public education campaign that corrects misinformation and calms fears across the state.

No matter how hard this president tries, California won’t be silenced. Our children will count. Our workers will count. Our veterans will count. And yes, our immigrants will count.

Alex Padilla is California secretary of state.



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30 Jan

Why I’m Running

In the one year since Donald Trump took office, it’s become even more clear that he is determined to undermine not only traditions of decency and dignity, but our most fundamental institutions as well.

With so much at stake, progressives will need to be the ones leading the #Resistance.

Fiona protesting

I’m ready to carry on the fight against Donald Trump’s unprecedented attacks on the rights of our fellow Americans. I’m running for State Treasurer to protect our progressive values and defeat the misogynistic, sexist, and racist Trump agenda.

From universal healthcare, to LGBTQ rights, to reproductive and preventive healthcare, to standing with our DREAMers, I’ve spent my career defending and advancing our shared progressive values.

Fiona and Kamala

Will you join U.S. Senator Kamala Harris, Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California, California Teachers Association, and SEIU California in supporting me for State Treasurer?


In solidarity,

Fiona Ma

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30 Jan

California School Employees Association (CSEA) endorses Dave Jones for Attorney General!

California School Employees Association (CSEA) endorses Dave Jones for Attorney General.

The 238,000 member California School Employees Association (CSEA) has endorsed Democrat Dave Jones for California Attorney General.

“Dave Jones is a fighter for working families,” stated CSEA President Ben Valdepeña.  “Dave Jones will stand up to the anti-worker agenda of the Trump Administration and help protect California’s progressive values.   Dave Jones is one of California’s most effective elected leaders; he will be an outstanding Attorney General.”

CSEA, founded in 1927, is one of California’s largest and most respected unions.  Their 238,000 member classified employees work in vital roles in school districts across the state, including cafeteria, para-educators, transportation, office and clerical, and maintenance.  They have played a leadership role building large coalitions of public employees to fight for adequate school funding, worker safety, health care and secure retirements.

CSEA is an influential member of the California Labor Federation (AFL-CIO).

“I have worked closely with CSEA on numerous issues as a member of the State Assembly and as Insurance Commissioner,” responded Dave Jones.  “They represent the very best of the labor movement in California, professional, dedicated and effective.  I am deeply honored to have their support.”

Dave Jones has served as State Insurance Commissioner since 2010.  Previously he was a member of the State Assembly, member of the Sacramento City Council, Special Assistant and Counsel to United States Attorney General Janet Reno, and a Legal Aid attorney.  He is a graduate of DePauw University, Harvard Law School and the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

As State Insurance Commissioner, Dave Jones has run successfully for statewide office four times.


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30 Jan



For Immediate Release

January 30, 2018
Contact: Dave Jacobson, (818) 943-2348
Maclen Zilber, (510) 508-9142
Jacobson & Zilber Strategies


California School Employees Association Calls Senator “A Relentless and Effective Warrior for Working Families”
LONG BEACH, CA — Further consolidating support from California’s working families, today State Senator Ricardo Lara’s campaign for California State Insurance Commissioner won a major statewide endorsement from the California School Employees Association (CSEA).

Today’s endorsement comes on the heels of news that Senator Lara has amassed a wide-ranging coalition of labor support, from the California Teachers Association to the California Nurses Association, California Federation of Teachers to the State Council of Building and Construction Trades of California to a myriad of others listed in the release below.

In announcing their endorsement of Senator Lara’s bid, Ben Valdepena, President of California School Employees’ Association released the following statement:

“Ricardo Lara has been a relentless and effective warrior for working families. The California School Employees Association are proud to endorse him for California State Insurance Commissioner because we need him fighting to protect classified school employees, California’s consumers, working people, immigrants and those without a voice. We know we can count on Ricardo to keep Californians in control of their lives and their future, and we’re with him all the way.”

Last week, State Senator Ricardo Lara’s campaign for California State Insurance Commissioner released a new digital video ad, titled “United Dreamers.” To view Senator Lara’s ad, “United Dreamers” click here or on the screen shot below:

Previously Senator Ricardo Lara’s released a digital ad, titled “Embolden.” Click on the screen shot below to watch:

Since the inception of his campaign for California State Insurance Commissioner, State Senator Ricardo Lara has amassed wide-ranging support from leaders and organizations, including:

