11 Feb

Do You Support DREAMers or Donald Trump?

Be a DREAM Defender

The Republicans and the President continue to hold DACA recipients hostage. Close to 800,000 DREAMers live in fear and uncertainty. Imagine not knowing if your protected legal status will soon come to a crashing halt. Brought to the United States as children, the government made them a promise that if they revealed their identity, passed a background check, and became productive citizens, they could stay here.

And many of them took the government at their word. They came forward from the shadows and were granted protected status. They went to school and became teachers, joined the military, became firefighters, and opened small businesses. They are woven into the fabric of our society and keep the American Dream alive.

Instead of looking for solutions, DREAMers get called ‘lazy’ by White House Chief of Staff, John Kelly. President Trump says he would ‘love’ to shutdown the government over immigration. The White House rejected a compromise deal in Congress that would have protected DACA recipients and had no money for a border wall.

DREAMers are not lazy. They actually work, unlike Congress. And Americans overwhelmingly want DREAMers to stay. Nearly 9 in 10 of us recognize that we need to keep the promise that we made to them. Yet the Republicans have so far refused to bring the matter up for a clean vote in Congress. Make no mistake, if the Republicans brought this up for a vote, it would pass overwhelmingly. But instead they are using the lives of 800,000 people as a bargaining chip. President Trump wants his border wall funded and isn’t above using the lives of DREAMers to get it.

This is where you come in. The only way we get a clean vote on DACA is if people like you call and pressure Congress. They have to hear from us. This means calling your senators and representatives and letting them know that you stand with DREAMers. Join me today in calling! You can call 202-225-3121 to be connected to your representative. You can call 202-224-3121 to be connected to your senators. Tell them you demand a clean vote on DACA with no strings attached.

And I hope you will join me in my fight for a government that works for all of us. Visit for more information or join me on Facebook or Twitter to chat.


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11 Feb

Have you seen this?

I want to make sure you’ve heard the latest polling results in this race:

Three new polls — one from USC, one from Gavin Newsom’s campaign, and our own internal poll — all show that John is in a dead heat for the second spot in California’s top-two gubernatorial primary.

Our own polling shows that when voters learn more about John and hear his message, his numbers jump and put him in a solid position to advance through the primary.

We have a clear path to make John our next governor. But we need to make sure this campaign has the resources to get the word out before someone else bumps John out of the election.

Make sure we have the resources to spread the word about this campaign and win. Chip in now.

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Thanks for believing in this campaign,

Lisa Cassinis
Finance Director
John Chiang for California

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11 Feb

Boots on the Ground

When I was a Foreign Service Officer for the State Department, I was stationed in Guatemala City. For a year and a half, I worked on the frontlines of our nation’s immigration crisis.

As one of our nation’s youngest diplomats, I amassed on-the-ground experience reuniting families and protecting Americans overseas. Once elected, I’ll be the only member of Congress who has ever issued a visa!

Now, I’m back home and running for Congress. California’s 4th district doesn’t need another uninformed career politician with no experience out in the world legislating against the American Dream. If you agree with me, click here to instantly add your name and tell McClintock that immigrants’ dreams aren’t illegal >>

I’m running for Congress because I believe that America deserves better than what the current leadership is capable of. We need someone with knowledge and experience; someone who can walk the walk and talk the talk.

I’ve had my boots on the ground around the world. I know just what’s at stake for all of us.



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09 Feb

Friday’s Political Cartoon

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08 Feb

Volunteer Today!

Want to help Democrats or Democratic candidates in Fresno County? Fill out the form below, and we’ll contact you with available volunteer opportunities.

Thank you for volunteering to help Fresno County Democrats!

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07 Feb

Our historic opportunity

Dear Fellow Democrats,

Through the years we’ve fought together to confront our most pressing issues, defend our values, and expand our California Dream.

As we press onward, I am proud to have the support of organizations like Democracy for America and the California College Democrats. With their help, and with your support during convention this February – we will advance our historic progress not just for those who share our values, but for all Californians.

“De León has been a leader in promoting access to higher education, including championing legislation that increased resident enrollment over 20,000 at UC/CSU schools and provided more financial aid to community college students to pay for housing, transportation, and books. He has fought for immigrant rights, and has been a strong champion for gender equity. He also authored legislation making California the first state in the nation to implement a universal affirmative consent standard to evaluate complaints of sexual violence on college campuses. We need the kind of change Kevin de León can bring to the U.S. Senate.” – Gustavo Barragan, President of California College Democrats

Sign our endorsement form here.

“The simple fact is this: We won’t defeat Trump and his Republican Party with corporate Democrats pushing Republican-lite policies and weak leadership. We win when candidates offer a progressive vision for America and fight to make it happen. Kevin de León has proven he will do both and we can’t wait to see him do it in the U.S. Senate.” – Charles Chamberlain, Executive Director, Democracy for America

Sign our endorsement form here.

Let’s build a stronger, more progressive California – I would be honored to have your support for my candidacy for the United States Senate at the CDP Convention in San Diego.  


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07 Feb

It’s your personal information. Take back control!

Dear fellow Democrat,

Every day, big businesses and data brokers collect and sell our personal information without our knowledge or consent. An initiative proposed for the November ballot will give us an unprecedented opportunity to take back control of our own personal information. It’s called The California Consumer Privacy Act.

Under current California law, we do not have the right to find out what information businesses are collecting about us, much less who they are selling that information to.

Additionally, many businesses that collect our personal and private information don’t implement the most basic security measures to keep our data safe, making our identities vulnerable to hackers. That’s why we’ve included strong accountability measures in our initiative when companies breach our data.

The California Consumer Privacy Act will:

  1. Give Californians the right to know what information big businesses are collecting about us & our families;
  2. Give us the power to decide if we want companies to STOP selling our personal information; and;
  3. Hold companies accountable for data breaches and breaking the law.

We need your help. Can we list you as a supporter of the California Consumer Privacy Act?

Together, we can fight against major corporations seeking to profit off our data and take back control of our privacy.

Peace and friendship,

John L. Burton
Former Chair
California Democratic Party

Daraka Larimore-Hall
Vice Chair
California Democratic Party


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