17 May

News Update from Congressman Costa

Dear Friends,

As we celebrated Mother’s Day this past weekend, I wanted to say thank you to all the mothers who contribute so much to our Valley. My mother always emphasized the importance of education and helping your fellow neighbor, which is something that has powerfully influenced me over the years. With this in mind, I would like to share with you some of the things I have done recently to serve our San Joaquin Valley. 

Fighting for Valley Water 

In my ongoing work to bring more safe and reliable water to our Valley, I introduced a new bill in the House of Representatives last week: H.R. 5726, the Non-Federal Reservoir Operations Improvement Act. I was joined by California Congressmen Rep. Jeff Denham (R-CA-10), John Garamendi (D-CA-3), and Tom McClintock (R-CA-4) on this bipartisan legislation, which aims to resolve a technicality that impedes structural and operational improvements of water reservoirs and prevents reservoirs from functioning as efficiently as possible.

This bill is a commonsense solution to a problem that will dramatically improve water storage for eastern Merced County. Merced Irrigation District has been trying to raise the spillway gates at New Exchequer Dam to increase the carryover storage capacity of Lake McClure for years, but cannot move forward without updated operations guidelines and flood information. This project, when complete, will increase water supplies for eastern Merced County by 57,000 acre-feet during some years. As you know, every acre-foot of additional water is vital to sustain our agricultural production and to the future of our community. Merced Irrigation District is willing to pay to update the information and move the project forward, but the Army Corps of Engineers, which regulates Exchequer, indicated that the law prohibits it from accepting these non-federal funds to advance the project. This is absurd, and I introduced the Non-Federal Reservoir Operations Improvement Act to remove this ridiculous obstacle from hindering progress in securing more water for our Valley. I will continue to work with my colleagues to improve water supplies for the Valley, and I will fight to pass this bill and increase water supplies for Merced County.


Click here to watch Congressman Costa’s speaking on H.R. 5726, the Non-Federal Reservoir Operations Improvement Act


Leading on Trade for California Agriculture 

Last Monday, I led other California members of the House of Representatives in calling on the Administration to replace its tariffs with a longer-term, more strategic, allied approach for addressing unfair or unbalanced trade practices. We all want to secure American jobs and increase opportunity in the U.S. economy. Yet, raising far-reaching tariffs will do just the opposite. It will lead to a trade war that will only harm Valley farmers and our agricultural economy.

In our message, we expressed deep concern over the $3 billion worth of retaliatory tariffs China has imposed on more than 80 agriculture products since President Trump raised tariffs on steel and aluminum imports on March 8th. In 2017 alone, California exported approximately $28.5 billion in products to China. We made clear that the tariffs “will not effectively advance our shared goal of changing China’s harmful practices and ultimately will impact both rural and urban businesses in California and across the nation.”

For our entire message to the Administration, click here.

I have urged the Administration to rethink its approach since early March, when the Administration’s plans to raise steel and aluminum tariffs became public.California farmers and ranchers earned roughly 44% of their total revenue from international trade in 2016. California agriculture will likely feel the most intense and direct pain from these tariffs, but this pain will radiate across the country. Manufacturers, processors, merchants, and farmers will face negative impacts to their businesses as foreign markets close, which will cost us both American jobs and profits. To address trade imbalances, increase the number of American jobs, and strengthen our economy through trade, we should work in a bipartisan manner to modernize NAFTA and renegotiate trade agreements with our European and Pacific Rim allies.

Click here for my speech to the House of Representatives: No One Wins a Trade War

Preparing for Wildfire Season 

Wildfire season is now upon us. As we in California know all too well, wildfires can devastate our forests, our mountains, and our communities. Building on the wildfire prevention work with Governor Brown, I participated in the Wildfire Outlook Briefing at the U.S. Department of Agriculture on Thursday, which was hosted by Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue and Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke. It is essential that we continue to collaborate on how to best prepare for and defend against wildfires. Together, we can continue to explore the best solutions and ensure our firefighters have the resources to continue protecting lives and defending homes and businesses.

Understanding the Cybersecurity Needs of Victims of Crime

The internet is now part of our daily lives: from how we communicate and connect with friends and family, to how we work, play, travel, and conduct business. Because of these technological advancements, we are more productive and more interconnected than ever. Unfortunately, some use these new tools and technological capabilities to exploit and harm. At an increasing rate, perpetrators of violence also use technology to violate a victim’s privacy, engage in stalking or bullying, steal a victim’s money or identity, or tarnish their victim’s reputation online. As a co-founder and co-chair of the Congressional Victims’ Rights Caucus, I led a forum on cybersecurity and victims of violent crime to increase our awareness and understanding of where technology and its use against victims intersect. We need to ensure the good work that we have done to protect victims’ rights and serve survivors applies to victims and survivors of cybercrimes as well. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter update. As always, please do not hesitate to contact me regarding any federal issues of your concern. To stay up-to-date on the work I am doing in Congress, please visit my website at and sign up for my e-newsletter here. You can also follow my work and events in our Valley on my Facebook page and twitter account.


