18 Apr


*** No candidate for Lt. Governor has been endorsed by the CDP ***


For Immediate Release

April 17, 2018
Contact: Dave Jacobson, (818) 943-2348
Maclen Zilber, (510) 508-9142
Jacobson & Zilber Strategies


Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriffs Endorse Senator Ed Hernandez for Lieutenant Governor 

LOS ANGELES COUNTY, CA — Highlighting his wide-ranging support from public safety organizations across California, today State Senator Ed Hernandez earned the endorsement of the Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriffs (AOCDS) for his statewide bid to become California’s next Lieutenant Governor.

In announcing their endorsement, Tom Dominguez, Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriffs President released the following statement:

“Senator Ed Hernandez has a strong record of supporting public safety and the men and women that serve their communities across California. He knows that public safety is the primary role of government and will fight to ensure that our members have the resources needed to protect our Orange County families. The Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriffs proudly endorses Ed Hernandez for Lieutenant Governor.”

Last week, Senator Hernandez announced a pivotal endorsement from the California Labor Federation in addition to over 80 labor unions supporting his campaign for Lieutenant Governor. In February, Senator Hernandez was the top vote getter among delegates at the California Democratic Party convention. With 1,157 votes cast in his favor at the California Democratic Party convention, Senator Hernandez received more delegate votes than any candidate running for Governor of California, where the top vote getter earned 1,087 votes, as well as more votes than California’s incumbent U.S. Senator, who received 1,023. Senator Hernandez triumphed at convention despite not surpassing the high 60% vote threshold required to win the endorsement.

Recently, State Senator Dr. Ed Hernandez rolled out a new digital video ad, titled “Proven Progressive,” in his campaign for California Lieutenant Governor. The ad highlights some of the Senator’s high-powered endorsements, including from the California Nurses Association and the California Teachers Association, along with his 100% legislative voting scorecard from organizations like the California Labor Federation* and Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California Advocates*.

To view Senator Hernandez’ video ad, “Proven Progressive,” click here.

Significantly, recently California Governor Jerry Brown signed Senator Dr. Ed Hernandez’ groundbreaking drug transparency bill, SB-17, into law.  Senator Hernandez’ latest digital video ad, titled, “Life or Death,” features a moving testimonial from Kendall Renee, who is allergic to more than 95% of foods and carries at least four EpiPens with her at all times. Renee highlights Senator Hernandez’ efforts to combat skyrocketing drug costs in the ad.

View Hernandez’ “Life or Death” spot.

To view Senator Hernandez’ “Record of Progress,” digital video ad, click here.

View Senator Hernandez first digital video, titled  “A California Story,“.

A husband, father, grandfather, practicing optometrist, and local businessman, “Dr. Ed” (as he is known to his patients) has spent his life bringing quality eye care to predominantly low-income communities.  As a health care provider, the need to improve access to health care for all Californians is what first drove him to run for office.

Since being elected to the Assembly in 2006 and the Senate in 2010, Dr. Ed Hernandez has been a leader on the implementation of federal health care reform – helping expand access to affordable health care, control costs, and improve the network of providers so people can actually get quality care when they need it. Dr. Ed has been a champion by expanding educational opportunity to qualified students overlooked by our public schools and universities, as well as a major proponent for government reform, including fixing a broken initiative system too often hijacked by billionaires and wealthy corporations. Dr. Ed Hernandez is running to take this experience, leadership, and vision to the next level by serving the people of California as their Lieutenant Governor.

For more information, please visit

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18 Apr

Defending the environment from federal assault

*** No candidate for Attorney General has been endorsed by the CDP ***

For years, I’ve been committed to tackling climate change, ensuring our drinking water is safe and our air clean. As Attorney General, I’ve prioritized defending laws that double to protect our environment and public health. I’ve sued the Trump Administration 16 times for rolling back or repealing environmental safeguards with 9 legal victories so far.

That’s why I’m proud to have earned the endorsement of Sierra Club California, one of the country’s oldest and largest grassroots environmental organizations.

