San Joaquin Valley Democratic Club

San Joaquin Valley Democratic Club

About the Club:

The San Joaquin Valley Democratic Club is a local Democratic club serving Fresno County and surrounding areas. We are a club that is dedicated to social justice and basic human rights for all. We believe that grassroots organizing, neighbor talking to neighbor, is essential to spreading the message of the Democratic Party and the San Joaquin Valley Democratic Club. Our members are encouraged to be active in the community with voter registration, precinct walking, tabling and phone banking.

Website: San Joaquin Valley Democratic Club

President: James Williams (559) 312-3925

Meets third Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m.

Denny’s Restaurant
1110 E. Shaw Ave., Fresno


President Term
James Williams 2017
James Williams 2016
James Williams 2015
James Williams 2014
James Williams 2013
James Williams 2012
James Williams 2011
James Williams 2010
James Williams 2009
James Williams 2008
James Williams 2007
James Williams 2006
Kurt Gripenstraw/James Williams 2005
John Fell 2004
Founded by Barbara Pyle