20 Jun

How You Can Help Fight Family Separation at the Border

ACTION ALERT: How You Can Help Fight Family Separation at the Border

At HOPE, we are morally opposed to the administration’s “zero tolerance” policy, which has resulted in the separation of more than 2,000 children from their parents at the Southern U.S. border. As a nation we have always protected the integrity and sanctity of family. The Trump Administration’s policy of separating children from their parents is cruel and un-American and must stop immediately. 

As an organization dedicated to the economic and political parity of Latinas and the health and welfare of families, we stand with the president of the American Academy Pediatrics – this abuse of children must end.

HOPE is monitoring this rapidly-changing political situation and news has just broken that the White House may be drafting an executive action to stop family separations. We encourage the President to take this step. Our voices are needed now until there is an end to this devastating policy once and for all.

We are committed to taking action and offer the following list of resources you can use to take action today. We hope you will join us.



·        Call your U.S. Senator: the government will bend to public pressure, make sure your representative know you will not stand for the practice of needlessly separating children from their parents.

·        March on June 30th: pledge to join #FamiliesBelongTogether actions around the country and in Washington D.C. Find an event near you here.


·        Register to vote and vote on November 6th for representatives who believe and uphold policies and institutions that protect migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.

·       Make sure your friends and family are registered to vote. Let’s make our voice heard.


·        Volunteer to help families or other detained immigrants through the Immigration Justice Campaign.

·        If you are an attorney, an interpreter, or fluent in a second language, call legal service providers to volunteer your services. Find a list here.

·        Find out how you can foster children in need of a safe, stable home through the United States Conference on Catholic Bishops or the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service

·        Consider becoming a detention visitation volunteer.


·        Al Otro Lado is a binational organization that works to offer legal services to deportees and migrants in Tijuana, Mexico, including deportee parents whose children remain in the U.S.

·        CARA—a consortium of the Catholic Legal Immigration Network, the American Immigration Council, the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services, and the American Immigration Lawyers Association—provides legal services at family detention centers.

·        Kids in Need of Defense works to ensure that kids do not appear in immigration court without representation, and to lobby for policies that advocate for children’s legal interests. Donate here.

·        RAICES is the largest immigration nonprofit in Texas offering free and low-cost legal services to immigrant children and families. Donate here and sign up as a volunteer here.

·        Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights works for the rights of children in immigration proceedings.

·        The Kino Border Initiative which provides humanitarian aid to refugees and migrants on both sides of the border has a list of supplies they can use to help migrants and families staying in the communities they serve.

·        The National Immigrant Justice Center represents and advocates for detained adults and children facing removal, supports efforts at the border, and represents parents in the interior who have been separated from their families as a result of aggressive enforcement.

·       Donate to Immigrant Defenders Law Center, the only local organization working with shelters in California that have unaccompanied minors.

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20 Jun

What’s happening here is criminal

As I’m sure you’ve seen, right now in America there are thousands of children who have been torn unnecessarily from their parents.

Some parents have even been deported to their home countries while their children have been left behind, trapped in cages and hidden from view in windowless warehouses.

Some children – even as young as 4 years old – are separated from the parents with absolutely no reassurance of when they’ll be reunited.

At that age, the world is a strange and enormous place. Noises and smells we don’t recognize are frightening and overwhelming.

Visual information is confusing and difficult to process – much of what we see we have never seen before. But our parents – they smell, look, and feel like home. We know them.

Their voices lull us to sleep at night. This Administration has made it policy to tear the only comfort in a child’s entire world away from them and strand them alone in a foreign land.

What’s happening here is criminal. It’s government-sanctioned kidnapping and child abuse.

It’s unacceptable. It’s not normal. It’s vile, abhorrent, abusive, and goes against everything our nation stands for.

The color of our skin, the language we speak, the flag we pledge allegiance to – it isn’t any of those things that make us human.

No one should have to tick off the right boxes on a multiple choice test to be treated with humanity.

This President and his Administration seems far too comfortable waging this war against defenseless mothers, fathers, and their children who approach our borders fleeing violence, persecution, and terror in their own country.

Now we have audio clips of children crying for their mother or their father over and over and over and over and over again like they are hanging on to just those two words for dear life.

Contrary to this President’s rantings and ravings about Democrats in Congress – there is one person with the power to fix this, and it’s Donald Trump.

Call on the Trump administration to stop this heartless policy in its tracks.


More soon,


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20 Jun

I listened to them scream “Mami” and “Papá” over and over again

Join us.

Yesterday, I listened to an audio recording of a group of immigrant children who had just been ripped away from their parents at the direction of the Trump administration. The children are sobbing, locked in a cage at a federal detention facility on the border​, and you can hear them scream the words “Mami” and “Papá” over and over again.

As a parent, I listened to those tapes and thought of my children. As a child of immigrants, I thought of my parents, who came from the Dominican Republic to live in this country. I thought about someone separating me from my family. It tore my heart out.

It’s hard to comprehend what’s going on in our country right now. It’s hard to comprehend the cruelty of the Trump administration policy that mandates the separation of children from their parents and has them locked up in cages like animals.