In the endorsement, Sierra Club California Director Kathryn Phillips said, “Attorney General Becerra has proven in the last year that he is more than willing and able to defend California’s environment from federal assault. He understands—and acts on—the need to make sure everyone in the state has clean air, clean water and a healthy environment.”

Protecting the environment in court is critical to defending California’s values. As a recent LA Times column noted, I will continue to be “a megaphone for progressive values.”

I hope you’ll join me in my campaign to remain your Attorney General.



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18 Apr

Reject the Trump tax plan

*** No candidate for Governor has been endorsed by the CDP ***

I like being able to look at a road, a bridge, or a school and know I helped pay for it with my taxes.

But when our taxes are wasted on another billionaire’s handout instead of addressing real problems, like housing shortages or skyrocketing tuition costs, I get as frustrated as anyone.

The Republican tax plan is an irresponsible giveaway to corporations, millionaires, and billionaires that will hurt California families. If you agree, add your name now.

As our state treasurer, I knew just how devastating the recent federal tax bill could be for California. And when I was state controller, I would travel the state preparing tax filings for low-income Californians so that they could maximize their tax returns, so I saw firsthand what’s at stake.

In a state where average home prices in seven counties exceed the new mortgage deductibility limit, California homeowners are going to pay more. And while working families pay more, our wealthy corporations got massive tax breaks that could threaten funding for critical programs that average Americans depend on.

In my first term as governor, I pledge to lead a major overhaul of California’s tax system. My plan will be competitive enough to encourage people to create and keep jobs here in California, ensure everyone pays their fair share, and make our revenues more stable and dependable so we can fund essential priorities like health care and education.

But the only way we can protect California families from the worst parts of the Trump tax plan is if we start building momentum now.

Join me in rejecting the Trump tax plan that will make working families pay for tax giveaways to billionaires. Sign the petition now.

Thanks for taking action,


Rectangle: Rounded Corners: Add your name →

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17 Apr


*** Ricardo Lara has been endorsed for Insurance Commissioner by the CDP ***

For Immediate Release

April 16, 2018
Contact: Dave Jacobson, (818) 943-2348
Maclen Zilber, (510) 508-9142
Jacobson & Zilber Strategies


Los Angeles County Young Democrats Join Broad Coalition of Young Grassroots Activists Supporting Senator Ricardo Lara for Insurance Commissioner

LONG BEACH, CA– Showcasing his growing coalition of support from young activists in his statewide bid for California State Insurance Commissioner, today State Senator Ricardo Lara secured a crucial endorsement from the Los Angeles County Young Democrats (LACYD).

Los Angeles County Young Democrats is the largest organization in California focused on giving young people a voice and a vehicle for activism in local, state, and federal political issues.

In announcing their endorsement, Los Angeles County Young Democrats released the following statement:

“Ricardo Lara is the bold and innovative leader that we need in the California Department of Insurance. In the State Legislature, Senator Lara proved his commitment to social and economic justice by working to eliminate discrimination in our public schools, fighting for equal pay for equal work, and expanding access to health care for all. He refuses to stick to the status quo and we know we can count on him to develop creative solutions to protect California’s consumers as our next California State Insurance Commissioner. Los Angeles County Young Democrats are proud to endorse Senator Ricardo Lara.”

The announcement follows Senator Lara’s recent endorsement from the California Labor Federation, merely days ago. Also, Senator Lara recently released a new gripping digital video highlighting his vision of a California with healthcare for everyone.

To view the video ad, titled “Every Single Californian,” click here.

Recently, State Senator Ricardo Lara’s campaign for California State Insurance Commissioner released a new digital video ad, titled “United Dreamers.” To view Senator Lara’s ad, “United Dreamers” click here or on the screen shot below:

Previously Senator Ricardo Lara’s released a digital ad, titled “Embolden.” Click to watch.

