11 Mar

2018 Election Education Kick-Off – March 17



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11 Mar

Today the real campaign begins!

Delaine Eastin for Governor 2018

Today, March 10, is our first Day of Action, the day that the real campaigning begins. Supporters are canvassing all over California to begin the hard work of identifying and recruiting volunteers and voters to our campaign. I am so grateful to everyone who is walking, knocking, and sharing information about how we can create a better California for everyone.

Volunteers are the life blood of my campaign. There are less than three months until the election. Every single day matters.

Please join us to canvas or phone bank. Don’t have the time? Make a contribution to help us get the word out, or sign up to volunteer for a future event.

On Thursday, International Women’s Day, I formally filed my papers to become your next governor. That same day, my team found this picture of me from my grad school days when I was just gearing up for this fight.


Since then, I have served as a city council member, assembly member and State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Today, I am ready to serve again so that we can give the next generation a chance at brilliant tomorrows.

So let’s do this. Thank you all you are doing and for your contribution here today.

If you are connected on ActBlue click below for an instant contribution:

Express Donate: $9.20

Express Donate: $29.20

Express Donate: $92

Express Donate: $292

Express Donate: $594

Or, donate another amount

I know that working together we will create a better California for everyone.



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11 Mar

It’s official!!

It’s official!

I’m running for re-election to represent District 1 in the City of Fresno.

Dear Friends,

I’m running for re-election to the City Council because our neighborhoods continue to deserve strong leadership and more investment.

Over the last four years our team has worked hard to invest in our neighborhoods. Together we opened Inspiration Park, the Tower District Police Satellite Station, grocery stores and countless other businesses. We have also repaired streets and sidewalks, installed new traffic signal lights, and trimmed more trees. Millions of dollars have been invested in repairing our deteriorating infrastructure and planning for future development.

Additionally, we have put more police officers and firefighters in our neighborhoods.

We are proud to report that we have paid down our city debt, improved our credit rating to an “A+” from a “BBB-”, and have built a reserve of $20 million.

As your Councilwoman, my top priority will continue to be neighborhood safety and improving quality of life in our older neighborhoods. We will work to put more police officers on patrol and invest in afterschool programs.

We will continue to work hard to help create more local jobs by making it easier to do business at city hall, and finding ways to employ our youth.

I’m proud to be supported by small business owners, working families, and community leaders. I respectfully ask for your support of my journey to be re-elected.

There so much more to do!


In the spirit of Women’s History Month, you can help my re-election be a success by making an online donation.

Make a Donation!

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11 Mar

Tell Trump: Bring it on

If the Trump Administration and Attorney General Jeff Sessions think they can bully and intimidate our state to turn against immigrant families, I’ve got three words for them: Bring it on.

I believe that our government must respect and protect the civil rights and dignity of all people — something that the Trump Administration refuses to do. That’s why I support our state’s sanctuary laws and will defend them as your governor. It is not the job of local law enforcement to turn the cogs on President Trump’s deportation machine.

Tearing families apart doesn’t make our communities safer. Neither does Attorney General Sessions’ decision to sue California and challenge states’ rights. We must fight back.

California gets to decide who we are and what we believe in. If you agree that we should protect our state’s sanctuary laws and that immigrants deserve a pathway to citizenship, join me in telling the Trump Administration to stop the political attacks on our state.

Attorney General Sessions’ lawsuit against our state is just the latest example of this Administration’s hateful and racially charged rhetoric that aims to rip millions of families apart.

We’re fighting for what American laws should stand for. We had laws that discriminated against African-Americans; that discriminated against Asians; that treated women as second-class citizens. This is the battle of the 21st century today.

Californians are the visionaries; we’re the fighters. And we’re employing an argument that even Republicans and conservatives will understand. We’re fighting for our state’s right to make our own laws and set our own path.

Instead of heartlessly attacking our immigrant communities, President Trump and his Administration should be working to provide immigrant families with real solutions and a pathway to citizenship. If you agree, add your name now.

Thanks for standing with me,


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11 Mar

Another Major Endorsement!

Another Major Labor Endorsement: The Professional Engineers of California Government Endorse Dave Jones for Attorney General

Contact: (916) 349-4236

(Sacramento) – Today, the Professional Engineers of California Government (PECG) — who represents 13,000 state-employed engineers and related professionals responsible for designing and inspecting California’s infrastructure, improving air and water quality, and developing clean energy and green technology — officially endorsed Dave Jones for Attorney General.

“The 13,000 engineers and related professionals in PECG are proud to endorse Dave Jones for Attorney General,” said PECG President Sutida Bergquist.  “Dave Jones understands the importance of investing in California’s aging infrastructure and will be a powerful advocate for a California that works again.  Dave Jones is a proven champion for public employees, consumers, and taxpayers.”

“I am honored to have the support of the men and women who are the backbone of a thriving economy and who play the leading role in imporving and maintaining California’s infrastructure,” said Attorney General candidate Dave Jones.  “I look forward to working together toward a stronger, smarter, and more sustainable infrastructure.”

PECG joins a host of influential organizations endorsing Dave Jones after he won with 56% of the vote at the California Democratic Party Convention. Jones was also endorsed by UNITE HERE! last week, which represents over 300,000 workers nationwide in the hotel, gaming, food service, manufacturing, textile, distribution, laundry, transportation, and airport industries.

Click here to see a full list of endorsements for Dave Jones for Attorney General.

Click here to join our campaign!

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11 Mar

Fresno Immigration Coalition next meeting Friday, March 16 at 12pm

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11 Mar

It’s Official!

Yesterday, I officially submitted my papers to run to continue as your Attorney General.

Together, we’ve accomplished a lot in the past fourteen months.

In fact, we’ve filed 28 lawsuits against the Trump Administration to protect California’s values, with a dozen wins to protect our air quality standards and women’s access to birth control, and to stand up for Dreamers and transgender servicemembers. 

We’ve established the state’s first Bureau of Environmental Justice; we’ve taken illegal firearms off the street; and secured hundreds of millions of dollars from corporations who committed fraud against Californians.

But there’s more to do. I hope you’ll join me as I keep fighting to defend our civil rights, for increased public safety, to protect our planet and access to affordable care, for criminal justice reform, and so much more!

Let’s get to work! 


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