11 Mar

Sign the petition: Join the fight against Jeff Sessions

I just finished a day of protests, press conferences and phone calls standing up to Attorney General Sessions and his lawsuit against California.

I was joined by activists, immigrants, my colleagues in the Senate and Assembly, and Attorney General Eric Holder.

Kevin Protesting Jeff Sessions

We have one unified message for Jeff Sessions:

Our laws are legal, they are right, and we will see you in court.

Can I count on you to help us in this fight?

Add your name to beat back these racist attacks and tell Jeff Sessions, President Trump, and the White House that California will continue leading the resistance against them.



PS: The more voices we have in this fight, the stronger we will be. Please forward this email or share it on social media to your friends and family and ask them to sign our petition as well.


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11 Mar

Democrats Stand Up for Rural Communities

For Immediate Release

March 6, 2018

Democrats Stand Up for Rural Communities

At the California Democratic Party (CDP) convention last month, the CDP adopted its first-ever Rural Plank (attached) as part of the party platform, demonstrating the state party’s commitment to addressing the distinct challenges facing rural communities in California.

The Rural Plank starts with this overarching policy pronouncement: “In recognition of the special challenges in developing policies and programs that work in rural communities, California Democrats will encourage elected officials to consider the effect of any new policies or programs on rural California, by asking, ‘Is it fair and will it work in rural California communities?’”

“Our rural areas are often the lost stepchild in California politics,” says Michael D. Evans, chair of the Fresno County Democratic Party. “The CDP’s Rural Plank draws attention to the critical issues of our rural communities so that we can begin to effectively address those concerns.”

Every two years, the CDP reviews and revises the party platform, which is a statement of the policies and principles of the party. To take advantage of this opportunity, the Del Norte County Democratic Party held a series of local workshops to review individual planks of the platform. Each “plank” focuses on a specific category of issues. On a parallel track, other rural counties reviewed the platform through the Democratic Rural Caucus Platform Committee.

Following these local and regional workshops, recommended amendments were submitted on planks related to Energy and the Environment, Sustainable Communities, Business and the Economy, Communications and the Internet, Disabilities, Health Care and Veterans. Many of these recommended changes were accepted into the platform.

These recommendations were shepherded through the process by former Del Norte County Supervisor Martha McClure, who was appointed to the Platform Committee to help represent a rural perspective in the Platform revisions. Responding to advocacy for rural communities, the Platform Committee agreed to consider a stand-alone rural plank and McClure was appointed to chair the Rural Plank Committee.

“In addition to ensuring that the Platform represents our progressive values, we especially wanted to provide suggestions for policies that will better reflect the needs of rural California,” explains McClure. “We expect to see improvements in the way that the California Democratic Party and our elected officials represent our interests. This is our chance to stand up for rural communities.”

“For years, we have been working to raise awareness and better inform urban legislators about the special considerations needed for developing policies for rural communities,” said Del Norte County Democratic Party Chair Kevin Hendrick, “This is a very tangible result of this ongoing advocacy.”

For more information, contact Kevin Hendrick at 707-951-1734 or

Michael D. Evans

FCDP Chair

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11 Mar

Stopping AG Sessions

While our current Attorney General was scheduled to speak at the law enforcement gathering where Attorney General Sessions announced his law suit against California,  I was proud to be the only statewide law enforcement leader outside on the street with hundreds protesting AG Sessions.

We sent a clear message to Attorney General Sessions and President Trump.

California will not be bullied.  We will defend our laws and our law abiding immigrant communities.  We wont cooperate in the deportation of our neighbors, our co-workers, our classmates, or the parents of our childrens’ friends or their children.

As Insurance Commissioner, I lead a law enforcement agency.  I have directed my law enforcement officers that we will not cooperate with ICE, consistent with the sanctuary state law SB 54.   We wont be stopped by Attorney General Sessions lawsuit.

I was proud to stand with defenders of immigrants rights to support SB 54. As California’s next Attorney General, I will do everything in my power and in the law to defend California from the Trump Administration.

If you have not already done so, I hope you will join our campaign to elect a fighter, not a follower, to the office of Attorney General.


Dave Jones

California Insurance Commissioner and Candidate for Attorney General

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08 Mar

Fresno Women’s Mentoring Walk

The Mentoring Walk is an opportunity to highlight the importance of women’s leadership and to accelerate the impact of women leaders through mentoring. The purpose of the walk is to foster and promote mentoring relationships between emerging and established female leaders.

The event will take place on Saturday, March 10th, from 10 a.m. to Noon, at the Speaker’s Platform in the Free Speech Area on Fresno State’s campus.


Ayesha Lala

Student Coordinator for Gender Programs and Services

Cross Cultural and Gender Center

Pronouns: She/ Her


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08 Mar

CDP Chair Eric C. Bauman Statement on Jeff Sessions Speech


Today, California Democratic Party Chair Eric C. Bauman released the following statement after Jeff Sessions’ hateful and divisive speech in Sacramento, where he attacked Democratic leaders for standing with Dreamers and other immigrants across our state, and where he announced Trump’s lawsuits targeting our laws that protect immigrants and our State’s sovereignty:

“Jeff Sessions makes a mockery of justice whenever he uses that word. He is a throwback to a time when sheriffs turned fire hoses and police dogs on peaceful Civil Rights protesters. He has no business serving as Attorney General and he’s not fit to come to California and lecture us on anything. California, however, could certainly teach him much, if he were willing to set aside his bigoted and prejudiced world view and actually listen. We could teach him about inclusion, and compassion, and his obligation to recognize and value the basic human dignity of every person.

“Our leaders, from the Governor and Attorney General to our leaders in the Legislature and local governments across the state are resolute in protecting immigrants from the Trump/Sessions witch hunt.”

We need you to join us…

Let’s make our voices heard: call California’s Republican Members of Congress and demand they stand up to the Trump/Sessions witch hunt:

Paul Cook 202-225-5861
Ken Calvert 202-225-1986
Jeff Denham 202-225-4540
Duncan Hunter 202-225-5672
Darrell Issa 202-225-3906
Doug LaMalfa 202-225-3076
Kevin McCarthy 202-225-2915
Tom McClintock 202-225-2511
Devin Nunes 202-225-2523
Steve Knight 202-225-1956
Dana Rohrabacher 202-225-2415
Ed Royce 202-225-4111
David Valadao 202-225-4695
Mimi Walters 202-225-5611

Democratically Yours,

John Vigna, Communications Director
California Democratic Party

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08 Mar

Eighth Annual Fresno County Democratic Party Fund-Raiser Dinner

Eighth Annual Fresno County Demoratic Party Fund-Raiser Dinner

Eighth Annual Fresno County Demoratic Party Fund-Raiser Dinner

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08 Mar

Trump coming to Fresno?

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