Since the inception of his campaign for California State Insurance Commissioner, State Senator Ricardo Lara has amassed wide-ranging support from leaders and organizations, including the following partial list:

Elected & Community Leaders

  • California Governor Jerry Brown
  • United States Senator Kamala Harris
  • U.S. Congresswoman and State Assembly Speaker Emeritus Karen Bass
  • U.S. Congressman Salud Carbajal
  • U.S. Congressman Ted Lieu
  • U.S. Congressman Alan Lowenthal
  • U.S. Congressman Jimmy Gomez
  • U.S. Congressman Lou Correa
  • U.S. Congresswoman Julia Brownley
  • U.S. Congresswoman Lucille Roybal-Allard
  • U.S. Congresswoman Norma Torres
  • U.S. Congressman Mark Takano
  • U.S. Congresswoman Nanette Barragan
  • U.S. Congressman Mark DeSaulnier
  • U.S. Congresswoman Doris Matsui
  • U.S. Congresswoman (Ret.) and current L.A. County Supervisor Janice Hahn
  • U.S. Secretary of Labor (Ret.) and current L.A. County Supervisor Hilda Solis
  • State Senate President pro Tempore Kevin de León
  • State Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon
  • California State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson
  • California Secretary of State Alex Padilla
  • California State Attorney General Bill Lockyer (Ret.)
  • California Board of Equalization Member Fiona Ma
  • State Assembly Speaker Emeritus and State Senator Toni Atkins
  • State Assembly Speaker Emeritus and State Senator Robert Hertzberg
  • State Assembly Speaker Emeritus Fabian Nunez
  • State Assembly Speaker Emeritus John A. Pérez
  • State Senator Dr. Ed Hernandez
  • State Senator Holly Mitchell
  • State Senator Ben Hueso
  • State Senator Scott Wiener
  • State Senator Steven Bradford
  • State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson
  • State Senator Nancy Skinner
  • State Senator Ben Allen
  • State Senator Bill Monning
  • State Senator Henry Stern
  • State Senator Josh Newman
  • State Senator Cathleen Galgiani
  • State Senator Bill Dodd
  • State Senator Richard Roth
  • State Senator Jerry Hill
  • State Senator Bob Wieckowski
  • State Senator Mike McGuire
  • State Senator Anthony Portantino
  • State Senator Mark Leno (Ret.)
  • State Assembly Member Miguel Santiago
  • State Assembly Member Blanca Rubio
  • State Assembly Member Lorena Gonzalez-Fletcher
  • State Assembly Member Todd Gloria
  • State Assembly Member Eduardo Garcia
  • State Assembly Member Jacqui Irwin
  • State Assembly Member Evan Low
  • State Assembly Member Tony Thurmond
  • State Assembly Member Shirley Weber
  • State Assembly Member Kevin McCarty
  • State Assembly Member Reggie Jones-Sawyer
  • State Assembly Member Freddie Rodriguez
  • State Assembly Member David Chiu
  • State Assembly Member Ash Kalra
  • State Assembly Member Monique Limon
  • State Assembly Member Jim Frazier
  • State Assembly Member Kansen Chu
  • State Assembly Member Ed Chau
  • State Assembly Member Chris Holden
  • State Assembly Member Joaquin Arambula
  • State Assembly Member Jim Cooper
  • State Assembly Member Jose Medina
  • State Assembly Member Eloise Reyes
  • State Assembly Member Susan Talamantes Eggman
  • State Assembly Member Phil Ting
  • State Assembly Member Kevin Mullin
  • State Assembly Member Rudy Salas
  • State Assembly Member Autumn Burke
  • State Assembly Member Bill Quirk
  • State Assembly Member Susan Bonilla (Ret.)
  • Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti
  • Los Angeles City Controller Ron Galperin
  • Sacramento Mayor and former State Senate President pro Tempore Darrell Steinberg
  • Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia
  • El Cerrito Mayor Gabriel Quinto
  • San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo
  • San Jose Vice Mayor Magdalena Carrasco
  • San Jose City Council Member Sylvia Arenas
  • San Jose City Council Member Sergio Jimenez
  • Newhall School Board Member Christy Smith
  • California Democratic Party Chair Eric C. Bauman
  • California Democratic Party Chair John Burton (Ret.)
  • California Democratic Party First Vice Chair Alex Rooker
  • California Democratic Party Vice Chair Daraka Larimore-Hall
  • California Democratic Party Controller Dan Weitzman
  • California Democratic Party Secretary Jenny Bach
  • California Young Democrats’ President Eddie Kirby
  • Los Angeles County Democratic Party Chair Mark Gonzalez
  • San Diego County Democratic Party Chair Jessica Hayes
  • San Diego County Democratic Party Chair (Ret.) and current Democratic National Committee Member, Jesse Durfee
  • Democratic Party of Sacramento County Chair Terry Schanz
  • California Democratic Party Region 4 Director Amy Champ
  • California Democratic Party Region 8 Director Humberto Gomez Jr.
  • California Democratic Party Region 10 Director David Atkins
  • California Democratic Party Region 12 Director Larry Gross
  • California Democratic Party Region 13 Director Carol Robb
  • California Democratic Party Region 14 Director Miguel Martinez
  • California Democratic Party Region 16 Director Sergio Carrillo
  • California Democratic Party Region 18 Director Deborah Cunningham-Skurnik
  • California Democratic Party Region 19 Director Norberto Gonzalez
  • Labor Leader and United Farm Workers Co-Founder, Dolores Huerta