So let’s be very, very clear about this: Donald Trump created this humanitarian disaster. He can fix it and allow these children to be with their families. He doesn’t need an act of Congress to do it, his administration can stop doing this anytime it wants. But even when confronted with the horror of their actions, Trump and his administration have chosen to continue separating children from their parents — and the Republican Party has chosen to stand behind Trump and has failed to act.

What we do in moments like these define us as a country.

We must speak up.

We must show that the actions of this president do not reflect who we are.

We must do everything in our power to defeat every single member of Trump’s party who stands by him while his administration rips families apart.

I know where I stand. Add your name to say you’re with me:


Thank you,


Tom Perez
Democratic National Committee


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20 Jun

Ivanka Trump in our backyard

TJ Cox for Congress

BREAKING: Ivanka Trump just headlined a fundraiser in Fresno, CA (CA-21) that raised $3.1 million for vulnerable Republicans like David Valadao. We’re asking supporters to help counter this massive haul by chipping in to elect Democrat TJ Cox in CA-21.

Chip in to flip CA-21 →

Not exactly the news we wanted to start our Tuesday with, Michael.

One of the Republicans’ biggest fundraising nights of the election cycle just took place right in our backyard in Fresno, CA.

Ivanka Trump headlined the fundraiser for the GOP’s “Protect the House” committee, which was specifically created to protect vulnerable targets like David Valadao from our blue wave. Politico reports she raked in a staggering $3.1 MILLION in the one-night event. We’re stunned.

If we’re going to flip this California seat WE MUST prove that this blue wave is real by matching their deep-pocketed donors with our grassroots energy. Can you donate now to elect TJ Cox to Congress and send Trump’s loyal foot soldier packing?

If you’ve saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately:

Donate $10 Now

Donate $25 Now

Donate $50 Now

Donate $100 Now

Or, donate another amount

David Valadao knows he’s on thin ice for voting lock-step with Republicans’ backward agenda to destroy health care, give corporate tax breaks, and slash Medicare funding for his constituents.

But he’s doubling down on his allegiance to Trump’s inner circle so he can access their cash and stay in power.

We need your help to hold Valadao accountable by unseating him in 2018. Chip in a donation to elect TJ Cox and flip CA-21 >>

Thanks for your support.

TJ Cox for Congress


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20 Jun

Sign the petition: Kirstjen Nielsen must resign

Earlier this week I called on Kirstjen Nielsen to resign as Secretary of Homeland Security for a lack of transparency and for implementing a policy of separating thousands of children from parents along our border.

Her numerous misleading statements, including denying this week that the government had a policy of separating children from their families at the border, are disqualifying.

She has lost the trust of the American people and must resign — and I am asking you to add your voice alongside mine in this fight:

Can you add your name to my petition demanding Kirstjen Nielsen resign as Secretary of Homeland Security?

sign the petition »

Let me be clear: our government should be in the business of keeping families together, not tearing them apart.

And despite what this Administration is saying, there is no law forcing them to cruelly separate children from their families.

For that reason and more, Nielsen has lost the trust of the American people and must resign immediately. Sign here if you agree with me.

Thanks for adding your name,

— Kamala

sign the petition »

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20 Jun

A timely request, if you know someone…

As a father, I would never imagine that our federal government would forcibly and unnecessarily pull children away from their parents. But as you know, that’s exactly what’s happening.

That’s why yesterday I sent a letter to the U.S. Department of Justice to make my strong opposition to its “zero tolerance” policy crystal clear.

Along with attorneys general from other concerned states, I’m demanding that Donald Trump end his dangerous and heart-wrenching policy.

If you know anyone who may have been impacted by the Administration’s inhumane action, please invite them to write me via Facebook here.

Medical experts confirm it’s traumatic for thousands of children — with long-lasting consequences.

The only word that even gets close to describing how I feel is: horrified.

How any American President would direct such a cruel policy that contradicts our values is hard to comprehend.

For Trump, this is a new low.


Please help relay to families you know that I want to hear from anyone affected.



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19 Jun

Juneteenth Independence Day


The celebration of Juneteenth Independence Day is a reminder of the tremendous sacrifices made by African-Americans and people of conscience in the long struggle for liberation. Over 150 years later, with so many challenges facing African-Americans ranging from disparities in access to healthcare and economic opportunities to a criminal justice system that disproportionately impacts African-Americans, this Juneteenth is a solemn reminder of the work that remains to build the truly just and equal society.

As we reflect on the hard-won abolition of the system of chattel slavery in the United States, one of the great moments of progress in human history, we must also be determined to keep pushing for dismantling the racist systems that replaced it. From structural inequalities in our economy that hold back black advancement to a criminal justice system that fills prisons with black and brown youth; from our education system that remains starkly separate and unequal to the inadequate and deadly lack of access to health care in our communities, the long march to freedom and justice must continue.

The history of the Democratic Party itself is a history of this struggle. For more than a century, our Party was all too often on the wrong side of history, and even great Democratic leaders relied on support from open racists to win elections. The heroic work of ordinary men and women led by civil rights organizers like Fannie Lou Hamer broke the hold of segregationists and bigots on our Party. It is their work that made the Barack Obama presidency possible, and it is their example that we must follow today in fighting to ensure that Black Lives Matter.

Let’s keep marching.

In Solidarity

Eric C. Bauman, Chair
California Democratic Party

Darren W. Parker, Chair
California Democratic Party African-American Caucus

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