Clovis Democratic Club

Clovis Democratic Club

Mission Statement

We, as the Clovis Democratic Club, are devoted to advancing equal rights for all people.

We support the Democratic Party and those Democratic candidates who support our mission.

We will strive to achieve (realize) these goals:

  • To educate this community and others about the significant differences between the two major parties on issues of concern to this community.
  • To assist (lead) the Democratic Party and to improve its record on issues of importance to this community.
  • To work for the nomination of Democratic candidates at all levels who will be fully supportive of the struggle against bigotry and intolerance.
  • To encourage our community to support and vote for Democratic candidates who are committed to defeating prejudice and economic injustice.
  • To work with other groups and individuals to promote these goals.


President: Jeni Ann Kren (559) 322-9740

Meets third Thursday of each month at 6 p.m.
Seven Restaurant
25 Shaw Ave., Clovis


Jeni Ann Kren, 2017
Jeni Ann Kren, 2016
Jeni Ann Kren, 2015
Jeni Ann Kren, 2014
Jeni Ann Kren, 2013
Jeni Ann Kren, 2012
Lucy Elgin, 2011
Lucy Elgin, 2010
Evelyn Haulman, 2009
Evelyn Haulman, 2008
Don Haulman, 2007
Dorothy Skidmore, 2006
Dena Kalar, 2005
Dena Kalar, 2004
Susan Gonzalez, 2002
Founded by Barbara Pyle