Organizations Representing Working People

  • California Labor Federation
  • California Teachers Association
  • Service Employees International Union (SEIU) California State Council
  • State Council of Building and Construction Trades Council of California
  • California State Association of Electrical Workers
  • Los Angeles/Orange Counties Building and Construction Trades Council
  • United Farm Workers of America
  • California Federation of Teachers
  • California School Employees Association (CSEA)
  • United Nurses Associations of California/Union of Health Care Professionals (UNAC/UHCP)
  • California Nurses Association/National Nurses United
  • California State Council of Laborers
  • AFSCME California PEOPLE
  • California Conference of Machinists
  • California State Council of Pipe Trades
  • United Nurses Associations of California/Union of Health Care Professionals
  • California Association of Professional Scientists’ (CAPS)
  • California Association of Psychiatric Technicians
  • Southern California Pipe Trades District Council #16
  • National Union of Healthcare Workers
  • California Conference Board of the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU)
  • Communications Workers of America (CWA) District 9
  • Peace Officers Research Association of California (PORAC)
  • Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs (ALADS)
  • Berkeley Professional Firefighters, Local 1227
  • Federal Firefighters, San Diego, Local #F-3
  • Santa Fe Springs Firefighters, Local #3507
  • United Steelworkers Legislative Education Committee for Los Angeles and Orange Counties
  • International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT) District Council 36
  • International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT) District Council 16
  • United Industrial Workers of the Seafarers International Union, SIUNA, AFL-CIO
  • International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) Local 13
  • International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) Local 63
  • International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) Local 94
  • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 11
  • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 40
  • Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 1277
  • American Federation of Musicians Local 47
  • United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers and Allied Workers Local 36
  • California Faculty Association
  • L.A. Community College Faculty Guild, American Federation of Teachers Local 1521
  • Association of California State Supervisors
  • UDW/AFSCME Local 3930


  • California Democratic Party
  • California Latino Legislative Caucus
  • California Legislative LGBT Caucus
  • California Young Democrats
  • LGBTQ Victory Fund
  • Equality California (EQCA)
  • Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California
  • California Environmental Justice Alliance (CEJA) Action
  • Stonewall Democratic Club
  • San Diego Democrats for Equality
  • San Diego Progressive Democratic Club

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17 Apr

Tremendous Victory for Women


Last week, Aileen Rizo won a monumental victory at the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, which ruled that employers cannot justify paying a woman less than her male counterparts simply because she earned a lower salary in her previous job. This was a tremendous ruling for women that will help disrupt one of the critical ways the gender pay gap is reinforced.

