01 Feb

California School Employees Association Endorses Xavier Becerra for Attorney General 2018

We’re excited to share the news: The California School Employees Association (CSEA) — one of our state’s largest unions, with 245,000 members — has endorsed Xavier Becerra’s candidacy to continue as state Attorney General.

CSEA members are our transportation, food service, maintenance and operation workers, and also our clerical workers — like Xavier’s mom, Maria, whom he credits with teaching him the value of hard work.

Xavier firmly believes that everyone who works hard earns a chance to get ahead.

He often asks, who would have thought that his mom and dad, both immigrants from Mexico, could raise their four children in a 680-square foot home, and then send their children to college and retire with dignity?

Through his work today as Attorney General, Xavier is fighting to ensure the same sort of opportunity remains in reach for every hardworking Californian — many of whom are CSEA members.

He has a long history of standing up for unions. He grew up in a union home and has used every legal tool possible to defend workers’ rights as California Attorney General. This month, for example, he filed an amicus brief in the Supreme Court’s Janus case, arguing for the preservation of union representation (read more about it here).

That’s why CSEA joins a growing list of labor endorsements for Xavier, including: AFSCME, The California Teachers Association; California Professional Firefighters; California State Building and Construction Trades Council; California State Pipe Trades Council; SEIU California; Laborers International Union of North America; and the California Statewide Law Enforcement Association, among others.

We invite you to read more about Xavier’s commitment to defend hardworking Californians here.

Thank You,

Team Becerra

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01 Feb

“They threw rocks at our windows.” – John Chiang

We just released a new video about John that tells the story of why he’s always fought for California’s underdogs and why he’s the leader we need today.

Help us spread the word. Watch the video and let your friends know why you’re supporting John.

John’s family was the first Asian-American family in their neighborhood, and while they aspired to achieve the American Dream, life wasn’t always easy. They came home to broken windows and graffiti on their garage, but John and his family endured, and it inspired John to become the leader he is today — the leader who always fights for the underdog.

Every Californian, whether they’re a single mom, a dad working a double shift, or a student who dreams of a brighter future, deserves a leader who will fight for them — a governor with a proven track record to get the job done.

As our state treasurer and state controller, John’s made it his mission to fight for all Californians. He held Wells Fargo and Wall Street banks accountable, made sure thousands of affordable housing units got the financing they need, and protected the pay of hardworking Californians.

Now he’s ready to continue that fight as governor — but he needs your help to reach Californians all across the state.

Watch John’s new video now, and share it with a friend.

Thanks for watching,

Team Chiang

Rectangle: Rounded Corners: Share the video →


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31 Jan

Our Fights, Our Families

We’ve been fighting hard to protect our California values of equality and opportunity and we’re not about to sit back.

To date, we haven’t lost one case in court, securing numerous legal victories to protect the health and wellbeing of our California families.

From protecting access to reproductive healthcare to stopping the transgender military ban and protecting anti-pollution laws, we have much to take pride in, and a good deal to keep fighting for.

I hope you will take a minute below to read about our nonstop work to protect our people and planet!

The San Francisco Chronicle: The ‘California Resistance’ Intensifies

The Washington Post: California challenged the Trump administration in court at nearly every turn

The Hill: Becerra becomes chief antagonist to Trump in California

With each legal fight, we’re one step closer to making sure everyone who works hard in our state has a chance to get ahead and to support their families.

Thank You,

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31 Jan

No Matter What He Says Tonight

In years past, regardless of whether a Democrat or Republican occupied the White House, I looked forward to the yearly State of the Union.

Even when someone I disagreed with was delivering the speech — it was still a good chance to hear our president’s vision for the country. There would be points of strong contention, but also opportunities to work together. Donald Trump has thrown that out the window.

I’m sure his speech will keep the fact-checkers and Twitter universe busy, but it will leave the rest of us searching for even a single idea that will put our country on a path towards prosperity, equality, and progress.

That’s why I’m running for Senate. Chip in $1 so I can hold Trump accountable, take our positive agenda to Washington, and fight Trump every single remaining day of his presidency.

If you’ve saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately:

Express Donate: $1

Express Donate: $5

Express Donate: $10

Express Donate: $25

Thankfully, no matter what Trump says tonight, we Californians know the truth: while we have much work to do, the progress we’ve made pursuing the California Dream is proof positive we can do the same in Washington.