Elected & Community Leaders

  • United States Senator Kamala Harris
  • U.S. Congresswoman and State Assembly Speaker Emeritus Karen Bass
  • U.S. Congressman Salud Carbajal
  • U.S. Congressman Ted Lieu
  • U.S. Congressman Alan Lowenthal
  • U.S. Congressman Jimmy Gomez
  • U.S. Congressman Lou Correa
  • U.S. Congresswoman Julia Brownley
  • U.S. Congresswoman Lucille Roybal-Allard
  • U.S. Congresswoman Norma Torres
  • U.S. Congressman Mark Takano
  • U.S. Congresswoman (Ret.) and current L.A. County Supervisor Janice Hahn
  • U.S. Secretary of Labor (Ret.) and current L.A. County Supervisor Hilda Solis
  • State Senate President pro Tempore Kevin de León
  • State Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon
  • California State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson
  • California Board of Equalization Member Fiona Ma
  • State Assembly Speaker Emeritus and State Senator Toni Atkins
  • State Assembly Speaker Emeritus and State Senator Robert Hertzberg
  • State Assembly Speaker Emeritus Fabian Nunez
  • State Assembly Speaker Emeritus John A. Pérez
  • State Senator Dr. Ed Hernandez
  • State Senator Holly Mitchell
  • State Senator Ben Hueso
  • State Senator Scott Wiener
  • State Senator Steven Bradford
  • State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson
  • State Senator Nancy Skinner
  • State Senator Ben Allen
  • State Senator Bill Monning
  • State Senator Henry Stern
  • State Senator Josh Newman
  • State Senator Cathleen Galgiani
  • State Senator Bill Dodd
  • State Senator Richard Roth
  • State Senator Jerry Hill
  • State Senator Bob Wieckowski
  • State Senator Mike McGuire
  • State Senator Anthony Portantino
  • State Senator Mark Leno (Ret.)
  • State Assembly Member Miguel Santiago
  • State Assembly Member Blanca Rubio
  • State Assembly Member Lorena Gonzalez-Fletcher
  • State Assembly Member Todd Gloria
  • State Assembly Member Eduardo Garcia
  • State Assembly Member Jacqui Irwin
  • State Assembly Member Evan Low
  • State Assembly Member Tony Thurmond
  • State Assembly Member Shirley Weber
  • State Assembly Member Kevin McCarty
  • State Assembly Member Reggie Jones-Sawyer
  • State Assembly Member Freddie Rodriguez
  • State Assembly Member David Chiu
  • State Assembly Member Ash Kalra
  • State Assembly Member Monique Limon
  • State Assembly Member Jim Frazier
  • State Assembly Member Kansen Chu
  • State Assembly Member Ed Chau
  • State Assembly Member Chris Holden
  • State Assembly Member Joaquin Arambula
  • State Assembly Member Jim Cooper
  • State Assembly Member Jose Medina
  • State Assembly Member Eloise Reyes
  • State Assembly Member Susan Talamantes Eggman
  • State Assembly Member Phil Ting
  • State Assembly Member Kevin Mullin
  • State Assembly Member Rudy Salas
  • State Assembly Member Autumn Burke
  • State Assembly Member Bill Quirk
  • State Assembly Member Susan Bonilla (Ret.)
  • Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti
  • Sacramento Mayor and former State Senate President pro Tempore Darrell Steinberg
  • Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia
  • El Cerrito Mayor Gabriel Quinto
  • California Democratic Party Chair Eric C. Bauman
  • California Democratic Party Chair John Burton (Ret.)
  • California Democratic Party First Vice Chair Alex Rooker
  • California Democratic Party Controller Dan Weitzman
  • California Democratic Party Secretary Jenny Bach
  • California Young Democrats’ President Eddie Kirby
  • Los Angeles County Democratic Party Chair Mark Gonzalez
  • San Diego County Democratic Party Chair Jessica Hayes
  • San Diego County Democratic Party Chair (Ret.) and current Democratic National Committee Member, Jesse Durfee
  • Democratic Party of Sacramento County Chair Terry Schanz
  • California Democratic Party Region 4 Director Amy Champ
  • California Democratic Party Region 8 Director Humberto Gomez Jr.
  • California Democratic Party Region 10 Director David Atkins
  • California Democratic Party Region 12 Director Larry Gross
  • California Democratic Party Region 13 Director Carol Robb
  • California Democratic Party Region 14 Director Miguel Martinez
  • California Democratic Party Region 16 Director Sergio Carrillo
  • California Democratic Party Region 18 Director Deborah Cunningham-Skurnik
  • California Democratic Party Region 19 Director Norberto Gonzalez

Organizations Representing Working People

  • California Teachers Association
  • State Council of Building and Construction Trades Council of California
  • California State Association of Electrical Workers
  • Los Angeles/Orange Counties Building and Construction Trades Council
  • California Federation of Teachers
  • California School Employees Association (CSEA)
  • California Nurses Association/National Nurses United
  • California State Council of Laborers
  • California Conference of Machinists
  • California State Council of Pipe Trades
  • National Union of Healthcare Workers
  • United Steelworkers Legislative Education Committee for Los Angeles and Orange Counties
  • International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT) District Council 36
  • International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT) District Council 16
  • United Industrial Workers of the Seafarers International Union, SIUNA, AFL-CIO
  • International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) Local 13
  • International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) Local 63
  • International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) Local 94
  • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 11
  • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 40
  • Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 1277
  • American Federation of Musicians Local 47
  • United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers and Allied Workers Local 36
  • California Faculty Association
  • Association of California State Supervisors


  • California Latino Legislative Caucus
  • California Legislative LGBT Caucus
  • California Young Democrats
  • Equality California (EQCA)
  • Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California
  • Stonewall Democratic Club
  • West Hollywood/Beverly Hills Democratic Club
  • Burbank Democratic Club
  • San Fernando Valley Young Democrats
  • Contra Costa County Young Democrats
  • Fresno County Young Democrats
  • Sacramento County Young Democrats
  • Santa Clarita Valley Young Democrats

For more information please visit


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