Not only is Aileen the focus of this landmark decision, she is also the CDP-endorsed candidate running for the Assembly from the Central Valley’s 23rd District. I am so proud that our Party has rallied behind this amazing woman. Learn more about Aileen by visiting her website here.

The gender wage gap in our economy is embarrassing, and it’s unjust. It deprives women of the opportunities we deserve to advance and compete in the workforce. The data is absolutely clear: The pay gap starts almost as soon as a woman enters the workforce, and it persists throughout her career.

By the time she’s ready to retire, she’ll have fewer savings to live on — which is one of the main reasons why women are so much more likely to spend their final years in poverty. Women deserve equal pay for equal work. This is simply a matter of justice.

The 9th Circuit’s ruling is a powerful win for women, but we have so much more work to do to truly eliminate the wage gap — and it starts with electing tremendous women leaders like Aileen so that we have a seat at the table when policy decisions are made.

Thank you, Aileen, for all the sacrifices you had to make to win this landmark ruling, and for stepping up to run for office and keep making a difference!

Democratically Yours,

Alexandra Gallardo-Rooker, Vice Chair
California Democratic Party

Jenny Bach, Secretary
California Democratic Party

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17 Apr

Valadao’s big money backers

*** TJ Cox has been endorsed for CD21 by the CDP ***

TJ Cox for Congress

We have two updates, and they’re both troubling.

FIRST: We got a hold of David Valadao’s financial report listing who has given to his campaign. The report shows $10,000 in gifts from Koch Industries PAC just last month.

THEN: This morning, the Republican National Committee — the Washington group in charge of electing Republicans — announced a new $250 Million investment to protect their Majority in the House with a “huge focus” on winning California’s competitive races.

Michael, this cash influx in CA-21 is a huge sign the GOP is worried they’ll lose this seat because of the strength of this campaign. But TJ Cox is about to get BURIED in outside cash if we don’t send him some help right away.

Can you chip in a donation of $10 or more to TJ’s race so we can flip this seat?

$10 >> $35 >> $50 >>
$100 >> $250 >> other >>

Trump LOST this district badly last cycle — by 15 points.

The Kochs and the Republicans know TJ is within striking distance of unseating Valadao — one of Trump’s biggest enablers in Congress.

This race could come down to just a few votes, and now that TJ is the ONLY California Democrat in a head-to-head matchup with a Republican, we need to go ALL IN to push him over the top.

We’re aiming to raise $15,000 this week. Can you give anything to help us counter this wave of outside cash with local, grassroots support?

Thank you,

Team TJ

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17 Apr

Happy Tax Day?

Dear Friend,

April 17, 2018 – Today is the day our taxes are due under the old tax law.  Next year we’ll be filing under the new tax law pushed by Donald Trump and supported by Rep. Tom McClintock. The new law limits deductions for state and local taxes. That hurts Californians. McClintock voted for it. Worse, while punishing California, the new law benefits Texas and Florida. States that voted for Trump. A coincidence? Probably not.

The California Association of Realtors estimates that the doubling of the standard deduction, and the capping of the deductibility of property taxes, will cause home values to decline in California.  The limit on deductibility of local property taxes is yet another subsidy for the “red” states in the South and Midwest by high-property-value “blue” states on the coasts.

The Trump/McClintock Tax plan also repeals the portion of the Affordable Care Act that mandates individuals obtain health insurance.  The Congressional Budget Office estimates that one change alone will cause premiums to rise by 10% for everyone else.

The bottom line: Increased health insurance premiums for people in California’s 4th CD; and, at the same time, decreased home values for us, too. Trump and McClintock crow about “tax cuts” but they don’t tell you the rest of the story. Among other things cuts to individuals are temporary, while cuts for corporations are permanent. The loss of deductibles and the loss of property values are something else they don’t talk about. Makes you wonder why….

So, before you vote in June and again in November, think about the Trump/McClintock “Shift and Shaft” tax scheme. Who benefits from the shift? And who gets the shaft?  

Help us retire Tom McClintock and replace him with someone who will look out for the best interests of the people here in the 4th CD.


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