Jim Costa
Member of Congress

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16 May


*** No candidate for U.S. Senate has been endorsed by the CDP ***

We often send you emails asking for $3.

You might wonder: how does such a small contribution help me win this campaign?

Each dollar sends a message, and each dollar is spent on supplies for communicating with voters, and travel expenses so that I can hear from and share ideas with as many California voters as possible.

Your $3 turns into campaign literature, phone banking supplies, or the one true fuel of grassroots campaigns: pizza.

So, yes, truly, your $3 contribution is critical to my chances of winning this campaign. That’s why I’m asking again: please chip in $3.

There are only 21 days left until our primary on June 5.

If everyone reading this email chipped in $3 dollars, we’d have enough money to reach every California voter with our progressive message.

So we’re setting an ambitious goal: 2,000 contributions before June 5.

I know we can hit this goal together — please chip in $3 right now, or encourage your friends to give.

Unlike my opponents, this is a grassroots campaign, and small dollar contributions are what keep us going.


Thank you for everything,



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15 May

Join Andrew Janz and his team for Canvasspalooza

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15 May

Fight back against false attacks on Tony Thurmond

*** Tony Thurmond has been endorsed for State Superintendent of Public Instruction by the CDP ***


We will not stand by while Tony’s record of fighting for kids is undeservedly attacked by billionaires who are using their wealth to advance their own agenda to privatize public schools.

In an open letter to the billionaires, four elected officials who know Tony and who represent public school families in West Contra Costa County set the record straight and demanded the removal of the radio ad making these false attacks against Tony. They said it best:

“Shame on you billionaires who are spending your wealth attacking a man who we should all be proud of.  Instead of being for positive change you have chosen to use your wealth to denigrate a man who has overcome adversity to fight for California’s children.”

Read the full letter from Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson, Richmond Mayor Tom Butt, San Pablo Mayor Genoveva Garcia Calloway, and West Contra Costa School Board Member Madeline Kronenberg.

You can fight back too.  Tony’s campaign is funded by the people, not the billionaires.  Will you contribute to Tony’s people-powered campaign today?

>>> Donate $100

>>> Donate $250

>>> Donate $500

Your contribution helps us keep Tony’s positive, truthful campaign commercials up on TV for more time and deliver more campaign literature to volunteers across California before the June 5 election.

Thank you for supporting Tony and spreading the word.  We won’t let the billionaires mislead California’s voters – Tony Thurmond is the best candidate for all of California’s kids.

Thank you,

Team Tony


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15 May

Trump’s tariffs will crush the Central Valley

*** TJ Cox has been endorsed for CD-21 by the CDP ***

TJ Cox for Congress

Input needed: The Fresno Bee reports that Trump’s trade policies and tariff plan could hurt Central Valley farmers. Can you take our one-minute survey and tell us where you stand on Trump’s tariff plan?

I’ve been hearing a lot of concern from farmers and business owners across the Central Valley about the retaliatory tariffs created by Trump’s impulsive trade policies. As someone in the almond business, I can tell you this: These tariffs are going to be bad for our community.

Trump’s tariffs do nothing but get us closer to a trade war and threaten our local businesses, good-paying jobs, and economic growth in the Central Valley. It’s not just disappointing that David Valadao refuses to stand up Trump on this issue — it’s negligent and harmful.

In Congress, I’ll fight for the Central Valley’s hard-working families and support legislation that helps our economy thrive. Right now I need to hear from 1,500 Californians >>

Do you support President Trump’s tariffs?

YES >> NO >>

Thanks for sharing your input,


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15 May

How I’m Fighting – and Winning – for All Californians

*** No candidate for Attorney General has been endorsed by the CDP ***

We’ve built this campaign on some fundamental principles: that Californians value fairness and opportunity; that we believe families in the 21st Century should have access to affordable health care, clean air and water, and safe schools and workplaces; and that we shouldn’t turn our back on the people who make California the economic engine of the nation. Last week, we launched several new advertisements that highlight the many ways I’m fighting – and winning – for all Californians.

I hope you’ll help spread the word and encourage your friends and family to vote on June 5th.

I’ve got your back. Thank you for having mine.



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15 May

A Letter to U.S. Congressman Tom McClintock, 4th Congressional District of California

*** Jessica Morse has been endorsed for CD-4 by the CDP ***

A Letter to U.S. Congressman Tom McClintock, 4th Congressional District of California

May 14, 2018 12:53 pm

Mr. McClintock,

I received the mailer announcing your run for reelection.

I was not surprised by the content of your flyer, stating things as fact, which are far from fact. “Tell a lie enough times and they will believe it.” That’s from Trump’s book, “The Art of the Fraud”, I believe, but of course he stole it from the Hitler regime.