We can be a global leader in the battle against climate change and a pioneer in creating a clean energy economy. We can rebuild our roads and bridges, and bolster our preparedness for natural disasters.

We can raise the national minimum wage to $15 an hour.

We can protect immigrants, DREAMers, and all those who call America home.

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31 Jan


Kamala Harris

Tonight we’re going to hear from a president who has proven himself and his administration to be self-serving, self-centered, and dishonest. I could spend my time with you right now talking about all he’s done to divide Americans and leave working people behind to give a hand out to his 1% donors, but you already know all about that.

So instead of focusing on Trump’s speech tonight, I want to share a different vision for the future of our country:

Imagine for a moment that every single person is guaranteed health care and that no family has to choose between life-saving medicine and putting food on the table.

Imagine a country where immigrants and refugees and their families are welcomed and allowed to contribute — not attacked by politicians to score cheap political points.

Imagine a country where women’s voices are heard and valued, where they are paid equally in their jobs and represented equally in our government, and where our rights and our access to health care are not under constant threat.

Imagine an economy where the minimum wage is an actual living wage — and no person who works 40 hours a week is forced to live in poverty.

Imagine a country where our supposed leaders don’t attempt to divide us by making disparaging comments about communities of color.

Imagine a future where people can go to college without being weighed down by mountains of debt that traps them in a devastating cycle of loans that follows them for decades.

Imagine a government that prioritizes justice and equality once again — that expands voting rights, reforms our broken criminal justice system, and fosters real economic opportunity for ALL Americans, not just the top 1%.

That’s the America I’m fighting for every single day in the Senate; a picture of the country you won’t hear Trump talk about tonight.

It’s the kind of America we have the chance to make our shared reality when we take back Congress in November. We have a long fight ahead of us, but I believe there is nothing more powerful than a group of determined sisters, brothers, and friends working and fighting together for what’s right.

So tonight, and I know this can be difficult sometimes, please focus on why you joined our fight in the first place. You have a powerful voice that is capable of creating great change in your community and in our country. Continue using it this year and in the years to come and I believe that the arc of the moral universe will bend closer toward justice.

Thanks for all you do,

Kamala Harris
U.S. Senator, California


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31 Jan

IMPORTANT DEADLINE: I need your help!

Alex Padilla

Can you believe the June primary is only 18 weeks away?

The campaign has ramped up quickly and I’ve been traveling the state talking to voters and earning coveted endorsements from great leaders and organizations. And I am especially grateful for your support.

But we have a lot more work to do. 

Tomorrow is an important fundraising milestone and I am $1,822 of our $20,000 goal for the month of January. 

I’m asking for your help. Can you pitch in $10 to help me reach our goal?

With your support, I’ll continue to fight for our voting rights and for our values.

Thank you in advance for helping me reach this important goal.

With appreciation,

Alex Padilla

California Secretary of State


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31 Jan

Witness the Whiplash

The night of November 8th, 2016 was a wake-up call for millions of Americans, Regina included. The level of political engagement we’ve seen has exploded across the board since that tough November night.

It’s been just over a year of incredible challenges, and we’ve met them head-on with courage and conviction. I know that when we put our determination and dollars behind our beliefs, we can move mountains >>

If you’ve ever needed evidence that Washington desperately needs change, witness the whiplash gearing up to Trump’s first State of the Union Address:

  • It’s been just over a week since Leader McConnell and Speaker Ryan led our government to another embarrassing and costly shutdown.
  • President Trump will deliver his State of the Union address in the face of record-breaking disapproval ratings.
  • Trump doesn’t have a robust legislative agenda to lean on during his address. Thanks to McClintock flipping his vote, Trump has passed exactly one piece of significant (and historically unpopular) legislation that strictly benefits his wealthy, dark-money donors and one-percenter friends.

Nevertheless, Trump is likely to distort, deceive, and mislead Americans about the state of the economy, infrastructure, and immigration during his address to Congress. While McClintock buddies up to Trump, McConnell and Ryan at the Capitol, Team Bateson is getting to work.

Now’s the time to join us. Your contribution will go straight towards pushing back against the Trump/McClintock agenda for CA-04. If we organize smarter and work harder, we can bring Regina’s fresh voice and ethical leadership to Congress >>


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