21 May

Help us combat food insecurity in Fresno!

Dear Friend,

Food insecurity is a huge issue in the City of Fresno and we must work together to combat it. No children in our city should go without a nutritious meal this summer, which is why I AM ON BOARD!

Last year, Fresno EOC, Sanctuary & Youth Services, along with volunteers, piloted a mobile meal delivery system to take USDA-funded meals to children who couldn’t access food.  Having a mobile bus would allow them to operate and serve ~20,000 meals a summer to children in need ages 1-18. (See below the short video)

Together with your support, Fresno EOC Food Services and Sanctuary programs will use the Food Express to deliver meals, personal hygiene products, books, and other resources to the children living in both the food and book desert in our own backyard.

Fresno children need OUR help! Please consider donating to this great cause. Are you ON BOARD?




Food Express Bus! from Itzi Robles on Vimeo.

Contact our office with any questions at (559) 621-7816 or at 

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21 May

Your Official Democratic Candidates


We’re just a few weeks away from the June 5, 2018 Primary Election!

To help you cast your vote, the California Democratic Party has put together an online slate card for the candidates who share our values and have earned our endorsement. Simply click here, or go to the CDP website — — and fill in your mailing address.

California Democrats are blessed with a tremendous set of candidates who exemplify our progressive values — from a former social worker to a lifelong fiscal watchdog, from a nationally renowned advocate for voting rights to a champion for universal healthcare, our candidates are leading the charge for progress and opportunity.

The June primary is our chance to show the strength of our Resistance and build our Big Blue Wave — but only if Democrats turn out in big numbers.

Check out our endorsed candidates, share our candidate card on social media, and get ready for the Big Blue Wave!

Democratically Yours,

Sandra Lowe, Senior Strategist
California Democratic Party


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21 May

One more day… Can you help?

*** No candidate for Attorney General has been endorsed by the CDP ***


Thank you for the continued support of my campaign.  We are making good progress in meeting our goal of 100 new contributions by midnight tomorrow!  Can you help me reach my goal by making a donationof $25, $50, $100 or $500 dollars?

My campaign continues to gain momentum with new endorsements from across the state.

Your support today will give me the resources I need to communicate our message across California and win the primary on June 5th!


With Friendship,

Dave Jones

California Insurance Commissioner and Candidate for Attorney General

Or, watch on YouTube here!

Your generosity will help us continue to engage voters with these ads until election day.


P.S. Check out our digital ads here!

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21 May

Change your profile pic and share your vote

*** No candidate for Governor has been endorsed by the CDP ***

Delaine Eastin for Governor 2018

I was so happy when I got my ballot in the mail and finally got the chance to vote for Delaine Eastin for Governor!

Based on the polling, Delaine is clearly gaining momentum, but one of our biggest challenges is that many people simply don’t know her name. While the other candidates receive multi-million dollar donations from deep-pocketed millionaires and billionaires, Delaine is a corporate free candidate running a people powered campaign. 

What is one of the most effective strategies you can use to convince people to vote for Delaine? Let your friends know you have already voted for her. That’s why I added this overlay to my profile picture on Facebook. Please join me and add it to your profile by clicking here and choosing an option.  It’s easy — and make sure you hit ‘Custom’ for the date and put until June 6.

People are hearing about Delaine and the enthusiasm is building. Together, I know we can get Delaine into the top 2 and win this election for the children and all Californians who need a leader who will finally put them first.

Thank you so much for being a part of Team Delaine,



Katherine Welch

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21 May

My statement on the tragedy at Santa Fe High School

*** Tony Thurmond has been endorsed for State Superintendent of Public Instruction by the CDP ***

Dear Friend,

In March, Santa Fe High School students participated in the March for Our Lives.  Today, we grieve for the students and teacher who lost their lives in another senseless act of school gun violence at Santa Fe High School.

Our schools are places of learning, of growing, and of hope — we cannot allow schools to be places of violence.

I remain committed to the movement for gun reform.  Please join me in calling on our President and leaders in Congress for gun control now.  Please continue to hold me and my fellow California legislators accountable for protecting students.