Your claims of Republican accomplishments could be humorous if the reality was not so sad for the poor and the average working person and families.

Your regime of cruelty apparently is making America great for the wealthy and dismantling our democracy piece by piece. As you claim to make America great, you implement incremental destruction of our system, taking away many of the things that actually made us “great.”

Education made us great. Helping the poor. Providing medical care. Taking care of our environment. Ensuring clean air and water. Economic regulations to protect us from the inevitable corporate and individual greed. Developing renewable energy while weaning us off of fossil fuels. Diversity of our citizens and providing a haven for refugees. Maintaining our national treasures.

The republican tax bill which adds to the damage done by Reagan and Bush, further shifting our country’s wealth to those who already have most of it, all in the name of the mythical “trickle down economics” which should be called, “pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining.” The only question is how long before the next recession or worse?

I have a few questions for you, Mr. McClintock.

When Trump came out of the chute appointing cabinet heads based on their personal wealth, but with no pertinent skills or experience, where were you? What did you say? How about when he appointed cabinet secretaries who have a track record of insulting and fighting with the department they now head? How about an education secretary who can’t answer basic questions about education? How about appointments who don’t even know what their department was supposed to do?

When Trump began his undocumented immigrant roundup and deportations, where were you? What did you say? Did you tell him that he was repeating the failed “Operation Wetback” from the 1950’s with virtually no changes? Did you explain the harm that will be done to California’s agriculture industry? Did you tell him that we have the most immigrants of any state and the great majority of us Californians don’t have a problem with that?

When Trump presented his Muslim ban, where were you? What did you say? Did you tell him that it was unconstitutional? Did you tell him that there is no data to support it making us safer?

When Trump met with Russian representatives and their press in the oval office and excluded our own press, where were you? What did you say? No big deal?

When Trump called the New York Times a danger to the people, where were you? What did you say? Did you tell him that he was at the very least, disrespecting the 1st amendment and probably violating it? Did you explain that this was the behavior of a tyrant?

When Trump took the oath of office, having business interests all over the world, where were you? What did you say? Did you tell him that he is violating the emoluments clause of the U.S. Constitution? His oath of office is very similar to yours. “Defending the Constitution” is apparently meaningless to you both.

When Trump moved his daughter into the White House, where were you? What did you say? Did you explain the problem with hiring family? Did you explain that her continuing to run her business from the White House breaks lots of rules? When the Saudis gave her a $100 million gift, did you tell her to give it back?

When Trump refused to condemn the white supremacists in Charlottesville, even after they murdered a protester, what did you say?

How about his chronic demonstrations of racism in the United States of America in 2018?

When Trump tries to stifle protests here and then praises protesters in Iran, what do you say about that?

When Trump accused President Obama of wiretapping him, where were you? What did you say? When he continues to slander Hillary Clinton with his meaningless tweets, where are you? What do you say?

In less than a year, “WE THE PEOPLE” have been told over 2,000 verifiable inane lies, by the President of the United States.

When the ACA was attacked from day one, with no real plan or intention to replace it with anything viable, where were you? What did you say? When Trump proposed killing funding for parts of the ACA to incapacitate it, where were you? What did you say? Did you explain to him that killing ACA will kill millions of people? That for the president to sabotage a federal program may not be a good look?

When Trump insulted virtually every one of our allies and trading partners while praising Putin and other dictators of countries that are human rights violators, where were you? What did you say?

When it became clear that Trump’s campaign people and probably Trump himself, have entanglements with the Russian government and banks, where were you? When he fired Comey, where were you? Did you explain to him that fighting investigations will not end well for him? Did you tell him that such behavior is a clear sign of guilt?

When Trump shows on a daily basis, his incompetence, ignorance and mental illness, where are you? What do you say? Do you express your concern and discuss it with your colleagues or do you just make inside jokes about this unbalanced man with access to the nuclear launch codes?

I know the answers to these questions, Tom.

Where were you? You were holding an elected office of great responsibility, where you had sworn to protect and uphold the Constitution of the United States of America.

What did you say? You and your Republican colleagues said nothing. You have done nothing. Apparently, trying to ride this irresponsible attack on our Democracy as far as you can.

Your own committee is driving legislation to scale back Bears Ears Monument designated by President Obama. Your reason? It’s too big. The monument belongs to “we the people.” Have you heard of us? How about polling ” we the people” about how we feel about giving back to benefit corporate interests? Funny how benefiting the wealthy is behind everything the Republicans have done.

Per capita income in El Dorado County $37,089. 8.7% in poverty. We really appreciate you helping out the needy 1%.

You and your fellow Republicans are cowards who won’t stand up to the lifelong bully and fraud, Trump. There is only right or wrong.


– Gary Gaffney, Placerville, CA

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