I have dedicated my career to education and helping youth grow up healthy, happy, and safe.  In the State Assembly, I have worked to connect the school districts I represent with resources for gun violence protection training, and I have been a strong advocate for greater mental health services, including school-based mental health services.  I’m proud to consistently disappoint the gun industry with my voting record. 

As Superintendent, the safety of California’s students will be my top priority.  You can read about my platform for keeping students safe on my website at

To all the children, parents, and educators who have participated in the March for Our Lives movement — the fight is not over.


Thank you,

Tony Thurmond

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21 May

We Must Improve Fresno’s Economy

*** No candidate for FCC District 3 has been endorsed by the FCDCC ***

Dear Friends and Supporters,


Good jobs and economic growth are important to me and our district. But with the City’s unemployment rate at more than 8% – twice the national average, more needs to be done to provide local jobs. My experience of creating jobs and boosting the local economy are qualities I want to bring to the Fresno City Council in District 3, and I will do so with your support.


My experience expanding apprenticeship programs and creating thousands of local jobs by awarding 90% of construction contracts to local companies, has gained me the support of many respected business leaders in Fresno and I am humbled by their support.

“Miguel cares about our community and I trust he will be a champion for our City’s future.”

Alan Autry, former Mayor of the City of Fresno 

“Miguel has been a leader in advocating for the agricultural community and securing the water our community needs to thrive. He will bring his economic development expertise to City hall, helping it become more business friendly.”

Sarah Woolf, Water Wise CEO

“Miguel understands the needs our business community has in order to produce jobs while being good environmental stewards. He will ensure the City improves our business climate so we can put people back to work.”

TJ Cox, engineer and President of the Central Valley NMTC Fund (CVNF).

I look forward to working with businesses in District 3 and collaborating on policies that will make it easier to do business in our city, so we can ensure Fresno becomes a vibrant city with a strong economy. But, I can’t win this race without your support. Please contact our campaign if you would like to volunteer, if you live in the district and would like a lawn sign, and please make a contribution to the campaign. [click here] To learn more about my campaign, visit

Thank you,


Miguel Arias

Fresno City Council Candidate, District 3


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21 May

Strategic campaign plan

*** Alex Padilla has been endorsed for Secretary of State by the CDP ***

Democratic Association of Secretaries of State 

As California’s Secretary of State, Alex knows just how far Republicans are willing to go to suppress voting rights so they can stay in power.

That’s why we’re fighting back against voter suppression and helping Democrats win in November. Our strategic campaign plan hinges on the support from grassroots donors like you. Will you pitch in $5 or more and help us fight back against voter suppression and elect Democrats?

Begin Forwarded Message from Alex Padilla:

I’m asking for a donation to the Democratic Association of Secretaries of State so that we can fight to protect voting rights ahead of the midterm election. And I want you to know why your donation right now is so important.

Republicans are doing everything they can to roll back voting rights and gerrymander districts to save themselves from losing races.

Just take a look at their war on voting rights has looked like this year:

  • At least eight state legislatures have advanced 16 bills to that make it harder to vote.
  • The New Hampshire legislature passed a law targeting student voting.
  • The Georgia Senate passed a pair of bills restricting voting hours and early voting options.
  • In Wisconsin, Scott Walker refused to hold elections until forced by a federal judge.
  • And Kris Kobach, former head of Trump’s sham voting commission, implemented a faulty “crosscheck” system that more states are using to purge millions of eligible voters from their rolls.

Democratic Secretaries of State are on the front lines to protect voting rights, and it’s crucial that we help Democrats win in November. Unlike Republicans, we don’t have a shady network of billionaire donors to finance our efforts –– we rely on grassroots donors like you.

We are planning critical investments in key states to help Democrats win, and the donations we receive from supporters like you over the next few days will determine how far our strategic campaign plan can go.

We’re still short of our campaign goal of $7,402, and we need this money in the door before the end of the week. Will you donate $5 or more and help fight back against voter suppression and propel Democrats to victory?

If you’ve saved your payment info with ActBlue Express, your donation will process immediately:

Express Donate: $5

Express Donate: $15

Express Donate: $25

Express Donate: $50

Donate another amount

Thanks for standing with us to help protect voting rights and elect Democrats.

Alex Padilla
California Secretary of State
Chair, Democratic Association of Secretaries of State

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